Tass is a support? by himynameiswill

Tass is a support?

By: himynameiswill
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2015
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Threats to Tassadar with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Nova Stealth? Nope.
Zeratul Stealth? Nope.
Chen Ignore him. He can't do anything to you.
Abathur You can expose her position which is great and you can reveal her mines. Your wave clear will leave her monstrosity vulnerable.
Gazlowe Good old Gazlowe.
Zagara Creep? Nope. Your shield will negate anything she does to you.
Azmodan His E can be negated through shifting. Wont do much to you. Use your W to destroy his General's.
Kael'thas Negate a lot of his abilities. Make sure you dodge his CC and you're golden.
Tyrande Squishy, but her trait leaves you vulnerable. Easy target.
Falstad Annoying shield but you can negate Lightning Rod with your E.
Nazeebo Your shield negates the damage of his spiders late game. Try to not get caught in his wall. Even then you can Shift out of it.
Leoric Try to get him to leech off of you, just so you can shift out of it. Leaves him super vulnerable.
Malfurion Annoying at best. Root is easily avoidable.
The Butcher He has his charge but you can shift. Has a fairly consistent slow though.
Raynor Try to get his E to activate through poking to help your team finish him. Avoid him once he has his stun.
Tychus Sticks to you pretty well, even if you Shift out.
Diablo Can distance you from your team.
Jaina Lots of slows, so try to stay out of range.
Stitches If he pulls you and you don't have your shift up, goodbye pal.
Johanna Lots of CC and has a shield of her own. Hard to wittle down. Shield up and stay away.
Muradin If he took Haymaker, be very careful. It throws you back a long way. Shift wont save you if knocked into the enemy team. Tanky also
Tassadar Oracle can reveal you whilst shifted, leading to your escapes being rather easily to stop.
Brightwing Can heal a lot of the damage you dish out to her, even more so with her recent buff. Try to focus the assassins if she is not alone.
Li Li Lots of heals and her blind can ruin your damage.
Illidan Sticks to you like crazy. Avoid.
  No Threat

Introduction Top

Hello! My name is Will. I go by himynameiswill on nearly everything I am signed up to, except for Battle.net where I sadly ran out of room and settled for himynameiswi. I started playing HotS a few weeks before its full release and have been enjoying myself a lot. I play mainly quick match atm as there is less pressure to play well and it is just a more relaxed environment. I played League of Legends for 2 and a bit years, stopped for a year and then started to play this.

Tassadar is a support hero that at first, I hated. I don't know why. I assume I was mental, as since actually buying him and not playing him off the free week, he has easily become my favourite support in the game. The title may suggest I'm offering a DPS build - and maybe it is in a way - but from my experience, this build works better than any full "support" builds I've seen and also allows you to dish out incredible amounts of damage.

*Disclaimer* I'm in no way trying to say my build is the best. This is simply a build that has been working for me and I would like to explain to others how to use the hero.

Pros and Cons Top

  • Shield is powerful and has a low cooldown
  • Talents allow for diverse playstyles
  • Frankly insane damage for a support
  • One of the best escapes in the game
  • Great wave clear and siege damage at level 7
  • His trait destroys Nova and Zeratul
  • Relies on 1 support ability
  • His support ability is a shield rather than a heal
  • No natural CC
  • Falls behind other true supports

Abilities Top

An all around useful trait. Not only will it reveal stealthed heroes but it also reveals Zagara's Creep Tumor. Moderate cooldown, but if you take Mental Acuity, you can reduce it by 50% and start to spam it if needed.

This is what makes T*** a support. Fairly strong and has a low cooldown. Annoys Kael through denying living bomb. Can save your team if targeted by Nova ults or, again, Kael's Pyroblast etc.

Psionic Storm is great for wave clear, siege damage and after level 7, hero damage. Melds well with his heroic. AOE so it can reveal stealthed heroes and destroy creep.

