Don't mess with the Vikings! by reelie

Don't mess with the Vikings!

By: reelie
Last Updated: Feb 29, 2016
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The Lost Vikings

Build: Triple Trouble

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur Like most of the other Specialists, you are soaking more experience than Abathur. Also, he's even more an low threat since we will never kill on of your Vikings in the lanes. Matbe you should watch Erik a bit, but that's it.
Brightwing Nothing special, she's not the one that will kill you. Most of the Support just doesn't change the threat because you're not really fighting anyways. You just want experience.
Chen Like most of the Tanks, Chen is not a threat since he does not deal massive damage, he does not really push and he doesn't even haveCCs.
Kharazim No AOEs, not a pusher, no bursts... Most of the Support just doesn't change the threat because you're not really fighting anyways. You just want experience.
Li Li No AOEs, not a pusher, no bursts... Most of the Support just doesn't change the threat because you're not really fighting anyways. You just want experience.
Lt. Morales No AOEs, not a pusher, no bursts... Most of the Support just doesn't change the threat because you're not really fighting anyways. You just want experience.
Muradin Like most of the Tanks, Muradin is not a threat since he does not deal massive damage and he does not really push.
Tyrael Like most of the Tanks, Tyrael is not a threat since he does not deal massive damage and he does not really push.
Uther No AOEs, not a pusher, no bursts... Most of the Support just doesn't change the threat because you're not really fighting anyways. You just want experience.
Diablo Just send Olaf against him, and he won't be able to kill you. Even his CCs are not really dangerous.
Murky Like most of the other Specialists, you are soaking more experience than Murky. Yes, he got spells that you don't have, but he's just not able to kill you (well maybe Erik). I used to send Baleog in his lane so he just can't do anything. Otherwiser, watch out for his Slime (Q) and that's it.
Anub'arak Nothing special with this one. Honeslty, he's not dealing a lot of damage, his CCs aren't high threats too and doesn't push.
Arthas Like most of the tanks, Arthas isn't a great threat. He does not deal massive damage and isn't pushing.
Johanna Again, she's not a threat for your Vikings since she doesn't have anything the can burst you and she's not pushing a lot.
Rehgar Unlike other Supports, Reghar can acually make some damage with his Ghost Wolf (Z). But anyawys, he's not a high threat though. No CCs, not a pusher and no AOE.
Gazlowe Like most of the other Specialists, you are soaking more experience than Gazlowe. His turrets (Q) are not really a hard threat neither. However, he can decides to charge up his Deth Lazor (W) and hurt you easily if you're not watching the Viking against him.
Sonya She has nothing that can hurt you much. Laning against her is pretty easy since you have nothing specific to do.
Thrall He gots some burst, yes, but he doesn't push a lot, can not charge at you and is melee so you just have to back a bit if he charges at you. As long as you keep getting experience.
Malfurion This support got a root (E) that can cause some trouble sometimes while laning, if you're not watching your Viking. Moreoever, it's really annoying since when you're grouped, Malfurion can root all of your Vikings at once.
Tassadar Tassadar has his Psionic Storm (Q) that can be annoying while laning against him and when your Vikings are grouped as well since it's an AOE. But besides that, he's not a threat at all.
Tyrande Unlike other Supports, Tyrande can do great damage with her Hunter's Mark (D). However, besides that, she doesn't have anything that can put you in trouble (well, maybe her Lunar Flare (E) but whatever).
E.T.C. There's nothing dangerous with E.T.C., except when he Mosh Pit (R), which can stun all of your three Vikings.
Illidan Just do not try to fight Illidan with one Viking. Fortunately, you still got the option to run away if he jumps on you, since he does not deal massive damage. Otherwise, I never really had problems fighting an Illidan.
Leoric Since your Vikings doesn't have a lot of hit points, his Drain Hope (W) is not very effective against you. However, take care of his Skeletal Swing (Q) which is devastating.
Raynor Yeah, he can hurts you a lot, but as lon as you back a bit when he's focusing you, yon won't have any problems.
Rexxar Maybe it will be hard to lane against a Rexxar, but whatever, he's not dealing massive damage and won't really be able to kill your Vikings easily.
Artanis Unlike other Tanks, Artanis can sometimes hurt a lot. However, that's not what will make him a high threat against a Viking.
Stitches If you're not watching and moving the Viking laning against Stiches, I will be able to easily Hook (Q) you behind the enemy towers and forts. That's why I'm used to not always push to the turret with the Viking in his lane.
