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Support with some control

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Lili's control build without Water...

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Threats to Li Li with this build

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Arthas Sindragosa are crap can't move
Tyrael Judgement look you popped
Leoric Entomb blows
Murky Octo Grab sucks
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The Butcher Lamp of slaughter watch out

Conjurer's Pursuit Top

Conjurer's pursuit is picked 99% of the time. Smaller maps that allow you to roam easily make this talent OP. Once you get to about 3 mana a second spam your brains out ^_^

Mass Vortex Top

In a quote on quote standard game I would opt for the Healing Ward or Mending Serpent (I prefer ward over serpent fyi) But this is LiLi's control build. So we are going with Mass Vortex. Being able to blind 4 people in a team fight is just glorious.

Shake it Off Top

You are a support but at the same time a distraction. You want the other team to focus on you & not your assassin. I run shake it off in hopes of baiting out a potentially fight ending stun. Combined with fast feet you become a huge pain the arse. I basically run in circles spamming my Q while I taunt the other team by weaving through them.

Jug of 1,000 cups Top

YOU NEED TO KNOW WHO & HOW YOU CAN BE STUNNED OUT. Ok with that off my chest this ult needs to be used wisely. I have personally popped this many times while Uther/Muradin are standing right next to me like look at this idiot.. POP stun YOLO... That sucks... Here is another place shake it off comes in handing. Again I look at baiting out the stuns. Once I see one OR I know they are cool down that is your time to shine. If baiting out stuns is not an option then positioning is your next best bet.

Hindering Winds Top

Again we are talking about Lili's control build. Standard build I would be going with Shrink Ray. Now once you get towards the later fights of the game, this can be a real gem. I like to get right in the middle & pop my winds. Slowing & binding 4 people.. Just wait for the clean up unless you are playing with Ray Charles. Once you get hustle NO ONE CAN RUN FROM YOU.

Herbal Cleanse Top

Removes all silences, stuns, roots & ploymorphs. Plus a bonus move speed for 3 seconds. Basically a spamable cleanse.

Kung Fu Hustle Top

Combined with the above mentioned build you become the cute adorable panda from HELL. At his point you should have plenty of mana regen with Conjurer's pursuit to annoy the hell out of any team. You will be able to run into the middle of enemy enemy & laugh as you run circles around them. Good luck!

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