Sylvanas Possible Meta Build (My personal opinion) by Saggy

Sylvanas Possible Meta Build (My personal opinion)

By: Saggy
Last Updated: Dec 25, 2016
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Build: My Personal Build

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Threats to Sylvanas with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Valla Not such a threat but she can chase you down and kill you pretty fast.
Zeratul Invisible and does alot of damage so keep your eyes peeled!
Nova Another stealth character so keep your eyes peeled! she does alot of damage.
Diablo Can put you out of place and stun you.
Greymane Does alot of damage and can kill you pretty fast. Keep distance.
Tracer Can't escape from unless you use "Bolt of the Storm"
Jaina Can slow you and freeze you in place and does a crap ton of damage.
The Butcher Kills you Pretty fast if he catches you and he can trap you/ stun you.
Illidan Does a crap ton of damage and if wounded can fly to you and kill you from out of no-where. Just keep your distance.

Build/Threats (All just my opinion) Top

Lvl 1- Really Paralysis is the only good/ real choice to pick
Lvl 4- You could also pick you could also choose "Lost Soul" it's a good choice for team fights if you plan to join alot of them or stick with your team alot and don't split push.
Lvl 7- You could also Choose "Unstable Poison" but it's only good for clearing lanes and doesn't do bonus damage to Mercs or Monsters.
Lvl 10- You could choose "Mind Control" to make people out of place so your team can kill them, and you can also make healers like Lt.Morales or anyone of concern/ with low health come out of place for your team to kill.
Lvl 13- You can also Choose "Windrunner" It takes skill to push E then Q quickly but if you get that under control you can hit an enemy with 18 "Withering Fire" shots.
Lvl 16- Is really your choice, whatever you like go for it. I personally never choose "Overwhelming Affliction" mainly because it doesn't help you much in team fights and is really only for the people who like to kill the people running away. So if you like to get kills go for it.
Lvl 20- "Bolt of the storm" is really good because it helps you get away from bad situations(Sylvanas is Fragile) but you can also choose "Fury of the storm" to do more damage and it stacks with "Remorseless"
The Characters I put for threats are not all counters they ate just characters to watch out for.

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