Sylvanas Like most of the other Specialists, you are soaking more experience than Sylvanas. She doesn't have killing spells neither to kill your Viking. However, laning against her is still kind of tough because she is pushing better than you and is disabling any help you have (minions and turrets).
The Butcher Laning against The Butcher isn't hard. What's less fun is when he decides to roam. If any of your Viking is a bit advanced in his lane, not near a friendly fort, The Butcher can easily charge at you and blow up that Viking.
The Lost Vikings Honestly, I would say that when there's two Lost Vikings in both team, the winning team will be the one with those who will gather the more experience. Make sure to soak more than him!
Azmodan Like most of the other Specialists, you are soaking more experience than Azmodan. However, if he builds swarm and keeps pushing, you'll have hard times trying to lane against him. I would send Baleog in his lane.
Nazeebo Like most of the other Specialists, you are soaking more experience than Nazeebo. You may have hard times trying to lane against him. However, it's not really dangerous for your Viking. It's just that you won't be able to push because he's doing the job better than a Viking.
Falstad If he Lightning Rod you and you don't notice it because you're watching another lane, it can hurts a lot. Also, do not hesitate to use Go Go Go! to run away from him since he gots his Barrel Roll to chase you once you're low life.
Kerrigan Any Kerrigan who knows how to land is combo is kinda dangerous. If she lands it on Erik or maybe Baleog, it's an easy kill for her. Care!
Lunara She can chase your Vikings and she kill them quickly. Maybe sending Olaf in her lane could be a wise choice.
Jaina It is hard to deal with Jaina when your Vikings are grouped. You know, AOEs. However, she's not the highest threat while laning except maybe for Erik which can be burst easily.
Sgt. Hammer You just can't push if there's a Sgt. Hammer in your lane. You can stay out of her range and take experience, but you will be uneffective at pushing. Maybe you could send Olaf in her lane so he can take more hits and he's not pushing anyways.
Zagara That's another one where you will have trouble laning against. However, the only thing you should care about is her Hunter Killer (W). Otherwise, she doesn't have a lot of spell that can kill you easily.
Valla Like any ranged Assassin, Valla can hurt you a lot with her auto-attacks and spells. But as long as you're not sending Erik in her lane, you should be fine. Furthermore, this Hero is frequently pusing and laning a lot, which can be not fun for the Viking in her lane, but you'll for sure bring more experience and siege damage than her.
Cho Since laning against Cho'Gall is like laning in a 2v1, it makes the job tougher. In our case, a Viking is even less than a Hero. Also, Gall's spells are strong when its target isn't moving, which will requires you to always keep an eye on your Viking laning against Cho'Gall.
Gall Since laning against Cho'Gall is like laning in a 2v1, it makes the job tougher. In our case, a Viking is even less than a Hero. Also, Gall's spells are strong when its target isn't moving, which will requires you to always keep an eye on your Viking laning against Cho'Gall.
Greymane He gots a lot of bursts which will make you hard times laning against him. Be carful about his possible ganks as well. But whatever, the worst part is that he can easily kill one of your Viking with Go For The Throat (R). And if he does, his cooldown resets meaning he could kill easily another of your Vikings.
Kael'thas Kael'thas gots a lot of AOE for your Vikings if you're grouped. Furthermore, he's also strong against your Vikings in the lane because of his strong bursts.
Tychus Tychus is one of the greatest counter of The Lost Vikings. If he decides to focus your Vikings, his Overkill (Q) can just destroy any of your Vikings really easily and he can still throw Frag Grenade (W) to deal more damage and prevent you running away. The key is to be sure you stay near a friendly fort so you can refugee yourself there if he comes at you. Also, his auto-attacks are very strong as well against your Vikings.
Li-Ming Li-Ming is strong against those who doesn't move. So if your Viking is does not continue moving in Li-Ming's lane, he has great chances of being killed quickly. Furthermore, when she kills one of your Viking, she will restore 25% of her HP instantly and her cooldowns will reset. Do not forget that you are not only an easy kill for her, but also giving her bonuses when dying.
Nova She gots insane bursts and she's stealthed, so you won't see her on the minimap. Play carefuly when there's a Nova in the enemy team. You could just stay in the bushes taking experience, but not showing your facing pushing the lane.
Zeratul He gots insane bursts and he's stealthed, so you won't see him on the minimap. Play carefuly when there's a Zeratul in the enemy team. You could just stay in the bushes taking experience, but not showing your facing pushing the lane.

