Norse by Norse-west: The Lost Vikings! by Click3r

Norse by Norse-west: The Lost Vikings!

By: Click3r
Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018
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The Lost Vikings

Build: Split Soak / Late Game Team Fight

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Table of Contents Top

Thanks for checking my guide out guys! This guide is outdated. While the numbers and talent selections are largely accurate some information regarding newers map or match ups is missing.

Suffice to say, The Lost Vikings are still a viable Hero that should be picked in niche situations that benefit the Hero: late game map, large map, rotating objective.

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Introducing: The Lost Vikings!
Pros and Cons
Hero Stats
Skill Overview
Heroic Abilities
Talent Explanation
Nordic Attack Squad / Baleog the Fierce Math
Soak Multiple Lanes to Level 10
Patch Notes

Introducing: The Lost Vikings! Top

Hail, mighty keyboard warrior!


Three Heroes in one! Can focus their efforts or split up to cover more ground. Lowered death timers.


The Lost Vikings are back! While they briefly considered retirement after defeating the emperor Tomator, there were only so many polar bears they could wrestle before falling into a Nexus portal seemed like a solid life decision.

Debut / History

The Lost Vikings debuted in 1992 on the Super Nintendo followed by The Lost Vikings II in 1997. The Lost Vikings have had cameo appearances in Blizzard games including World of Warcraft and StarCraft II.


Triple Trouble Lost Vikings
Pajama Party Lost Vikings
Master Lost Vikings

Pros & Cons Top



*Can soak XP in multiple lanes
*Can solo mercenaries early game
*Viking deaths reward enemies with 25% (1/4) XP of normal Hero kill
*Rewarding and unique micromanagement play
*Heroic Ability that can change team fights

*Individual Vikings are weak when split
*Easily picked off if overextended or error in micromanagement
*Abilities are acquired via talents
* The Lost Vikings count toward Gathering Power stacks.
*Despite the description, The Lost Vikings do not have reduced death timers. Their trait is a modified version of Regeneration Master.

Hero Stats Top

Olaf the Stout

Baleog the Fierce

Erik the Swift

Level 1
Health 650 (+130)
Regen 1.3554 (+0.270)
ATK Speed 1.00 per second
ATK Damage 20 (+5)

Level 1
Health 500 (+100)
Regen 1.043 (+0.207)
ATK Speed 1.11 per second
ATK Damage 26 (+7)

Level 1
Health 350 (+70)
Regen 0.7304 (+0.145)
ATK Speed 1.43 per second
ATK Damage 18 (+6)

Level 10
Health 1820
Regen 3.7854
ATK Damage 65

Level 10
Health 1400
Regen 2.906
ATK Damage 89

Level 10
Health 980
Regen 2.0354
ATK Damage 72

Level 20
Health 3120
Regen 6.4854
ATK Damage 115

Level 20
Health 2400
Regen 4.976
ATK Damage 159

Level 20
Health 1680
Regen 3.4854
ATK Damage 132

Level 30
Health 4420
Regen 9.1854
ATK Damage 165

Level 30
Health 3400
Regen 7.046
ATK Damage 229

Level 30
Health 2380
Regen 4.9354
ATK Damage 192

- Right Click to Charge and Slow;
6 second cooldown. Upgrade with
Large and In Charge. Affects

- Regains 5% Health Per Second
when not attacked for a short
period of time

- Slowest Movement Speed

- Melee Range Tank. Upgrade with
Olaf the Stout

- Lowest Damage Per Second. Upgrade
with Hunka' Burning Olaf.

- Attacks splash for 50% damage
done to original target. Upgrade
with Explosive Attacks.

- Middle Damage Per Second. Upgrade
to Highest Damage Per Second with
Baleog the Fierce.

- Best solo laner. Upgrade with
Pain Don't Hurt.

- Average Movement Speed

- Mid Range Damage Dealer / Lane

- Great scout. Upgrade with Spy Games.

