Sylvanas: Escape build by sneekz

Sylvanas: Escape build

By: sneekz
Last Updated: May 8, 2015
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Intro Top

I have been playing Sylvanas For quite some time now, and i do have a few separate builds depending on who i am playing against. This build i strictly use when i am going up against any stealth characters. IE Nova and Zeratul . Knowing that sylvanas is a glass cannon and thoes 2 characters can easaly blow you up i made this build stricly to keep yourself alive longer.

This is My first guide so please bear with me!

Skills Top

Lost Soul

Lost soul is interchangeable as the first skill, depending on what you want to do you can also get With The Wind to increase the range of your Withering Fire . This will help mainly when you get to your tier 5 skill. I chose this one to increase my damage and versatility!


Envenom is a skill that i think is a huge deal with sylvanas! It does tons of damage and it can help with team fights or even scare someone to leaving you alone!! must have!! If you are feeling adventurous you can go Rangers Ambush to once again help you run when it comes to your tier 5 skill. I cant bring myself to get this skill i like my envenom!

Shade Form

Shade form is very useful when in battle to help you escape! since you gain stealth it may help you escape from a fight ! i ONLY use this when i am against a stealth character such as nova or zeratul. Otherwise i like to go life drain when i notice the team has a lot of dps.

Wailing Arrow

Being Sylvanas one ult that is really useful dont need to go into this skill too much.! it does damage and Silences with a decent range!! cant really go wrong

Evasive Fire

With Evasive fire you can spam your Withering Fire while on the run to increase your movement speed to get into your base, or to put distance between you and your foes to give you time to mount up and run away!

Blood for blood

This is probably the most controversial when it comes to my Escape build. when you see an escape build you would think to go Windrunner or even Will of the forsaken to escape your foes, So why Blood for blood. Like i said i have been playing for a long time with Sylv, and i love blood for blood for the damage it puts out and the HP gain you get when you steal another heroes life! so i go with this to use strictly on Tanks or high HP heroes to give me the maximum amount of life !

Bolt of the Storm
Last skill on this escape build is Bolt of the storm. As you probably know it teleports u a short distance... Great for escaping from Nova or Zeratul self explanatory

Final Top

So lastly this is My build for an escape build. there are different skills you can change up that i have listed and try your own way! i hope this guide helps with your game play!!!

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