Introduction Top

Hi there, I am Reelie#1351.
Please be generous with my english in the following guide since it is not my first language.
Also, this is my first guide.

The Lost Vikings are not easy to play and there's many ways to play them. However, I realized that I was mastering them in my own way and that there was not a lot of The Lost Vikings guides. That's why I decided to create a detailed guide about my main Hero; to let you know how I play them, to let you know another way to play them. I hope you will learn some interesting facts about them.

Alright! So, The Lost Vikings are my main Heroes since I've start playing them. I'm playing Heroes of the Storm since the very beginning of the game: the Alpha. In fact, I reached level 40 before it ended. And today, I am now ranked 1 with The Lost Vikings as my main.

And yeah, for those who are wondering; yes, I am also a StarCraft player. (Because a lot of people say only StarCraft player can master The Lost Vikings) I don't know if I agree with that, but whatever.


Now, let's jump to the guide part.


Basics Top

My Settings

First of all, the first thing I would talk about is simply my option while playing The Lost Vikings. As simple as it can looks like, I've seen people complaining about how uncontrollable they are. And that's why I take a little paragraph to explain how I play.

There's two primary settings you just can not avoid while playing them.
  • Camera Lock : Off
    In fact, I just never play with my camera locked on. And for The Lost Vikings, I just do not know how it is even possible since you have 3 units to control. Camera lock is when you are focused on one single unit, but in this case, you shouldn't play The Lost Vikings with the camera locked on in my opinion.

  • (1)(2)(3)(4) Hotkeys
    When I played The Lost Vikings for the first time, my hotkeys weren't set yet. So, I had to press manually with the mouse on each of the Viking's icon. That's just stupid. It's literraly impossible to play like that. Well, to set up your hotkeys: F10 > Option > Hotkeys > Advanced > Control Groups
    With those settings on, you simply have to quickly press two times on the hotkey to move the camera at the selected viking.

Of course, those are the settings I recommand, but it's entirely up to you to decide how you play the game.

General Gameplay

The Lost Vikings is mainly about soaking lanes. However, your gameplay will vary depending on the enemy team composition and the map.

Sometimes, when your Vikings are constantly getting rekt one by one in their lanes, you should try changing your strategy before it's too late. A nice alternative when you can't hold the lanes is simply go for mercenary camps if nobody's already taking them in your team. Send Olaf and Erik against camp while Baleog keeps getting experience in a lane. Or even send Baleog to a second mercenary camp so you'll get two camps at once.

Do not hesitate to switch your Vikings if one of them can't hold the hero he is facing, which will occur frequently if you are facing a Specialist like Zagara, Sgt. Hammer or Gazlowe, etc. Like Murky, even if you give 0.25 kill per death and you can still control the other Vikings, it's not a reason to die many times. While one of your Viking is down, you are gathering 33% less experience to the team. Order your Vikings to go to the fort at the lane you want via the minimap and throw a Z Go Go Go! for a fast switch.

Grouping Them

I would say that I does never worth grouping your Vikings together before level 10 is reached. However, it does not mean you should not participate in teamfights. You can easily send the closest Viking in to give some auto-attacks.

Anyways, once level 10 is reached, you can now group them in order to use Longboat Raid!. Now you will be efficient in the team fight! Furthermore, with level 13 is on, grouping them can also be great if you use Nordic Attack Squad to focus one enemy hero. If all your Vikings are able to hit during the full 5 seconds of this effect, you will do a total of 18% of the target Hero maximum life bonus damage (without even calculating what Baleog the Fierce add). And in addition to that, at level 16, Olaf gets Large and In Charge which can secure your Nordic Attack Squad to get all its worth.

Personnally, I am trying to group as less as possible, because they're not getting the lane experience. However, when I see that my team is getting hard times, I need to help them in objectives and teamfights. Also, once you reach level 20, getting experience will no longer be as useful as it was before. So that's why I used to group them after that level.

Go Go Go!

The Vikings gain 30.00% increased Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
Go Go Go! is your escape. Do not hesitate to use this spell for only one Viking if he's in trouble. Sometimes Erik is able to run away without the use of this because he's faster than normal Heroes, but he's really weak, so activating Go Go Go! can secure his survival. On the other hand, Olaf is slower than normal Heroes. That's a reason why he could needs Go Go Go! more often, but he's also tankier, meaning that he usually survive without the need of it as well.

You can also use this spell to chase someone, but with care. Your spell will be on cooldown and you won't be able to run away if the situation gets reversed.

Viking Hoard

Gathering a Regeneration Globe with a Viking permanently increases all their Health Regeneration by 0.50 per second.
Viking Hoard is really a strong passive. Yes, the amount of health per second given per globe is only 1/3 of the original passive ( Regeneration Master), but it is more efficient. In fact, I just never back (press B, using the heartstone) with The Lost Vikings. We got Vikings Hoard for all the Vikings, Pain Don't Hurt for Baleog and Olaf's passive.

First, you are gathering all the globes in all three lanes. 1/3 * 3 = 1 (Ooooh!). So there's basically no way Viking Hoard should be worse than Regeneration Master.