- Highest Movement Speed. Upgrade with Erik the Swift
for health per second.

- Potential to push lanes with It's a Sabotage!.

- Highest Damage Per Second, Middle
Damage Per Second with Baleog the Fierce.

- Long Range Damage Dealer / Scout

Skill Overview Top

All The Lost Vikings abilities are learned via talents!

Spin to Win! (Q)

Cooldown: 10 seconds
Activate to have each Viking deal 42 (+9 per level) damage to nearby enemies.

Level 10 : 132
Level 15 : 177
Level 20 : 222
Level 25 : 267
Level 30 : 312

Norse Force! (Q)

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Activate to have each Viking gain a 50 (+10 per level) to 100 (+20 per level) point Shield, increasing in strength for each Viking alive. Lasts 4 seconds.

Level 5 : 100 - 200
Level 10 : 150 - 300
Level 15 : 200 - 400
Level 20 : 250 - 500
Level 25 : 300 - 600
Level 30 : 350 - 700

Jump! (W)

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Makes all Vikings Invulnerable and able to pass over enemies for 1.50 seconds.

Nordic Attack Squad (W)

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Activate to have all Viking Basic Attacks deal bonus damage equal to 1% of a Hero's maximum Health for 5 seconds.

Viking Bribery (E)

Kill enemy Minions to gain stacks of Viking Bribery. Use 40 stacks to bribe target Mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum stacks available: 100

Heroic Abilities Top

Longboat Raid! (R)

Cooldown: 90 seconds
Hop into an Unstoppable Longboat that fires at nearby enemies for 25 (+11 per level) damage per second and can fire a mortar that deals 50 (+20 per level) damage in an area. The boat has increased Health for each Viking inside. If the boat is destroyed by enemies, all Vikings are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Lasts 15 seconds. Requires all surviving Vikings to be nearby.

Level 10 : 68 | 250
Level 15 : 95 | 350
Level 20 : 123 | 450
Level 25 : 150 | 550
Level 30 : 178 | 650

Play Again! (R)

Cooldown: 80 seconds
Summon, fully heal and revive all Lost Vikings at target location after a Viking channels for 2 seconds.

Mount Top

Go Go Go! (Z)

Cooldown: 30 seconds
The Vikings gain 30% increased Movement Speed for 4 seconds.

Trait Top

Viking Hoard

Gathering a Regeneration Globe with a Viking permanently increases all their Health Regeneration by 0.5 per second.

Talent Explanation Top

Spy Games - Erik becomes a roaming 'Ward'. Has great value for scouting on certain maps -- Blackheart's Bay, Tomb of the Spider Queen.

Explosive Attacks - Great talent for split pushing / soaking with The Lost Vikings. Allows Baleog to push his lane and is best used on large maps -- Sky Temple, Garden of Terror, Blackheart's Bay -- where Baleog can push constantly.

Viking Bribery - Another great talent for split pushing / soaking because you can gain stacks from multiple lanes. This talent will allow The Lost Vikings to grab Golem / Easy camps with only one Viking at 80 stacks. My main dislike about this talent is the time it takes a Viking to leave lane, capture a mercenary and return to his lane.

Alternative Talents

Tier 1 Wrap Up: With coordinated teams, Spy Games is a great talent, allowing The Lost Vikings to provide a ward -- similar to Scouting Drone -- on objectives and key areas. However, in less coordinated teams, Explosive Attacks or Viking Bribery are both great picks.

Pain Don't Hurt - Allows Baleog to be very hardy in lane and can be used for solo capping Mercenaries. Pain Don't Hurt also has synergy with Explosive Attacks and Baleog the Fierce.

Erik the Swift - Competitive talent because this tier doesn't have a lot of strong picks. Less valuable than it could be because Erik does have the lowest health of The Lost Vikings; similar to Pain Don't Hurt because this allows Erik to be more hardy while moving.

