The lost jungelers by Chirith

The lost jungelers

By: Chirith
Last Updated: Nov 15, 2015
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The Lost Vikings

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The jungelers of lost Doom! Top

Hi guys!

Here's my take on the coolest heroes in the game!

The vikings as jungelers are pretty damn awesome.

I for one like the fact that they are very squishy. If played right players will try and run you down every time they get a chance, due to wanting that KILL!

But, since you almost always outrun them, this type of kiting is great and takes many heroes away from the group of TvT fights.

Aaand... all they get is a .25 kill if they manage to kill you ;)

I have always had problems with split laning and for that reason I set this build upp for you to use if you feel it fits your way of playing.

So as a jungler you're supposed to help laning, gank and get those mercs running for you.


Level 1 pick:

Allright! First off we go for a bit of tankyness. Olaf gets the first skill, since I believe its more important that he can take a punch than a free bribe for the mercs. And, he can solo those Bosses later on in the game. And since we're not laning, the Baleog skill is quite not worth it at this moment.

Level 4 pick:

The second skill we go for is the Mercenary Lord. This due to the fact that you want to be able to get all those marcs without the need of heals other than the occational fountain between fights.

Level 7 pick:

The level 7 pick will be (when used) maybe the best ever skill in the game. People tend to forget that late in the game this skill generates around 600+ hp damage as a quick burst with low cooldown. Get your vikings into position and BOOM! down goes the clothies.

Level 10 pick:

Ultimate pick time! I go for Play again almost every time. But on a few occations the Longboat Raid could prove a better cjoice. I usually go for Raid in the Battlefield of Eternity map since this map is close-fought and lots of teamfights.

But, the look on those enemies eyes when they think they've killed all team in a team fight is priceless when three fresh Vikings comes crashing back into the fray.. AND... With the lv 20 choice of giving them a 10 second respawn time is freakin awesome at times!

Level 13 pick:

Ok, time to make Olaf hurt as well as tank! This is a good pick for getting the minions down fast as well as the mercs.

Level 16 pick:

In the TvT fights in the end, the stuns will help you and your team to finish of those who run. Combined with Go Go Go! and you will pick them off one by one.

Level 20 pick:

This might be the best skill of all the game. You will rock your team if you time this skill right. Plus you always get a follower when TvT goes south.. So, run with Erik (he runs fast!) and summon your Vikings to your enemys (horrified) surprise.

And with this Ultimate at tier 2 You get three extra lives.. Can it be better?

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