Secondly, you are supposed to be always laning, soaking experience. This way you'll get more stacks than any other Heroes, because nobody lanes as much as The Lost Vikings.

Thirdly, your Vikings doesn't have a lot of life points. That makes the effect even better because there's not much life to heal.

Individual Vikings Top

Erik the Swift

Hit points:
Attack per second:
Movement speed:

Erik moves faster than other Vikings and has a longer attack range

This one pretty deserve his title.

He is weak
Erik is the one you really must watch and be ready to rescue. He's so weak that he often get one-shot-killed by assassins. That's why positioning will help you preventing him to die. I would also not recommand putting Erik in the middle lane since he'd get ganked by both sides of the lane.

Talking about his weakness, since he can get bursted easily, it is important to constantly check on the minimap to see if someone's approaching Erik. (Well, like other Vikings too after all) However, if you are fighting against Nova or Zeratul you won't see them via the minimap. This can be frustrating, but you have to deal with it. Maybe sending him for mercenary camps with Olaf, or even just stay in a near bush where you can still get experience are simple alternative if you have difficulties staying him alive.

He can chase
He's also great for chasing low life enemy heroes. After a teamfight, where there's an enemy with like 58hp still alive and running away from your team, sometimes you can quickly press Z Go Go Go! and order Erik to run after him. However, do not chase everyone. Like I just said, Erik is so squishy that he can get one-shot-killed. You should only chase a support or a tank.

He is quick
Since he's the fastest Viking, when you have to quickly send only one Viking somewhere for any reason, chose Erik!

Baleog the Fierce

Hit points:
Attack per second:
Movement speed:

Baleog deals splash damage to ennemies behind his attack target

This one pretty deserve his title.

He is a great pusher
Baleog gets a really nice pushing potential with those 3 talents that boost him in my suggested build.
He is, by far, the greatest pusher compared to Erik and Olaf. That's the one I use to push a lane and clear a enemy minions/mercs push.

He can solo Siege Giants
Which specialist can easily get a mercenary camp with only 33% of its capacity? The Lost Vikings can!
Alright! So, you first need to wait until level 7 so Baleog gets his three talents. Now he will be able to solo Siege Giants Camp. What's more even cool is that it's very easy. You only have to order Baleog to attack them and wait. While he's taking the camp, you only have two Vikings to take care of.

The only thing I would add is that you should try to move Baleog so his splash damage can hit both of the Siege Giants. It's not a question of efficiency, but for healing purpose. Yes, your splash damage heals you as well.

About Bruisers Camp, unfortunately Baleog will not be able to solo them, but the job can be easily done with Baleog and Olaf at level 7 as well. This time however, you'll have to micro them a bit.

He can 1v1
Since Baleog does a lot of damage, he is also able to fight other heroes. Of course it will be harder in early game to do so, but the more it goes, the more he has potential to. You should not try to 1v1 another assassin like Raynor, Valla or Lunara, but Baleog is still able to make serious damage. That's why he could be still able to fight them if they are mid-life or lower.

Another thing you should care before throwing Baleog in a 1v1 is the enemy's CCs. In fact, the healing effect of Pain Don't Hurt is doubled against heroes, buffing its heal to 40% of his given damage. That's why he is able to deal with enemy heroes. And then, if Baleog gets stunned, he will get destroyed quickly because he won't heal himself.

Olaf the Stout

Hit points:
Attack per second:
Movement speed:

Olaf has lots of health, regenerates health quickly, and charges to slow ennemies

This one pretty deserve his title.

He is tanky
Yes, he is! And because of that, Olaf is the one you don't need to constantly keep an eye on. If he gets ganked by someone, he will easily survive to that. Just walk away to your nearest fort until he stop chasing you. If needed, do not hesitate to use Go Go Go! to run away and secure your survival. After that, just wait until your passive goes on to restore all your life instead of activating your healing fountain. Oh yeah, that's something important: you shall never use your healing fountain for Olaf. That would be a waste since he got his passive.

Moreover, if you are at least level 16 and someone gank Olaf, you can just charge on him before going away. You'll get a bonus second to your survivability. However, it won't worth doing this on a auto-attacker-ranged-enemy since you will also got more distance to walk. As an example, if it's Tychus, you could charge on him to stop his Overkill channel, but it won't worth if it's Raynor.

One last thing I would like to tell about Olaf's tankness is that he can easily handle middle lane. However, I personnaly prefer sending Baleog in it because he's the strongest Viking.

He does not push
Because of his very slow and uneffective auto-attacks, Olaf does not push lanes. That could be seen as a disadvantage, but if we think about it, an unpushed lane is easier to denfend since your fort is nearby. And that doesn't change the fact that Olaf is still gathering experience.

