The Art of Artanis by Gubly

The Art of Artanis

By: Gubly
Last Updated: Oct 21, 2015
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Build: Shield Overlord (Tank)

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Threats to Artanis with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Artanis His E can interfere with your Q and he has the potential to lock you into some dangerous places early on.
Kael'thas Like Nova, Kael has heavy burst, though it is more predictable and he is easier to play around.
Jaina The same applies for Jaina as does for Kael.
  No Threat
Stitches Since Artanis is very bad at escaping, his hook/swallow can pull you into awkward situations.
  No Threat
Nova Her heavy sudden burst is extremely detrimental to your passive, be on the watch.
Brightwing It's Polymorph can completely waste any of your survivability.

About the Author Top

Hey everybody, I'm Gubly, and I'm relatively new as a user on Heroesfire. Though I have been using this for reference for a long time. I have been playing Heroes since I was invited in late Alpha, and have always had a deep interest in this game. Previously I had played League fairly infrequently and had established a mediocre familiarity with the MOBA genre, dabbling in HoN and Smite only slightly, speaking of which, is HoN still a thing? :P

Before we get started, I'd like to point out that as much as this guide (and any other guide I may write in the future) is for whoever may be reading it, it is also a way for me to better assimilate the game in which I love dearly. As such, I encourage you to give me any feedback you believe is necessary, and would happily engage in discussion over strats and builds.

So without further ado, let us begin!

Character Summary Top

After playing Artanis for the literal one day he has been released, I have come to the conclusion that his purpose as a Warrior is to be able to engage the enemy aggressively and deal moderate damage to them. Utilizing his Q and E can force on the enemy into very awkward positioning, and force them into easy to gank positions for your team. His ults should be utilized completely based off of the enemy team, if they have strong auto attack assassins, take Suppression Pulse, if not take Purifier Beam. The downside to Artanis is he cannot escape as quickly as he can engage, and only sometimes can his E be used to escape which makes him very weak to stun/polymorph and grab/swap/pull abilities.

Passive - Shield Overload

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Your Passive makes you very powerful in close quarter combat. When facing auto attack assassins, you're able to take a heavy beating due to the fact that your own auto attacks reduce the cooldown of your passive's proc by 4 seconds. Keep this in mind!

[Q] - Blade Dash

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Blade Dash is an interesting ability, it can be used to escape incoming/AoE spells, secure kills/objectives, and if you build it the right way, deal large amounts of damage or reduce the cooldown on Shield Overload. it can be combo'd as a follow up to successful engagements with Phase Prism to dish out fair damage early on in the fight.

[W] - Twin Blades

Cooldown: 4 Seconds

Due to its very short cooldown and compatibility with your passive, Twin Blades serves as one of the key components in mastering Artanis regardless of your build.

[E] - Phase Prism

Cooldown: 14 Seconds

This is an awesome initiator, and is one of the more powerful features of Artanis. Using this on an unsuspecting Kael'thas or Jaina to bring them into the thick of your team is an awesome way to start a team fight. Keep in mind while using this ability that it can surpass minions and mercenaries, so fear not an enemy taking shelter behind their wall of minions.


[R] - Suppression Pulse

Cooldown: 50 Seconds

An awesome ability when facing an auto attack oriented team, dropping this on an objective before team fighting can have awesome attributes. But caution to those that pick this when not facing assassins such as Raynor, Illidan, Valla.

[R] - Purifier Beam

Cooldown: 80 Seconds

The automatic pick if your enemy team is a non auto attack team, and quite an awesome ability. Try dropping it on a character that usually stays still in team fights, and watch them run around aimlessly to avoid being nuked.

Tank Build: Shield Overlord Top


My personal build for playing Artanis more defensively, while using this build it is vital that your pay attention to your cooldowns, specifically Shield Overload and Twin Blades as they are what keep you alive. In terms of engaging, don't get cocky kid; you may be able to take a heavy beating but if you do not initiate without a support or an assassin it'll be very hard for you to be able to shimmer down your enemies health, so always engage with the cavalry!

No. Simply is not good enough to pick over the other ones.
Yes. Essential for this tank build, will improve the effectiveness of this abilities low cooldown.
No. Killing minions and mercenaries is not vital to this build, and typically not to Artanis at all.
No. I find this talent very powerful in a high damage Artanis build, but not when attempting to build a tank build.

No. If your Shield Overload is consistently lasting its full duration, you're not taking enough damage and thus not playing Warrior properly, get back in the battle, and don't take this talent!
No. I've seen a lot of people get this talent, but it really serves no purpose unless you're going a Blade Dash damage build which I would not recommend.
No. This talent isn't as useless as other ones, and could see use in a damage output build, but the synergy of Templar's Zeal and Psionic Synergy is far greater for a tank build.
Yes. As stated above, this talent works really well with Psionic Synergy.

No. Not terrible, but not great either, this tanky build requires Psionic Synergy.
No. Even in damage builds, this isn't the greatest considering you have Follow Through as an option for synergy with Twin Blades.
Yes. I have stated numerous times, this is essential in order to combo with Templar's Zeal.
No. Good synergy with Twin Blades in a damage build, but not here.

Situational. If you're enemy team has a lot of high damage auto attack heroes, get this ult, the 4 second blind is super dangerous in team fights.
Situational. An awesome ability, can put it on an immobile enemy hero to keep them moving around. Pick this if your enemy team is devoid of powerful auto attack heroes.

Yes. This ability just makes your passive ten times better, and allows you to sustain damage from even more sources in team fights now.
No. I usually get this in a damage build, but it simply does not live up to the power of Phase Bulwark.
No. I have never tried out this talent, but it seems to defeat on of the strengths of Phase Prism - being able to single one target out for your team to nuke down.
No. I haven't tried this one either, and I know how good it is on other tanks but Phase Bulwark is simply too good to ignore over this one, but perhaps I am wrong.

Yes. All the other talents at level 16 are super good, but this just upgrades your passive so much, and is so essential to the build you have to take it.
No. Good for mobility, though not good enough to pick over other talents.
No. Super awesome and very essential to a damage build, but not as good as Shield Surge.
No. Interesting and potentially useful, but not beneficial for this build.

No. Interesting, could be used to CC auto attackers for longer, but inferior to Force of Will.
No. No matter what build you go, this talents is simply going to be inferior to all the other options, avoid at all costs.
Yes. Extremely vital to this build, makes your passive trigger so much more often.
No. Although not useful in this particular build, this ability is actually really good as well especially in heavy hitting builds.


Early Game(1-7):

You're passive isn't as powerful as it will be mid-late game so although you will be able to sustain a fair amount of damage, you will not be as viable later on. Watch out for CC's as they're the most effective against Artanis.

Mid Game(7-13):

Now you're more useful in team fights, but still your passive isn't at its full potential so still be cautious. Like any other hero, watch the map and see if your team needs help. Use your ult to initiate team fights or interrupt the enemy.

Late Game(13-20+):

At last you're at your full capability, you should only be playing defensively when you are isolated from your team members, but if you're accompanied by a few other teammates, specifically (icon=assassin)Assassins then you should definitely engage the enemy very hard.

Conclusion Top

As brief as this guide is, I mean to add a high damage build soon, but as of now it is a work in progress.

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