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SourPatch's Rehgar Got Back

By: SourPatch
Last Updated: May 15, 2015
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Build: My Man Rehgar Kills It With the Ladies

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Hey, I'm SourPatch Top


Thanks for reading my humble guide. This is my first one on HeroesFire and it was certainly a learning experience. I hope you can take some interesting ideas from what I've written, and please, you are free to add suggestions corrections in the comments section. Rehgar is super fun to play and maybe if we play him enough, a little of his awesome will rub off on us, or perhaps we can be accepted into the Almighty Church of Rehgar.
The written guide is below this illustration of Rehgar being young and cool, and maybe a little cocky.

I'm SourPatch, I'm from Florida, and I'm absolutely addicted to Heroes of the Storm. Don't forget to rate the guide up at the top right!

Good Luck and Have Fun!


A Discussion on Basic Tactics Top

With this build, your primary goal should be healing. Rehgar can be especially good at healing melee fighters in the thick of it, but is also an effective and mobile healer. While your hero and siege damage will be low, you will have a lot of takedowns and a significant amount of healing done. You should be spending all your time out of combat in Ghost Wolf, which is your mount button (z). Rehgar is also very quick, and can use his beef and speed to bodyblock and trap a foe for your team nearby. Once again, because this build is focused on healing and supporting your team, you should only be using the bodyblocking strategy to corral the enemy for your teammates.

Tier 1: Healing Totem Top

We will need this talent to heal those nice team fights that we love so very, very much. The Healing Totem is a bit squishy, so to defend it we can drop our Earthbind Totem directly on or just in front of it. This slows down pesky melee heroes from destroying the Healing Totem before it is done giving us its delicious juices. And we love its juices.

The other option is Spiritwalker's Grace which has some mana reduction that is nothing to sneeze at. I would take it when the map is extremely large, and when I do not take Feral Heart so that it is possible to stay out in the field a little longer. Rehgar runs pretty mana hot, and can burn through it really quick if we aren't careful. Therefore, we need at least one talent that keeps the mana in the pool.

Tier 2: Feral Heart Top

Feral Heart is essential for maintaining our presence on the field. It can be the difference between a saving heal for a teammate and being out-of-mana and having to hearth while poor Zeratul takes a dirt nap. While in Ghost Wolf form, you gain a small amount of health and mana each second. It is for this reason that we are constantly in ghost wolf form; the more time we spend in, the more health and mana we regenerate.

There are two decent alternatives, though I rarely take them. The first is Farsight, which allows us to see cloaked heroes in an area for 10 seconds. This is very effective against a team with two or more stealthed heroes (like Nova and Zeratul). It is also useful, though only secondarily, as a scouting tool to check on objectives and enemy locations. The second choice is Chain Reaction. The increased heal on shielded targets is especially good for healing a tanking hero, or when you take Lightning Bond and get a boosted heal on 2+ friendly targets.

Tier 3: Earth Shield Top

This choice seems like a no-brainer. If our allies are taking less damage, we won't have to heal them as much. When we cast it on Muradin or Diablo as they close with the enemy heroes, the benefits are remarkable. Not only does the Lightning Shield do extra damage, but the added Earth Shield buffers their health pool while you drop an Earthbind Totem or wind up a Chain Heal.

Tier 4: Ancestral Healing Top

Without a doubt, Rehgar has the strongest single target heal in the game. Ancestral Healing takes a moment to cast, but when it does our teammate (or ourselves) will be at or near full health. The cooldown is a bit prohibitive at 60 seconds, but when used effectively can turn the tide of an engagement. Is Diablo looking a little ragged as he goes 2v3? Simply drop this down and wait just a moment or two for the green wave to wash over him. He can hold the line as friendly Raynor rushes to help. Simply a must-have for the healing Rehgar.

Tier 5: Healing Surge Top

Healing Surge is the pick to beat in Tier 5. Its increased heal is fairly significant in team fights, where the Chain Heal will bounce to one more wounded teammate. This is invaluable! With this as well, our primary target at level 20 will receive a heal of 812, with the stream bouncing off for 325 each (imagine if you picked up Chain Reaction- that incidental heal would be monstrous).

The only other option would be Stormcaller: a reduction in the mana cost and cooldown for Earth Shield is certainly great if you find yourself casting it a lot, as in a melee heavy match. It is a solid pick in the right condition, so be mindful when you ding level 13.

Tier 6: Lighting Bond -or- Earthgrasp Totem Top

Lightning Bond is our first choice for this tier. When I play Rehgar aggressively, not only does this give me a free shield when I cast it on someone else, but also extra damage. Along with some other optional talents, Lightning Bond can be super effective during team fights. Sometimes I can body block an opponent while a melee assassin like Thrall closes in, and then cast Lightning Shield on Thrall. Now the opponent has two beefy orcs wailing on him, but also the fury of lightning elementals from two sources!

The second choice is equally good, but for a different reason. When we drop Earthgrasp Totem it is as if we had stunned the opponent with that first tick of the slow. At 90% slow, the enemy will virtually stop, and that will allow our team, or ourselves, to close for the kill. The choice is really about our own personal playstyle, so experiment with both to better understand ones' self.


This tier is a toss up between Farseer's Blessing and Storm Shield. Essentially, it comes down to team composition. If there are several melee heroes on our team, I go with Farseer's Blessing because that extra heal is based on proximity to the target. I can stand back and throw this heal down on the melee heroes in the fray. Once again, Ancestral Healing can turn the tide of an engagement, so it reasons that with the bonus AoE heal, that tide-turning ability is enhanced.

However, if there are plenty of squishy ranged heroes on our team, we go with Storm Shield because our teammates won't necessarily be standing close enough together to receive that boosted heal. Instead, Rehgar must position himself in the middle of his allies and cast Storm Shield to give a sizable buffer to them. Both of these talents are viable and quite effective at the end game during those crazy team fights.

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