Furthermore, because of all this, I frequently switch Olaf with Baleog during a game. When Baleog's lane is getting pushed a lot, I personnaly like to send Olaf in it to slow down my push. And then, Baleog now has a fresh new lane to push.

Also, since he is not able to deal with minions, you should never send him to clear a minions/mercs push. Baleog will do the job really well or Erik since he moves quickly.

Talents Explanation Top

Increases Baelog's splash damage against non-Heroes to 100%.
This talent will upgrade your splash damage from 50% to 100%, meaning you're not damaging the primary target more than those hit with the splash. In my suggested build, the point is taking all three Baleog's talent so he can be strong and match the gameplay I suggest. Moreover, his three talents are boosting each other making even more useful to take them all... Well, more splash means more heals and more damage.

Every 8 seconds Olaf can block a Basic Attack, reducing it's damage by 75%. Can store up to 2 charges.
Giving block charges to Olaf won't really help in any way. He's already enough tanky and he heals himself really well, so I don't think this talent is a great choice.

After standing still for 3 seconds, Erik gains Stealth and his Sight Radius is increased by 75%. The Stealth persists for 3 seconds after moving.
I agree with the fact that this talent is really interesting. But unfortunately, it is not really good at all. Taking this will prevent you using Erik. However, I suggest for those who are starting to play The Lost Vikings to take this talent. Why? Simply because it demands less micro. With a stealthed Erik, you now only have to take care of two Vikings, which is perfect when you are starting to understand how it works with The Lost Vikings.

Enemy minions or capturated Mercenaries killed near your Hero grant you stacks of Viking Bribery. Use 40 stacks to bribe target Mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum stack available: 100.
Even if 40 stacks is a lot, it usually taking not much time to gather them because you are farming is three lanes at once. In a mercenaries-oriented build, this is, of course, a nice talent to pick. However, it doesn't match the build and the strategies I use with my suggested build. But anyways, this talent can be a good alternative.

Permanently increases Erik's base Movement Speed by 10%, and as long as Erik is moving he heals 35.36(+4% per level) Health per second.
More movement speed for Erik and health regeneration for Erik are two useless things. He is already fast, 10% is not much and he's dying too quickly.

Erik's Basic Attacks against Structures destroy 5 Ammo and deal 140.40 (+4% per level) damage over 10 seconds.
Well, if you want your Vikings to push a lot, this can be good. Combine this with Explosive Attacks and Hunka' Burning Olaf so all your Vikings will be great at pushing.

Baleog's Basic Attacks and splash damage heal for 20.00% of the damage dealt. Healing is doubled against Heroes.
This is the main and strongest talent for Baleog. Without this, he won't be very efficient. It allows him to push really easily, to take Siege Giants mercenary camps and to fight other Heroes. In my suggested build, this is combined with Baleog the Fierce and Explosive Attacks which boost Baleog even more.

Non-Boss Mercenaries near your hero deal 50.00% more damage. Reduces damage taken from Minions and Mercenaries by 50.00%.
This talent would be the one you should pick if you play with mercenaries-oriented build. However, like Viking Bribery, this is not the goal of my guide right now.

Its effect is even better than other Heroes who can pick this talent because you can take mercenary camps with a Viking while another Viking is boosting them in a lane.

Baleog's Basic Attack increase his Attack Speed by 8.00%, stacking up to 5 times. After 3 seconds of not attacking, these stacks will rapidly decay.
Again, like tier 1 and tier 2, this is boosting Baleog. More attack speed means more heals, more push and more damage.

All Vikings gain a 114.40 (+4% per level) to 228.80 (+4% per level) point Shield, increasing in strength for each Viking alive. Lasts 4 seconds.
I honestly do not understand the point of this talent at this tier. The Lost Vikings don't need any resitance shield and moreover, activating it while if they are splited won't worth for all Vikings. If you want an evasive spell, wait until level 13 with Jump!.

Activate to have each Viking deal 105.04 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies.
I see a lot of people taking this talent a this tier, but it's like Norse Force!. The spin can't be efficient if your Vikings are splited. Furthermore, I personnaly think Baleog the Fierce is, in most of the case, more efficient in this tier anyways.

Hop into an Unstoppable Longboat that fires at nearby enemies for 116.48 (+4% per level) damage per second and can fire a mortar that deals 213.20 (+4% per level) damage in an area. The boat has increased Health for each Viking inside. If the boat is destroyed by enemies, all Vikings are stunned for 1.50 seconds. Lasts 15 seconds.
This can be useful for either DPS'ing in a teamfight or escaping. When a teamfight start, if I am in it, I always try to land my Nordic Attack Squad as soon as possible. After that, while its cooldown is active, it's time to throw your ultimate and damage the enemies even more. Longboat Raid! gots a long range, a lot of damage and one bonus lifebar. Make sure the enemies are always in your range so you are hitting them and spam your Mortar over them.

