Storm Tassadar by Spirit

Storm Tassadar

By: Spirit
Last Updated: Dec 3, 2014
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Build: Psionic Storm

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Psionic Storm Top

This guide will be focusing on Tassadar being a Damage Dealer. Even thought Tassadar Will be focusing on Psionic Storm, He will still have really good support abilities that can turn the tides around in team fights. Can either take Archon or Force Wall. Both are great for this build.

-Lots of fun
-Very good for damage over time
-Can still save teammates with Plasma Shield or Force Wall
-Has a great escape for when going into team fights
-Great vision

-Uses a lot of mana
-Doesn't deal a lot of damage early game
-Can't duel

This guide for Tassadar is a fun guide. It makes a support into a fighter but also keeping the role of support with few skills. This guide is focusing on using your Psionic Storm the most. As soon as you get the talent Second Strike, you get a power spike because you are allowed to do twice the damage with Psionic Storm and you can also proc Static Charge more. Since Psionic Storm is your main damage, and you need to use it a lot. You have a mana problem. If you like, at level 1 instead of Overload you can take Conjurer's Pursuit if you like.

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