Silly you can't kill Raynor! by KinG

Silly you can't kill Raynor!

By: KinG
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2015
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Build: Raynor vs the world!

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Ok guys here is my 2nd guide wich I hope you will enjoy playing with! Top

Well my friend I have over 400 matches playd with Raynor and I can tell you this. HE IS A BEAST!
And now I will explain why and how to use this talent build to carry a game with him.
Give Me More! : It's a must have!!! I played with other talent and I can assure you this will save youre life more times than you can count in a game and it gives you an imense sustain.
Advanced Optics : I preffere this over the Focused Attack and Vampiric Assault becouse 20% range will save you're life too often unless you are bad kite and Vampiric Assault lifesteal is just too little to take in consideration.
Searing Attacks : Just wow ... with this skill I destroyed a countless numbers of turrets and heroes. Just try it and you will see what i'm talkin'bout.
Hyperion : Well I love this skill, it's true Raynor's Raiders is a very good talent but I just can't tell you how many time I turned the game with Hyperion and how many kills I secured.
Giant Killer : Many players don't take this but now I will tell you why I prefer this. Searing Attacks + Berserk .. you do the math xD :P
Berserk : Like I told above who don't want to have 40% more attack speed and 10% movement speed, and 4 4 second too :D
Bolt of the Storm : Enter in the fight like a majestic soldier as you are.

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide and if you have any suggestion please write me but before try this and see if you like it.
Good luck guys , see you in the Nexus.

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