However, you should be aware while channeling it: your bonus lifebar is small and you can be destroy easily. And then, if your boat gets destroyed, it's even more dangerous because you get stun for 1.5 seconds. This stun duration is enough to get all your Vikings down if they can target you.

Also, the boat is slower than a normal Hero, so it can't chase and can't run away. Make sure to use it when you are in a secure with the rest of your team.

Alright, so now I said this could be use as an escape. It's not 100% true like I said because the boat is slow. What I mean with an escape is more like moving away from the middle of the teamfight. I'll explain myself: the boat will appear on the selected Viking. That means you can actually let Erik behind your team, and send Olaf and Baleog to the front line. And then, whenever Olaf of Baleog (or even Erik) is dying, select Erik and use Longboat Raid!. There you are. All your Vikings are now safe in the boat and in the backline of your team, able to DPS properly.

Summon, fully heal, and revive all Lost Vikings at target location after a Viking channels for 2 seconds.
This can be interested, I agree. But I don't agree with the fact that this can compete against Longboat Raid!.

First, summoning your Vikings can be nice before a teamfight, but if you doesn't have Longboat Raid!, you won't be as efficient in it. You better just continue soaking lanes or taking mercs.

After that, it fully heals your Vikings. That's another thing The Lost Vikings doesn't need because they die too quickly and they got Viking Hoard to heal themself.

Olaf deals 35.36 (+4% per level) damage every second to nearby enemies.
This talent will make Olaf a pusher as well. So, if the conditions show that you doesn't need to participate in teamfight, this is a nice alternative to Nordic Attack Squad. Also, this burning effect around Olaf makes mercenary camps easier to capture as well.

Makes all Vikings Invulnerable and able to pass over enemies for 1.50 seconds.
If you really feel like you won't be able to land Nordic Attack Squad properly and there's someone bursting al your Vikings in the other team, then maybe this talent could be a wise choice. Otherwise, I don't think this talent can worth against other choices at this tier.

But in any ways, I personnaly just never take this talent.

Activate to have all Viking Basic Attacks deal bonus damage equal to 1% of a Hero's maximum Health for 5 seconds.
This the one I highly recommand in this tier. Nordic Attack Squad allows to be a lot more efficient in any fight. If all your three Vikings keep hitting during the full 5 seconds of this effect, you'll deal approxiamtely 18% of the target Hero's maximum health as bonus damage. That's without calculating the bonus damage given by Baleog the Fierce.

This combine with Large and In Charge on the next tier can make serious damage on an enemy Hero, since Large and In Charge secure your Nordic Attack Squad 5 seconds effect.

Gain an additional 40% Movement Speed when activating Go Go Go! that decays over 4 seconds. Additionally, the Vikings will break out of Roots and Slows.
You could use this spell as an escape, but, in my opinion, Go Go Go! is already doing the job really well and doesn't need a buff for that.

Enemies damaged by a Viking's Basic Attack reduce the cooldown of all Viking Abilities by 0.25 seconds.
This will allow you to spam your spells, but with the build I suggest, the only spell you use is Nordic Attack Squad and doesn't need to be spammed anyways.

When Olaf charges enemies, they are stunned for 1 second.
This will add a CC to your team which is always useful. And like I said in the previous talent Nordic Attack Squad, it can be a simple nice combo.

I would suggest to wait until an enemy Hero channel an ability before charging on him with Olaf, because he doesn't deal high damage anyways. So waiting for the right time is worth.

Basic Attacks deal 40.00% more damage against slowed, rooted, or stunned targets.
Well, I wouldn't say no if your team got A LOT of CCs. But even if it is the case, I'm not sure I'll prioritize this talent over Large and In Charge.

10 seconds after using Play Again!, any dead Vikings are revived and summoned again, and all are healed to full.
Having those effects channeling twice will not really help you in any way. My build doesn't suggest that talent at heroic tier neither.

The Longboat can attack two targets at once and the range of its Mortar is increased by 100%.
In the case there's no more lane to push, I usually take this talent over Viking Fury of the Storm. Having a long-range Mortar allows you to damage more easily and targeting two Heroes bring massive damage as well.

If you feel like your team needs you in teamfight and you participate in almost all of them, this is the talent you should pick. It really depends on the game's conditions and how you will play after this pick. Viking Fury of the Storm is for pushing and taking mercenaries while Ragnarok 'n' Roll! is for teamfighting.

