The Light Shall Guide you by Coach7241

The Light Shall Guide you

By: Coach7241
Last Updated: Sep 14, 2014
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There's not much to say to this guide because of how straight forward Uther is. Here are the main reasons I chose each talent.

1. Just make sure to collect all the regen globes you can throughout the course of your game to increase your mana regen. In case you didn't know in each minion wave there is 1 wizard he drops the regen globes. just go for him first to get the regen globe and then hang back on the wave so you don't take to much poke dmg.

2. Since each auto attack lowers the cool down of your hammer of justice, you can obviously provided allot of utility for you team by stunning them. I know most player when that ability is up they use, but the key is to manage your mana with Uther and just because that ability is off CD doesn't mean you have to use it right away. Wait for the right time, I.E. when they are trying to flee, if they are pressing you let them, just auto attack and keep your lane buddy healed and then when they start to turn tail. hitem with the stun. If you hit them with the stun to early they will realize "oh **** i cant keep pressing he will just stun me" and they will not come at you. you let them come in to lure them into that "blood-lust" mentality where all they see is the kill and once they have went to far BAM stun,heal, and then the opposing player is in a world of pain and is to far from their side to stand a chance at living.

3. I chose holy Devotion because I thinks its the most useful skill out of that group of talents. It just makes you even more effective through death since you lose nothing on stats when you die.

4. Divine Storm. It's Uthers best ult. Divine shield sucks IMO. Storm puts out decent dmg and a large AOE stun. whats not to like. I will say with this being his ult, do not be afraid to get into the middle of the fight and use this to stun their whole team, even if you die before you use well guess what you come back to life and are immune for a short time and since you lose no dmg thanks to holy devotion you can still cast it stun then and throw off a heal and W heal before you passive fades out.

5. Spell Shield - This is great for making you tankier, and that's what we want with this Uther build. plain in simple you take less dmg from abilities.

6. Imposing pressence - Anyone who hits you have their atk speed slowed by 30 percent. I really find that being a main tank this ability wins fights and keeps everyone alive. since I lead my Uther into the fights, they all blow their skills on me, but thanks to spell shield i don't take that much dmg, and then they hit me and slow their atk speed which now if I do die or not they are all weaker when fighting my team now and really does make the teamfight easier.

7. Divine Storm Upgrade - whats not to love here, more dmg, bigger AOE cast zone. you dont have to be directly in the fight if you dont want to anymore. since the radius is much larger you stand back 2 step in ult and peel for ppl.

This is how i Chose each ability, and for the most part how I use them. Uther just requires a sound mind/ common sense/ and paying attention. Whoever is low heal them, who ever is low on the enemy team stun or W them. Use the ult wisely and stick with your team.

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