It's a Sabotage! - Cool talent that gives Erik some push power. This can be a risky pick; The Lost Vikings do not get reduced death timers until level 20 talent -- The Sequel! -- therefore, Erik and Olaf have a harder time pushing their lanes forward.

Tier 2 Wrap Up: Overall, I feel that Pain Don't Hurt is the best pick. I can see uses in both Erik the Swift and It's a Sabotage! though I feel they are more limited than Pain Don't Hurt. In general, this talent tier is competitive but boring.

Baleog the Fierce - Allows Baleog to clear creep waves faster and contribute more damage during team fights coming at the loss of either Spin To Win! or Norse Force!. Baleog the Fierce has great synergy with Pain Don't Hurt, Nordic Attack Squad and Explosive Attacks. I really prefer this over the other two because Spin To Win! gets weaker with fewer Vikings around and can put easily killed Vikings in a horrible position. Furthermore, if you're forgoing Jump! and Norse Force! -- because you can with Play Again! -- the synergy with Nordic Attack Squad, when compared to Spin To Win!, is great for keeping good positioning. Finally, this talent (when fully stacked) provides Baleog an additional 40% attack speed -- he will attack faster than Erik and at full stacks he has the highest damage per second of The Lost Vikings.

Spin To Win! - The first ability The Lost Vikings have access to and it has multiple uses. Spin To Win! can be used for burst damage in close range team fights or while chasing, clearing mercenaries, clearing creep waves and clearing Haunted Mines / Garden of Terror. To get the most out of Spin To Win! each of The Lost Vikings needs to be in melee range of the target. Be mindful that using Spin To Win! on any Viking activates the ability on all and WILL cancel casted abilities (Hearthstone) and channeling (unleashing Dragon Knight or turning in Doubloons).

Norse Force! - Decent defensive tool. At level 7 with all The Lost Vikings alive Norse Force! will shield each Viking for 240 HP. A full 3 Viking shield increases Olaf by 15%, Baleog by 21% and Erik by 30% health. This ability took a decent (50% exactly) nerf in the last patch!

Alternative Talents

Tier 3 Wrap Up: Spin To Win! was nerfed and moved back a tier, Norse Force! was nerfed and moved forward two tiers; however, both talents were moved to a noncompetitive tier. Much like tier 2, there is variation in this tier but your decision should be influenced by the enemy teams composition. Spin To Win! for more damage -- knowing you'll be safe -- or Norse Force! for increased survivability during team fights. However, I prefer Baleog the Fierce for the reasons listed above.

Longboat Raid! - This heroic ability has a lot of potential by forcing enemies to disengage teamfights and locking down heavily contested objectives. Longboat Raid! also provides limited survivability to The Lost Vikings by creating a secondary health bar which is increased for each Viking in the boat. Longboat Raid! spawns on the Viking that is selected or Olaf, if no Viking is selected. Despite all this good, against players/teams that are familiar with The Lost Vikings play style you may realize that Longboat Raid! does have its downsides as well, including: slow movement, a small and easily focused health bar, and no escape mechanic. Longboat Raid! attacks the closest Hero, meaning the damage can be controlled by the enemy team, and Ragnarok 'n' Roll! increases the targets to two. Finally, if the Longboat Raid! is destroyed before it's duration ends all of The Lost Vikings are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Due to the stun and low health of the Longboat Raid!, positioning is extremely important.

Play Again! - This should be used on large maps -- Blackheart's Bay, Cursed Hollow, Sky Temple, Garden of Terror -- IF your team has sufficient team fighting damage. Play Again! allows The Lost Vikings to split in the late game and still have the full Hero present for team fights. In this regard, I believe this talent should be used similarly to Stage Dive for E.T.C. with the only difference being that you will need one Viking to summon the other two. When selecting this at level 10, remember that you will be sacrificing the impactful two target damage of Ragnarok 'n' Roll!. You will have the selection of Checkpoint Reached / The Sequel! -- allowing you to be persistent on the field -- or Viking Fury of the Storm for increased damage. As an added addition, since "The Butcher" patch, this talent received a signicant buff because of the nerfs to Jump! and Norse Force!. You can actually take Play Again! and with proper positioning your Vikings will be extremely persistent.

