Team Friendly Gazlowe HL Rank 12 by Atlas88

Team Friendly Gazlowe HL Rank 12

By: Atlas88
Last Updated: Oct 13, 2015
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Build: lasers & gravo wombo

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Summary: "Break it down" lets you re-use basic abilities pretty much immediately, and grav-0 bomb every 20-30 seconds. Lasers charge twice as fast and do 25% more dmg for harass. Slow turrets provide CC for chasing / escaping. Sprint resolves gazlow's otherwise horrific survivability. Wombo Combo: Drop explodium, drop gravo on same spot, charge lasers all in quick succession. This should single handedly wipe most of the team and left the rest limping.

Do not waste time jungling. You should always either be soaking/pushing a lane or rushing towards a team fight. You should only grab camps if minion waves are too far into enemy territory to viably push and there are no apparent team fights.

The build should be pretty self-explanatory. Laser charges twice as fast with 25% extra damage allows gazlowe to quickly spray impressive aoe damage pretty much at will in concert with break it down gaz pretty much as no c/d. This gives him the ability to genuinely harass in team fights and laning.

Turrets slow which which can be used both offensively and defensively. Leave them scattered to slow wounded and retreating heroes or to help you/your team to escape when being chased. In addition, these turrets provide excellent area denial on maps such as dragon shire or sky where gaz can quickly juke around turrets.

Gaz naturally has terrible survivability. If caught off guard he's pretty much toast. Sprint turns gaz from being an easy target to becoming incredibly slippery to kill.

To use gaz to his potential, skills should be used in the following order during team fights: Plant explodium on team, plant grav-o in the same spot, start charging lasers in quick succession.

Despite being placed second, Grav-o will explode first, pulling team onto explodium. Explodium will stun, allowing gaz to seal the deal with this upgraded lasers. This provides eye-watering damage which can swing an entire game.

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