As I said before, Dimensional Shift is one of the best escapes in the game. Allows for xxCrAzY420DuKeSxx. Moderate cooldown so you have to be careful when you use it. Gets great as you get more talents for it.

This is where the majority of your damage will come from. You get big, have a shield and do more damage. Simple and effective, especially in team fights due to its splash. Melds so well with Static Charge.

Force Wall currently has under 20% simply due to how weak it is compared to Archon. It's a great utility ability and if you were with a premade team on mic, it works very well. But without that, you will likely make mistakes and end up killing your own team.

Talents Top

Level 1

There is only 1 talent here that you should be looking at.

Overload is a great talent as it allows you to stay out of harms way and still deal damage. There has been countless times I have been able to finish off an enemy that was out of reach to my team because I took this talent. Extra range also allows you to unstealth stealthed heroes if your trait is offline.

This can be of use, but Tassadar is an an odd hero as in he isn't very mana hungry (well, compared to most heroes. If you are going to flinging out everything as soon as it's off cooldown (please don't), then try this. I however don't think it matches the utility of Overload.

Lets say you hit every minion in a wave. That's 35 mana (50% of the original cost for you who despise maths) you get back from using Psionic Storm. In my opinion, that is in no way worth it. Don't get me wrong, you will be trying to get all the minions in its radius to clear minions, but 50% isn't that significant.

This is pretty poor in most situations. It may have merit on Haunted Mines, as it can slow the Golems down pretty significantly, but in most situations, any of the others will be better suited.

Level 4

More choice in this tier, 2 of which are extremely good.

Oracle has such a low mana cost that you don't have to worry about whether you have enough mana to use it. The problem is it's cooldown. This solves this problem. I go with this whenever I'm against a Zeratul or Nova. If it is just one of them, I may go with another talent, but I feel it helps the team to use it whether it is both or just one of them.

I find its description a bit confusing, but basically, the hero with the shield heals when they attack. Not huge amounts, but on someone like Illidan or Valla, it can be pretty significant. It adds more utility to your only support ability, so it is a safe choice whenever. I take this the most often I feel.

Just below 20% healing if a hero stands in its radius and takes no damage. Again, it adds to your overall "supportability". It falls behind the first two later into the game however and you'll find yourself rarely using it. It may be a good choice to take it on Haunted Mines or Battlefield Of Eternity due to how vital it is to stay in lane early game.

There is just no reason to use this. Has been nerfed even though it wasn't incredibly great in the first place. Let someone like Gazlowe take this, as other talents beat this easily.

Level 7

A few decent choices, but a clear winner here.

Wow this talent is great. It is incredible how much damage you can dish out with this. Against towers, this is incredible. I have topped siege damage many times due to this talent. I'd suggest this nearly all the time.

In the Haunted Mines, you'll see this talent get chosen for both teams one way or another. Coordinate with your team before choosing this. You only need one. If you have an Aba or BW that will take it, let them. You will fare much better with Static Charge. Very situational, but powerful in those situations.

I don't see the use in this. Your shield has a rather low cooldown anyway. If someone needs a shield, give it to them. A weaker shield is not what they will need. Avoid.

You usually only need the default 1.5 seconds to escape with Dimensional Shift. Doubling it just seems wasteful and can at times even be a burden. Coins dropped for example can't be picked up whilst shifting. You may need to shift quickly to regain health (see Dimensional Warp), pick up the coins and run. If you feel vulnerable, consider it. If not, there are better choices.

Level 10

1 heroic works 100% of the time. The other not so much.

Brilliant ability. You get tankier and deal more damage (with splash). Even for a support, the shield lets you stay alive longer. Lasts for a decent amount of time. Warning however, you can't mount whilst in Archon form. Can be a pain for chasing. Currently dominates with an 83% popularity percentage and for good reason.

As I said before, this isn't a bad ability at all. But when compared to Archon, it falls apart. Unless you are playing with a voice coordinated team, forget this. You'll probably screw your team over more than you save them.

Level 13

Some great choices here depending on what you need.