Tier 4 Wrap Up: Great variation here with the Heroic Abilities allowing The Lost Vikings to have good team fight damage and survivability -- with Longboat Raid! -- or split push power, mobility and survivability -- with Play Again!. I suggest playing with both Heroics to see which you prefer. Know that positioning is key with Longboat Raid! because it is slow and can be destroyed quickly.

Jump! - Allows The Lost Vikings to avoid AND get out of AoE and CC. Use Jump! for aggressive positioning followed by Spin To Win! or use Jump! defensively before or after Go Go Go! to retreat. Using Go Go Go! and Jump! at the same time does not increase The Lost Vikings speed, so be mindful to use them separately. Jump! can be used to remove The Lost Vikings from CC as long as you select a Viking that is not CC'd! Be mindful that using Jump! on any Viking activates the ability on all and WILL cancel casted abilities (Hearthstone) and channeling (unleashing Dragon Knight or turning in Doubloons)

Nordic Attack Squad - Nice burst damage for an Auto Attack build but I'm not convinced the duration is long enough. At 5 seconds, with your Vikings -- unbuffed -- able to attack for the full duration of Nordic Attack Squad, you will get: 7 attacks with Erik, 5 attacks with Baleog and 5 attacks with Olaf (17 total attacks). A 3000 health target, above average at level 13, would provide an additional 30 damage per attack [or a total of 510 (17 * 30) damage] to your Auto Attacks over 5 seconds. Has great synergy with a fully stacked Baleog the Fierce. Baleog's 40% increased attack speed will allow for two additional attacks during Nordic Attack Squad equating to 19 total attacks. When used with Executioner and Viking Fury of the Storm, The Lost VikingsAuto Attacks will quickly lower their enemies Health.

Alternative Talents

Level 13 : 54
Level 15 : 60
Level 20 : 75
Level 25 : 90
Level 30 : 105

Tier 5 Wrap Up: Nordic Attack Squad can add some great Auto Attack damage, especially when paired with talents like: Baleog the Fierce, Executioner and Viking Fury of the Storm. Jump! is your best survivability skill. With The Lost Vikings loss of reduced death timers, a get-out-of-jail-free-card is sometimes necessary and Jump! provides. Either option is great, however; Play Again! at level 10 and proper positioning can allow you to skip Jump!.

Large and In Charge - Right click (will not work with A-move) your target to make The Lost Vikings annoying and sticky. This is The Lost Vikings only hard CC. Olaf's Charge has a 6 second cooldown that is not visible to the player.

64 KB Marathon - Great chasing or escaping potential; increases survivability for The Lost Vikings

Executioner - Good talent if your team has a lot of CC and also increases damage after Olaf's charge while the target is slowed.

Impatience Is a Virtue - The Lost Vikings have access to 3 active abilitiies; pick this with these abilities in mind: Norse Force!, Jump!, Longboat Raid!, Play Again!.

Tier 6 Wrap Up: Good choices here for The Lost Vikings providing crowd control -- Large and In Charge -- survivability and mobility -- 64 KB Marathon -- damage -- Executioner -- or a variation -- Impatience Is a Virtue.

Ragnarok 'n' Roll! - Longboat Raid! now fires at two targets and the Mortar ability has 100% increased range -- great increase of damage to Longboat Raid!.

Checkpoint Reached - Good talent choice if you went with Play Again!. More survivability for The Lost Vikings because any Vikings dead will be revived and any Vikings alive will be summoned and healed.

Viking Fury of the Storm - Great increase of damage for a split push, soak or Auto Attack focused build. This can also replace Ragnarok 'n' Roll! if the enemy team is easily shutting down your Longboat Raid!.

