Sylvanas the Banshee Queen by Scourgeplague

Sylvanas the Banshee Queen

By: Scourgeplague
Last Updated: Apr 6, 2015
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This is my first guide, so be gentle pls :<

Well to start off I think Sylvanas made a huge impact to the meta when she came into the scene, with the black arrow passive and ability to engage and disengage from fights she has quickly became one of my favorites.

Although she is squishy she can definitely pick her fights well, Starting with the Barbed shot its easily a fast way to clear lane when you shadow dagger and want to melt minions and spread her black arrow.

Envenom, needless to say is a good way to chunk down free damage in a fight.

Follow Through is one of my favorite abilities. Since Sylly can spam her Q rapidly, her damage will boost significantly throughout the game.

Wailing arrow can define how a fight goes, since it does a huge burst plus a silence its such a good engage or disengage, use it accordingly on how your team goes about in fights.

Spell shield is a must, I mean you can also go Evasive fire but I personally think Spell shield is good since it reduces damage from abilities, most of the time if you are doing well you will be focused and need some sort of defense.

Blood for Blood is a nifty ability to chip 15% and a slow to finish a kill off in a fight.

Last but not least the tier 7 skill is up to personal preference, I personally go for bolt for quick escape ontop of banshees but the Deafening Blast isn't bad either. It really depends how you and your team is doing.

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