Stitches ----------------------The Undying Tank!! by WhyDoYouDie

Stitches ----------------------The Undying Tank!!

By: WhyDoYouDie
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2015
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Build: Stitches - The Undying Tank

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Introduction. Top

My name is Whydoyoudie and i main and love to play stitches. This is the build I follow to play at heroes league i'm currently just out of placement matches and i'm at rank 12.

Please note this build is for being a tank / takeing all dammage for your team not to do a lot of dammage.

░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄



- Able to be a massive tank - No heavy damage
- Heavy Healing / Regen - Skill based skilshot for hook
- long distance hook to pick off enemies - No escape tools (body blocked by others)
- Good CC to trap and pick off enemies with Gorge - Hook gets blocked by structures and monsters


LVL 1 - Chew Your Food

I choose Chew your food here because i like the tankyness, being a frontline and takeing all dammage you can use that extra 1.000 - 2.000 health.

LVL 4 - Amplified Healing

I choose Amplified healing here because it is so good in combo with devour (30% of your max HP and you will get 30 perm health for each healing globe form chew your food). i'm also going for savor of flavor at lvl 7 so this increases the HP regen even more.

LVL 7 - Savor the Flavor

I really like this one, increase your hp regen is really good for sustain in teamfights / run away or kite the enemy team, just use it as mush as possible to stack that hp regen. you can easly get to 40-50 HP / sec at 20 mins.

LVL 10 - Gorge

I take gorge because its the best ultimate for me, like you can see i like the be a tank and not a damage dealer. With gorge you can do a easy combo of hooking someone + Gorge him after and just walk through you gate, if that heroes doesn't have a jump you can get free kills useing it like this. In teamfights you can also use Gorge on the support or dammage dealer so you can have fights that starts 5 v 4 or just pick 1 away from the team and kill it before you make the call to teamfight.

LVL 13 - Mega Smash

I take Mega Slash here just to increase the range and because i will take Pulverize at lvl 16 it is really great to have a bigger area to hit and slow.

LVL 16 - Pulverize

I take Pulverize at lvl 16 to have some more CC and slow enemies running away from me and have an easier time landing your hooks.

LVL 20 - Hungry Hungry Stitches

I take Hungry Hungry Stitches here because you can just eat the whole enemy team, my advice is to eat 2-3 champions so you can fight 5 v 2-3. Just take away the healer and someone else so your team has an easy time hunting down those enemies before the rest of their team comes our of your belly.

Some players really hate this option because they don't like the idea of eating multiple enemies waiting to die. But its not like a time bomb that explodes and all enemies come out at once. If you can time it correctly you can eat a player another at 2 sec and another right before the first one comes out. So your team has a whole 2 sec to burst 1 target before the next one comes out. As well as you can just eat 2 targets really fast and just run away to execute them before you fight the rest.

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