This has saved my life countless times. If timed correctly, you can do what Deep Shift offers. 45 second cooldown is pretty low for such a life saving talent. I would recommend taking this in any game that you don't completely steamroll.

This is pretty good in any situation, like other actives. If an enemy Illidan is destroying you, this can take him out of the game. It's up to you whether you have added survivability or more utility in Prescience. Both are great options

If your team is lacking in CC, this can be an okay talent to choose. I took this during the start of my playtime with T*** to mixed results. Prescience and Shrink Ray are much more effective than a rather weak slow. New attack animation is great and I've gotta say Blizzard, this should be more of a common thing with other heroes. Looks so cool.

There is no real reason to take this. Boosting Oracle to 8 seconds wont really accomplish anything, as you will use Oracle to check for stealthed heroes briefly rather than for 8 whole seconds. Movement speed is nice, but unnecessary. There are better choices in this tier.

Level 16

Lots of utility in this tier.

This seems to be the most popular of the lot, and it is very understandable when you take into consideration the synergy between this and Static Charge. If timed correctly, you will get in 6 static charged hits on an enemy. If you didn't take static charge, you should ignore this.

So with Prescience, you have 2 shifts - one occurring when you are near death i.e. low health - and the other at will. Want a heal and further escape/chase with that? For me, this is the standard pick. Your sustainability is increased so much with this and saves you so many times. T*** doesn't have a great health pool, and this and his shield ensures he doesn't die. If you want to be more of a support, pick this. Lets you stay alive longer to, well, support your team.

Same deal with this as it was with Distortion Beam. If you lack CC and you didn't take Distortion Beam, this is a good one to take. The slow is slightly stronger, but it isn't that noticeable nor sustainable as "auto attack to slow".

If you are picking this to help your team escape, it won't help a great deal. Minor buff. If you are picking this to chase, you are picking this for the wrong reason. If you need to chase, Resonation is better.

Level 20

Fairly standard for a level 20 talent selection. 1 talent rules here.

The only issue I have with Archon is that your range is a tad too small. This fixes that. Pick this. More damage and a higher shield doesn't hurt either.

Good support talent. If your team is struggling, take this to boost their sustainability in team fights. If they are fine, Twilight Archon all day.

Very weak compared to Twilight Archon and Storm Shield. Your Q and W are on fairly low cooldowns anyway. If you need to rewind due to shield constraints, take Storm Shield. If you need more damage from your W or more survivability, take Twilight Archon.

You're not taking Force Wall so you wont even get the option. Even if you did, it's a very weak buff to be honest and Storm Shield would be the pick by far.

Strategy Top

Your strategy will be fairly similar on every map.

Early game:

In lane, use Psionic Storm to clear minions. Poke at the enemy and use your shield liberally. When objectives spawn, clear the wave quickly and go help your team. T*** is great at ensuring the other team cant take Tributes on Cursed Hollow or cashing in on Blackheart's Bay.

Use Oracle to expose Novas, Zeratuls and creep, or even reveal Abathurs.

Mid game:

Essentially, you want to do the same as the early game. Stick with your team and soak when possible. Ensure the enemy can't take objectives and use Oracle to reveal the map.

During down times, try to push towers. With Static Charge, you deal a lot of damage to towers and forts. Use it when possible

End game:

Stay with your team and shield vulnerable allies. When your team focuses someone, use your heroic. This will ensure you stay alive with your shield and auto attack like crazy on assassins. You will deal a lot of damage. Trust me.

Final Words Top

Thank you for your time if you read this and I hoped it helped. Seeing as Murky is the hero I play the most, I will try to update this as patches roll out.

I can't stress enough; I am not a pro. This guide lacks detailed stats and figures because it is meant to give new Tassadar players a feel on the hero and hopefully help them. Constructive criticism is always helpful and I am open to it. If there are sections you feel I should add, let me know.

If you wish to add me on stuff, my steam is himynameiswill, twitter is _LameImpala_ and Blizz.net is himynameiswi.

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