Sylvanas - Queen of the Chase by Hopdidum

Sylvanas - Queen of the Chase

By: Hopdidum
Last Updated: May 28, 2015
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Introduction Top

Thanks for reading my guide! I'm Hopdidum and I've played HotS since November '14. I'll try to keep this short, but English is not my first language so pardon for mistakes.

Talent Build Top

This is the part where I reason with the tier talents I've chosen.

Tier 1
With the Wind
Not too useful early game - but a safe choice and can be handy once we get our speedboost. Both to catch up to enemies, and to run away from them.

Tier 2
By far the most useful and deadly choice, very good in early levels.

Tier 3
Unstable Poison
Good for clearing minion waves quickly.

Tier 4
Wailing Arrow
Extremely useful in teamfights, with moderate damage and a quite long silence.

Tier 5
Evasive Fire
Here's where we become deadly and uncatchable. +30% movement speed (at all times if used correctly) basically.

Tier 6
Blood for Blood
Blood for Blood and Will of the Forsaken is a matter of preference. Blood for Blood will give you more endurance, but Will of Forsaken combined with Evasive Fire gives you a +60% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Tier 7
Deafening Blast
Makes your silence twice as annoying.

The End Top

That's it. Now you should have a powerful specialist/assassin like hybrid, ready to chase or escape for miles. I always go with this build no matter what map I'm at, but I suppose that's habit.

Thanks for reading

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