The Brightwing! by MrFway

The Brightwing!

By: MrFway
Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016
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Hello And Welcome! Top

This is my first ever guide and i'm sure they'll get better over time but for now its just basic.

I've played Hero's Of The Storm since the Beta and i think i have 'OK' knowledge of most of the Hero's and Game Mechanics and decided that making some guides would be quite fun.

The Builds i post might have already have been posted by other Users, if this is so please let me know and ill take this down, Thanks!

Now lets move on to why i think Brightwing is a good Hero

Bringwing And Why I Think She's Good. Top

Reasons Why I Think Brightwing Is Great Right Now.
  • Great solo laner and can clear minion waves fairly easy with Arcane Flare and the recent damage buff is a added bonus.
  • Great Map pressure with Phase Shift, you can help gank lanes with your team easily with this and can catch Enemies off guard who are over chasing or out of position.
  • Crazy AOE Heals late game!

Now lets see what Talents i take..

Tier 1 Top

This is the only Talent you really should be looking at, This is the most beneficial Talent in this tree, This Talent just allows you to teleport everywhere on the map because of how often its up which makes Brightwing a good solo laner.

Tier 2 Top

This Talent really shines later on in the game once you get Mistified And Bouncy Dust, No other Talent in this tree in worth taking!

Tier 3 Top

Without this Talent, This Build is useless...

Tier 4 Top

Any need for me to put anything here?

Tier 5 Top

Get this if your Team Comp is full of Assassins/DPS Heros with only 1 Tank maybe 2 at best, this is good for protecting your backline.

Get this if your Team Comp has a good 2/3 frontline Tanks With 1/2 DPS heros, is this great for giving your frontline a boost of speed to try and get on your enemies backline while still giving them heals.

Tier 6 Top

This Talent just complements this Build to well to even think of the other Talents in this tree

Tier 7 Top

This is SOO good considering how often Soothing Mist will be up, Get It!!


Thanks for taking you time to look at my Guide!
Leave me some feedback <3 !!

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