Supportive/Aggresive Panda by Lirelle

Supportive/Aggresive Panda

By: Lirelle
Last Updated: Jun 5, 2015
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Li Li

Build: The Beserk Healer (some people get...

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Li Li Watch for the healing Li Li constantly does. Also, watch out for her dragon around her teammates. The more she runs away while Fast Feet is active, the more she can use her abilities. She can place a healing totem in the battlefield or next to fortresses to allow Li Li and her teammates to tank a lot of damage, unless you destroy it of course.
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How to Li Li Top

Hi! I'm Lirelle, an aggresive support user. I got this game a few days ago, but Li Li is already the best character I've used and I think I've found the perfect build for her so that you can support your teammates while dealing some damage. I always start supporting rather than doing damage, so I use Pro Toss to reach my teammates easily. And when the game gets a little more aggresive, I get the Healing Ward so my team can tank around me while I'm healing them with my Q so they can tank even more. As much as mana is important, healing teammates is top priorty at this point in the game. So I use The Good Stuff to heal my teammates as much as I possibly can. When you get Water Dragon, it's not just for getting kills for yourself. Remember, Dragon slows enemies as well too, so make sure to use it when your teammates are around to do more damage and get the kill. Surging winds is so that if you have your Dragon ready, you can do more damage with it. Or you can give more health to your teammates with your Q. Now at this point, you're going to need Two For One. You need to heal your teammates A LOT in battle. So when it comes to that, Two For One will allow you to heal two teammates at once, or a teammate and yourself. You might start to get the feeling of being a bit tanky, but make no mistake, Li Li is still a bit squishy. That's why you get Kung Fu Hustle so when you are running away from an enemy attacking you (and while Fast Feet is active), your abilities can recharge faster, and can potentially turn the tables in battle, whether you heal your teammates to tank the enemy, or to Dragon the enemy to save your teammates and MAYBE yourself. It's not guarenteed you'll live from the second option. It depends on how much you can spam Q and how Fast Feet is treating you. I hope this build leads you and your teammates to victory as it has for me. Cheers! ~ Lirelle

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