Sylvanas - Specialized Murder (2300 MMR + Video) by OfClanMurray

Sylvanas - Specialized Murder (2300 MMR + Video)

By: OfClanMurray
Last Updated: May 22, 2015
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Threats to Sylvanas with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur Countered easily by Sylvanas' debilitating wave clear.
Murky Not a threat.
  No Threat
Anub'arak Much of his ability kit can be dodged, and banshee juked, but he's still a massive tank with insane Ult damage. Play smart and you won't have any troubles.
Arthas Similar to Anub'arak; do however avoid trying to 1v1.
Diablo Post nerf, Diablo is not much of a threat. Do be wary that his stuns will not let you trigger banshees if caught out.
Gazlowe Not really a threat. Prioritize clearing his turrets out of waves.
Kerrigan In her current state, Kerrigan is not much of a threat. Just keep her at a decent range.
Malfurion Prioritize Malfurion as a target with Wailing Arrow in team fights and you shouldn't have much of an issue.
Sgt. Hammer Don't be afraid to dive in on a siege mode Hammer - she can't out-sustain you in damage.
Stitches Pretty low tier right now.
The Lost Vikings No real threat, but try to shut down their ability to soak experience for their team.
Nazeebo His wave clear is pretty strong, but Sylvanas has a great kit to avoid much of his pushing power.
Tyrande Avoiding the stun will shut down most of her utility.
Azmodan Can often prove an issue only because his summons are not affected by your passive - his tanky nature also makes him difficult to pressure in lane. Utilize your range and play safe.
Brightwing Brightwing doesn't have a great kit against Sylvanas, but nonetheless doesn't die easily. Try isolating a BW with Wailing Arrow in a team fight if possible.
Chen His many body blocking mechanics can be a bit of a problem throughout every stage of the game. Utilize banshees when playing against him.
Falstad His barrel roll shield can protect him from some of your burst, but make sure to banshee away from his thunder strikes. Take away as much damage as possible.
Jaina Not really dangerous, but not to be underestimated. Be sure to avoid her AoE and don't give her anything she doesn't deserve.
Kael'thas Similar to Jaina.
Li Li Her blind can tend to be a pain, as well as her intense early game healing ability. Engage carefully.
Muradin Can be dangerous due to his stuns.
Rehgar Watch out for his totem; but for the most part, he can be easily counter with Wailing Arrow.
Sonya Nothing of true threat, but watch out for her burst as it can catch you off guard.
Tassadar His shields can be a real pain, but you can often out-damage them with your sustain. Just don't get cocky.
Thrall Can put out a lot of damage if you get caught by feral spirit. Be light on your feet and utilize your range against him so he can't build heal stacks.
Tychus Just stay out of minigun range and you'll be alright.
Valla Can be outsustained, but try to dodge her skillshots and banshee out of strafe.
  No Threat
E.T.C. The current tank meta. Beware of his power slide to mosh pit combos.
Illidan A very difficult hero to counter due to his pursuit. Be mobile and make use of evasive fire as well as banshees for the most effective encounters.
Raynor A Raynor building a proper auto attack build can pump insane amounts of damage into you pretty fast. Play it smart and engage with caution.
Tyrael Judgement can catch you out pretty badly. Try to avoid getting caught out of position.
Uther A threatening early and mid game opponent due to his kit. Avoid trying to 1v1 him until late game when you can apply Cold Embrace for extra damage to break his healing.
Zagara A powerful opponent due to the frequency with which she can summon waves, and her ability to lay vision. Try to keep her occupied in lane, and don't give in.
  No Threat
Nova Beware. Make sure to cast and teleport to your banshees if she targets you with Triple Tap, as this will cancel her ultimate.
Zeratul Can put out a ton of burst at a moment's notice, especially late game. Play smart and utilize evasive fire for clever escapes.


Guide is current as of Kael'thas Patch. Remember to upvote if you enjoyed the guide! :D

Hey there!

The name is Cam. I'm a WoW player of 8 years, professionally if you count PvP rating services, although the current state of the game has lead to my recent withdrawal of subscription. However, this lead me to Heroes! I have been playing since the game's Alpha testing, and dove in quickly, and thought I'd begin publishing guides on the ways I've established success in my gameplay. I take great joy in helping others better themselves, build confidence in their playing, and develop their own strategies to maximize their gameplay! I encourage people to toy with Heroes and find what build works for them - this is purely what works for me. Feedback, of course, is encouraged!

I'm currently rank 22 in Hero League's preseason ranks, with a 2300+ MMR. Sylvanas is my primary main.

This guide is for Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen. The build revolves around her potential for great sustain damage against other heroes, utilizing her passive to keep up her aggressive pushing nature and soaking ability.



Here we'll cover the pros and cons of this build!


- Great sustain damage.
- Great toolkit for 1v1 encounters.
- Maintains ability to split push with incredible effect.
- Excellent in team fights.
- Counters other potential specialist enemy match-ups very well.
- Very mobile, quick moving, and great pursuit.


- Very, very squishy.
- Stuns can interrupt Banshees and potentially doom you.
- Missing your ult can result in dire consequences.
- Getting caught out of play while pushing will require great skill to get out of.


Below are some videos featuring this build in 2300+ MMR ranked matches!




Here we'll go through why we take these talents for the build!


Sylvanas at her core is a very squishy hero. With the Wind will allow you to keep your distance during the laning phase and often times pressure your opponent out of the lane. Sylvanas' Q has no cost, so make sure to utilize it as often as possible. In the late game, this talent choice will also allow you to get much better positioning to maximize your damage output.


This talent will automatically refill the 5 charges on your Q whenever you use your Haunting Wave to teleport. This has great utility in 1v1 duels, pursuits, and escapes. Being able to unload that full quiver straight out of the teleport will secure kills as well as escapes, and allow for greater and more responsive siege output as well.


This talent was formerly known as Follow Through, but it was redesigned to be Sylvanas-specific. Essentially, this will empower every single one of your auto attacks to do more damage, as you should be constantly unloading your Q into enemy targets. This will allow for greater damage output in team fights, as well as 1v1 situations, and early game laning.


This Heroic Ability is basically a given, as it just far outscales and outdoes her alternative, Possession. The silence and AoE damage is invaluable.


This talent is incredible useful for both pursuit and escape; you can secure kills with the speed provided and escape quickly if you find yourself trapped. The speed will not fall of and continue to stack so long as your Q is hitting literally anything.


This is a great choice for both duels and team fights, as the vulnerability will allow you to unload a ton of damage onto any given target. In a team fight, landing the dagger on one person will transfer the vulnerability to any unit nearby, including players, structures, and minions. This will ultimately allow your team to also output even more damage, as well as disable nearby structures and turrets to facilitate dives.


This allows for an increased duration to your silence in the Wailing Arrow area of effect, as well as increased damage to units within its primary blast radius. A great mechanic for team fighting!


Once again, this is merely a suggestion and recommendation on how to play Sylvanas! Perhaps you'll find it useful, perhaps you won't! Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read through this guide, and hope it helps your gameplay with the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas!

For shenanigans:
Twitter: @irlhobbit

Now get out there, and lay waste to your foes!


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