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Straight Healing Li Li

By: Zimtwink
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Straight Healing

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Basics Top

Li Li is one of the best supports in terms of healing. Healing brew has a really low cool down compared to some of the other healing spells, and with the build it makes Healing Brew even better for team fights or even just for casual heals. Li Li's serpent is a great ability because it allows you to get some extra damage on the enemies without having to be up in the fight. Cast a serpent on a warrior and let it do it's thing. Blinding Wind is a good spell for a blind, but if built right it can be a great damage dealer or slow. My build focuses on healing and slowing so it comes it handy when trying to chase someone down. Lastly, Jug of 1,000 Cups is the best heal in the game in my opinion. As long as you don't get stunned or silenced while channeling, in a team fight Li Li will be sure to keep everyone alive.

Talents Top

While playing this Li Li build, these are the main talents I use.

Tier 1

This talent allows Li Li to stay in the fight longer because your mana regeneration will be increasing throughout the game. As a support you want to spend as little time as possible going back to refill mana or hearthing for recharge. Your team needs you the most. ;)

Tier 2

Li Li's serpent is already a great ability, and now this talent allows it to heal also! I love mending serpent because it adds a nice heal-over-time on someone.

Healing ward is another great choice because it heals quite a bit, the downside to healing ward is that its a 60 second cool down, and it's now affected by AoE spells and such, so it's really easy to kill. Mending serpent on the other hand is a rather low cool down and can't die ;)

Tier 3

This talent goes along with Conjurer's Pursuit because it allows you to use less mana and keep yourself on the battlefield for longer periods of time. Especially when you are repeatedly healing in team fights or objectives.

Tier 4

This is the obvious choice for straight healing Li Li. This ult is amazing in team fights and as long as you don't get silenced or stunned while channeling, you will definitely be keeping your team up pretty well. ;)

Tier 5

This is my general talent i pick for tier 5 because it allows you to constantly slow multiple enemy heroes in order for your team to get to them easier and take them out.

This talent is also a good choice because it comes with a powerful slow and 50% damage reduction, but again it has a 60 second cool down which means you might not have it when you need it.

Tier 6

This talent is amazing because it allows Li Li to heal two targets at the same time, three if you include the Mending Serpent. It increases the cool down by 1.5 seconds, but it heals two people, without it you would need to cast healing brew twice in succession which would be even longer cooldown and cost more mana.

Tier 7

JUG OF 1,000,000 CUPS
This is the base healing talent for tier 7 Li Li. It allows Jug of 1,000 Cups to hit two targets at a time which increases the healing even more and it's amazing for team fights.

Storm Shield and Bolt of the Storm are two other very great talents that mostly depend on your enemies and how you've been doing throughout the match. If you are having trouble escaping, Bolt of the Storm is a great talent. Storm Shield is an AoE shield which is great for team fights because it instantly shields everyone stopping all damage.

Comparison Top

Basically Li Li is the ultimate healer for team fights with her low cool down Healing Brew and her Jug of 1,000 Cups. Other supports make up for healing with stuns and such while Li Li is mainly just a great healer. She keeps her team alive while heroes like Tassadar or Tyrande do decent healing, but also show those sneaky heroes like nova and Zeratul hiding in their stealth.

REHGAR is a great support and the best for single target heals and he is great multiple target healing too, but his heal has quite a long cool down. Rehgar makes up for it with Lightning Shield and Earthgrab totem though. Li Li has a decent slow, but her aoe/team fight heals are superior in my opinion.

TASSADAR is another good support but his support style is quite different. In my opinion he is kind of a hybrid between support and assassin. If build right he can do great damage and Archon is a crazy damage dealer. On the other hand he puts out some nice shields that can be built into amazingness. Again though, Li Li will always come out on top with heals and especially aoe heals.

TYRANDE is another support that is similar to Tassadar in a way where she is her own kind of support. She does healing of course, but her main purpose is to provide vision to her allies and reveal her enemies. She also comes with a nice stun and can debuff the enemy so they take increased damage.

BRIGHTWING is a support that I have not had alot of time playing, but I know it's a great support. Brightwing comes with an amazing polymorph and also passive healing that makes it so you don't even have to use any mana to heal. Her Blink Heal is great for when allies are in trouble and you can pop in to save them. :)

MALFURION is a nice support that has decent healing and a great AoE heal for an ult like Li Li does. Malfurion is another good support because he comes with a mana restore for his allies, a root, and a reveal. He isn't amazing at one particular thing, but he comes with everything a support needs.

UTHER is a great support because he is basically a hybrid warrior support. He can take serious hits and heal serious amounts at the same time. Also his Hammer of Justice provides nice stuns over and over with its low cool down.

Conclusion Top

In my opinion and my experience, I find Li Li is the best straight healer support in the game. Her low cool down Healing Brew that can be built to multiple target healing is a great ability and is amazing for team fights. Jug of 1,000 cups is the best support ult for healing and it is almost guaranteed to keep your team alive during a team fight as long as you stay away from stuns and silences. ;)

I hope you all enjoy my guide and please comment any issues, questions, or complaints you have! :D

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