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Support with Bite

By: SithMafia
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2015
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Build: Support with Bite

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I've been using Rehgar as my main, and this is my most successful build. It combines some great support talents with the offensive ghost wolf talents, for great overall abilities in any situation.

More about me, I'm a competitive gamer and always try to find the max build. I've been in HoTS since Tech Alpha, and am the support player in Riders on the Storm NA team league.

Skills Top


Chain Heal - Heal an ally for 90 (+28 per level) Health, then heal up to two other nearby allies for 45 (+14 per level) Health each. Has a 9 second cooldown.


Lightning Shield - Imbue an ally with lightning, initially dealing 8 (+3 per level) damage to nearby enemies and an additional 16 (+6 per level) damage a second for 5 seconds. Has a 8 second cooldown.


Earthbind Totem - Create a totem that slows nearby enemies by 35% . The totem has 75 (+20 per level) Health and lasts for 8 seconds. Has a 15 second cooldown.


Ghost Wolf - Instead of using a mount, Rehgar transforms into a Ghost Wolf, increasing movement speed by 30% . Transformation is instant and can be used while moving. Basic Attacks in Ghost Wolf form deal 100% more damage, but cancel Ghost Wolf form.

Level 1 Talent Top

Healing Totem is really what you want here for this build. I think it's actually overpowered at the moment, even with the recent change. It still stacks with other totems in a double support comp, but in single support it will keep your team in the fight longer. Always try to cast this when you are near 2 or more teammates that are about to engage. Being the only hero that get's this right away, try to use it in the early levels to win teamfights.

Level 4 Talent Top

Feral Heart is great at this tier. You should be constantly switching back to ghost wolf anytime you are not attacking. This will refill your mana so that you can heal or shield allies more often. Taking this talent will also combine well later on, when you get Feral Lunge, as you will be in ghost wolf as much as possible.

Level 7 Talent Top

Earth Shield Level 7 is probably the least impact to the overall build. I like Earth Shield since you can save friends that are fleeing from fights, and can cast it on yourself in a pinch. All the other talents just seem worse than what Shield gives you at this point.

Level 10 Ultimate Top


Ancestral Healing is nuts and is what makes Rehgar the best healer in the game. Effectively giving an ally another full health bar when they need it most. Try to time this when the target has 40-25% of their health bar remaining, as it takes a second or two to cast. When successful, this can turn a losing battle into an advantage for your team.

Level 13 Talent Top

Feral Lunge Here's where you start going on the offensive. This will let you chase down heroes for the kill, and 200% damage is huge. You should be in ghost wolf the majority of the time once you're level 13. Don't forget to cast shield on yourself before you engage for even more damage/protection. Combos well with Feral Heart that we took at 4.

Level 16 Talent Top

Earthgrasp Totem This talent seems to be overlooked in the builds I see people playing. The slow on this is massive, and will make it easy for you to gank them with your lunge. Always cast this in a team fight to prevent enemies from escaping or even defensively to slow them from reaching you.

Level 20 Talent Top

Storm Shield is my preferred level 20. Makes teamfights a breeze. Can save everyone on a retreat, or sustain a core push long enough to win. Use it whenever there are multiple enemies/allies around.

General Playstyle Top

A few comments on the play style. For the first half of the game you should focus on supporting your teammates. Always stay behind your tank, and dish out the heals with your Q and shields with W. Place your totem early and often on your half of team fights. Switch to ghost wolf everytime you're not doing anything else, so that you regen mana. The extra mobility is great for getting to map objectives quickly.

Once you get lunge at 13, switch to a more offensive play style if your team is ahead or even in levels. Chase down enemies for the kill. Cast your improved slow totem and put the hurt on them!

Go ahead and try this build, and I think you'll like your results. I'm close to a 70% win rate with this build/hero.

Thanks for reading my first guide, and please give me a thumbs up if you like it. I'll be making more in the future for other heroes. Have any tips/suggestions/questions for this build? Leave them in the comments below.

See you in the Nexus!

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