Alternative Talents

Olaf Baleog Erik

Level 20
Level 25:
Level 30:

205 (+90)
250 (+110)
295 (+130)

249 (+90)
304 (+110)
359 (+130)

222 (+90)
272 (+110)
322 (+130)

*Green numbers indicate the difference between Normal Basic Attacks and Basic Attacks adjusted by Viking Fury of the Storm. In other words, at level 20 every 5 seconds each Vikings Basic Attack does an additional 90 damage -- not including the chain to Minions and Mercenaries. Each number above is already adjusted with the additional amount!

Tier 7 Wrap Up: Good variation again on this tier. The two target damage of Ragnarok 'n' Roll! can be very strong in team fights while the persistence that Checkpoint Reached provides can allow your Auto Attack Vikings to trade, with value, against the enemy team. Viking Fury of the Storm is also a great talent which provides The Lost Vikings with a consistent damage boost and the ability to kill any Mercenaries quickly.

Nordic Attack Squad and Baleog the Fierce Maths Top

All of the following numbers are assuming The Lost Vikings are level 13 and fighting a 3000 health Hero. 3000 Health is above average for level 13 so lower Health targets will provide less damage per second.

Attack Per Second
Number of Attacks During Nordic Attack Squad

Total Unbuffed Attacks: 17

Total Attacks with Baleog the Fierce: 19

Enemy Health
Extra Nordic Attack Squad Damage
Auto Attack + Nordic Attack Squad Damage
Total 5 Second Damage

5 second damage per second at level 13 (taken from table above) without Nordic Attack Squad:

80(5) + 110(5) + 90(7) = 1,580

1,580 damage / 5 seconds = 316 DPS


5 second damage per second at level 13 (taken from table above) with Nordic Attack Squad on a 3,000 health character (above average for 13):

110(5) + 140(5) + 120(7) = 2,090

2,090 damage / 5 seconds = 418 DPS

5 second damage per second at level 13 (taken from table above) with Nordic Attack Squad; on a 3,000 health character (above average for 13); with Baleog the Fierce:

110(5) + 140(7) + 120(7) = 2,370

2,370 damge / 5 seconds = 474 DPS

Soak Multiple Lanes to Level 10 Top

"Soaking" experience is one of the biggest advantages The Lost Vikings bring to a team. Soaking multiple lanes with The Lost Vikings allows the rest of your team to do other things without getting behind in experience. Experience is gained by being in the proximity of a minions death; a minion does not have to take damage from your Hero to grant experience. There are no diminishing returns or experience reductions on The Lost Vikings so splitting across 3 lanes allows The Lost Vikings to get 3 times the experience most other Heroes can gain. Experience gain DOES NOT stack with multiple people in lane. If two or three people are in the same lane, any minion experience is only gained once.

The experience statistic on the score screen is very misleading. Each individuals experience put together is not a cumulative of the teams experience because some of that experience is shared.

Patch Notes Top

March 24, 2015

-A Lost Vikings-specific version of the Fury of the Storm Talent has been added at Level 20. ( Viking Fury of the Storm )

- Longboat Raid! Damage reduced from 15 (+8 per level) to 15 (+7 per level)

-The cooldown for Nova's Triple Tap after learning the Fast Reload Talent will now be appropriately reset upon killing any of The Lost Vikings.

- Tassadar's Distortion Beam will now more appropriately track Chen and The Lost Vikings when they are in their Wandering Keg and Longboat Raid! forms.

May 12, 2015

- Jump! cooldown increased from 20 to 30 seconds

- The Lost Vikings will now become stunned for 1.5 seconds if Longboat Raid! is destroyed before its duration ends.

-All of The Lost Vikings are now restored to full Health upon casting Play Again!

-The in-game Score Screen (TAB) will now properly display the total number of Gems being carried by all three of The Lost Vikings on the Tomb of the Spider Queen Battleground.

Conclusion Top

Thank you for checking out my guide! I hope that I have been able to provide information for all The Lost Vikings players!

You can still watch me on twitch when I occasionally stream at

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