Reduces the Lost Vikings' death timer by 50%.
If your Vikings keep dying, maybe you can look toward this talent, but otherwise you got no reason of taking it. First, you should just not die. And moreover, if one of your Viking (or two) is dead, you can still use the other one(s) at their full use.

Every 5 seconds, your next Basic Attack will deal an additional 42.64 (+4% per level) damage to the target, and 109.20 (+4% per level) damage to all nearby Minions and Mercenaries. Each Viking has their own cooldown.
This talent, in comparision with Fury of the Storm deals only 50% of its damage. However, it applies 3 times; one per Viking. So, this one is 150% better than the normal one. I even more like it because we can use it on every lane instead of pusing only one lane. Furthermore, it really helps you against mercenary camps.

If you feel like your team is able to handle 4v5 teamfights and you're better take mercenaries and pushing, this is the talent you should pick. It really depends on the game's conditions and how you will play after this pick. Viking Fury of the Storm is for pushing and taking mercenaries while Ragnarok 'n' Roll! is for teamfighting.

Battlefields Coverage Top

LINK: Dragon Shire

This is a simple one.

Just keep laning in every lanes with your Vikings. Keep in mind that you can not really 1v1 enemy heroes for a shrine, but you can surely take them if there's nobody near. If you keep taking them right after they leave your lane, they will have to always got two heroes busy in top and bottom lanes.

I'm used to send Erik in the middle lane on this map because Olaf and Baleog can handle enemy Heroes easier near the shrines.

Once the dragon is unlocked, you can take it with Erik since he's in the middle lane. That would bring 3 advantages.
  • The Dragon will still be supported by 4 Heroes instead of only 3 (if one of your allies take it)
  • Olaf and Baleog are still gathering experience in their lanes
  • Erik can easily survive once the Dragon gets killed since he's fast; use Go Go Go! if needed

LINK: Cursed Hollow

The Lost Vikings is decent on this map.

The more the teamfights near the Tribute are long, the more you get experience the other team does not get. Those Tribute spawn really early in the game, meaning you can get advantage quickly with experience levels.

Furthermore, it's even more easy to do so, because all the team are teamfighting near the Tribute, meaning all lanes are clear, with no enemy Heroes in it. Sometimes, there could be a enemy Specialist like Zagara or Nazeebo not going for the Tribute, but if it is so, that's EVEN MORE easy because you are soaking more than him and the teamfight is a 4v4, instead of a 4v5.

Yeah, and that's a point. Those teamfights will be 4v5, so your team get a disadvantage, but however, their job is not to get the Tribute at all cost. It's just to temporize the fight as long as they can so you'll soak more experience. There's chances your team will get cursed first, but that won't make the game. Especially if you are higher level.

By the way, when your team is cursed, just continue letting one Viking per lane. You'll prevent massive enemy minions/mercs pushes. However, you should double your vigilance about getting ganked, because you won't be able to refuge your Vikings near a fort.

If ever a Tribute spawns and there's nobody going for it. Send Erik take it since is the fastest (or the nearest Viking).

Since there's two Boss camps on this map, you could try taking one of them at some time in the late game, if level 20 is reached for your team.
LINK: Garden of Terror

That's another map where The Lost Vikings rock on!

When nightfall comes, simply stay in your lanes. Well, you can send your Vikings for seeds, but if one of them encounter an enemy Hero, it could hurt.

And when there's a teamfight for a boss plant, instead of heling your team, you could try taking the other boss plant while everyone is busy. That'll bring a lot of seeds to your team. However, you need all your Vikings grouped, meaning you're not soaking during this.

To fight a boss plant, you must know that you probably won't be able to kill it at the first time. What I do is damaging it until Olaf near the death. Then I run away, out of combat. And finally Olaf's passive activate and fill his life points. Now I can restart the fight against the boss plant.

Well, I'm not saying this is the best strategy ever, because it does take time. It's up to you to decide if your team more needs experience or seeds.

The game lenght in this map is usually longer than normal games. And for The Lost Vikings, once your team reaches level 20, you no longer need to soak that much. That's why you'll probably play more grouped than splitted in the endgame, which is normal. Maybe taking Ragnarok 'n' Roll! over Viking Fury of the Storm could be a wise choice.
LINK: Blackheart's Bay

You'll need to change your strategies a bit.

In this map, it is harder to hold on the three lanes. Those two top lanes are too huge, and there's too much space between forts. So once your fort gets destroyed, you have no near spot to refugee your laning Viking. On the other hand, the bottom lane more looks like a normal lane, so there's nothing special you need to know or do in it.

Since it is harder to lane in this map with The Lost Vikings, you'll have to do something else: mercenary camps. I'm used to soak normaly until one of the fort gets destroyed. Then, when I'm going for mercenary camps, I still let one Viking in the bottom lane to keep getting some experience while taking those mercenaries.

