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Talent Thoughts

By: Bokstav
Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015
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I am Bokstav or Jesper as known to rest of the world
you can watch me over att My twitch channel
or my youtube channel My Youtube Channel

i stream mostly in swedish or english

I am not the greatest player out there but i will make guide for the newcommers or the old ones who played long who can read some quick notes i have about the talents for certien heroes.

This is my thoughts on the talents of Reghar, a support class, a shaman from World of Warcraft universe, he is a melee hero with tons of utility, and likes to be in the middle of fights dishing out the heals and utility aswell doing below mediocre dmg, he is decently tanky as a support



Great sustain (with )
Great AoE support
Can duel
Burst Heal


Only 1 heal (unless talent for 2 more)
Easily shutdown
No sustain healing
Weak dmg wise compare to other dmg/supports

Talent Thoughts Top

Here i will go over the talents that i think are good for Reghar and those that are not so good

- The must have talent of the first tier since they nerfed the to the ground. It cuts the mana cost of your Heal by 25 and that means you can heal more before going oom wich is great since your a healer.
Other Talents

The go to talent of this tier. It makes so when your in ghost form you regen double the amount you normaly would, with this talent you will never haft to go back to base since you can sit in ghost form while in lane and just regen everything back.
Other Talents

- Your W makes it so they get a shield aswell, at this stage of the game you have basicly 2 heals, the Q and the W and its great cause up untill now you only had one.
Other Talents

The talent taken 9/10 times when you will be playing, its a super heal of sort. After a short delay of 1 - 1.5 seconds you will heal your target to full HP (most of the time) and its great, you can bait out so many fights and have the enemy overextend cause of this.

I been playing alot latley with taking this talent, its so much fun to use and it increases your entire teams dmg by so much, its a long duration of 10seconds. But taking this you will loose out on so usally you do this when you got 2 supports on your team or you feeling frisky cause its a super fun ultimate.

This is my go to talent, it makes so you heal the target of your W for 25% more AND you heal one more target, great for teamfights since you can basicly heal your entire team at once and everyone usally takes little dmg during that time.
Other Talents

The talent i pick 99% of the time, it does so your totem can be cast double the range you can normally do and it slows them for 90% for one second and then the normal slow after. It basicly roots a enemy for 1 second when they try to escape from you or your team.
Other Talents

A massive AoE shield for your entire team, it shields them for 20% of their max HP for 3 seconds and is the best choice for you.
Other Talents

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