Keep in mind that you will need to teamfight more than in other map because you'll need at some point, to turn in your coins.
LINK: Haunted Mines

After The Lost Vikings we got "The Lost Maps".

It's been a while since I've played this map, hehe. What I can say is keep soaking while others are gathering skulls. There's two lanes, so you can send one Viking to help your team in the mines, but make sure he, at least, follows a teamate.

Otherwise, I used to take mercenary camps with Olaf and Baleog while Erik is taking experience from one lane.

The last thing I should say is take care of the mines doors. It could be kind of hardcore trying to fight near them with The Lost Vikings because they doesn't enter and exit the mines simultaneously.
LINK: Battlefield Of Eternity

In this one, your teamates must know what to do.

The strategy is pretty simple, but if your team doesn't play as they should, it gets tougher. When the Immortals are spawned, put Erik and Olaf in the lanes, and bring Baleog to your Immortal. Then, all your teamates should be only defending your Immortal. You absolutely do not need to take their Immortal. The point is to make the fight the longest as possible so you can get more experience. Maybe the enemies will win the first Immortal, but you should bring a lot more experience to your team.

When this strategy works as it should be, I'm used to win the first Immortal, when our team has reached level 10 and the enemies are level 6.

If the enemies decide to focus your Vikings instead of taking your Immortal, then your teamates just have to focus their Immortal while they're busy with your Vikings.
LINK: Infernal Shrines

Nothing special in this one.

Yeah, just keep laning in every lanes with your Vikings. When a Shrine turns on, take your Viking in the same lane to help your team defeating guardians. Keep in mind that Baleog is, by far, the most effective Viking for this objective so you could consider doing a quick Viking switch to bring him to the Shrine.

Mercenary camps are also pretty easy to take with The Lost Vikings, so that's something you could consider if you're having hard times laning with your Vikings.
LINK: Sky Temple

Another simple one.

When the Temples activate, always take in consideration that you are able to take one easily. So you can continue soaking lanes while sending one or two Vikings to a Temple. Well, Erik is not able to solo a Temple though. I'm used to send Olaf and/or Baleog. After that, the only thing you should care about is getting ganked by an enemy while taking the temple. Unfortunately, The Lost Vikings can not do anything great against that, but at least, they take those Temples easily.

Since the Boss uses a tornado instead of roots, it can be soloed a bit more easily with The Lost Vikings. However, I suggest you to be at least level 20 for that. It can be done really easily if you got just a small helping hand from a support, but it's still possible to solo it.
LINK: Tomb of the Spider Queen

Unfortunately, that's the worst map for The Lost Vikings.

Since the objective on this map does not require to leave lanes at any moment, The Lost Vikings will never got a moment where everyone is busy with the objective while he takes experience for his team.

Furthermore, those Spiders are send in every lanes, which means it will require you even more micro to deal with them (when enemies got them).

What I suggest is, like you can do in every map, take experience in every lanes while all your teamates roam together. Yeah, a massive 4-roaming-Heroes.

The other universal strategy would be to go for mercenaries, but there again, there's not much mercenaries in this map.

Since the Boss uses a tornado instead of roots, it can be soloed a bit more easily with The Lost Vikings. However, I suggest you to be at least level 20 for that. It can be done really easily if you got just a small helping hand from a support, but it's still possible to solo it.
LINK: Towers of Doom

Ba Doom Tss!

Since there's frequently more than one Altar that spawns at the same time, The Lost Viking is useful for taking one, or maybe two of them while the team is busy at the other one. You can send Erik for those since he's the fastest. I mean, not because he'll get to it quickly, but more that he'll escape quickly. However, he can get bursted as well, so if there's a Nova or a Zeratul, maybe Erik is not the best choice. But whatever, as long as you can take an Altar with a single Viking, you're doing it right.

In addition to that, I would suggest you, if you feel like it, to build your Vikings a bit more pushy. Pushing all three forts at the same time could make their team busy trying to defend them or taking them back. Mercenary camps are useful for this (obviously).

Conclusion Top

I couldn't count the amount of times I saw people complaining about me taking The Lost Vikings in their team while doing a Rank Mode. Fortunately, most of the times, they were realizing they can be good when played properly. And that's something cool with this Hero: if you win, your team will thank you. But that's also a consequence: if you lose, everyone will blame you.

Well, I hope this guide will help you in any ways. Do not hesitate to contact me via Reelie#1351 or report some errors and missing things in my guide in the comments section. I'll try to update my guide as long as Heroes Of The Storm gets updates.

PS: The master skin is the best master skin in my opinion.


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