The overpowered Falstad! by Nerristo

The overpowered Falstad!

By: Nerristo
Last Updated: May 7, 2015
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Build: Burst them down.

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Falstad OP! Top

Falstad isn't a hard hero to play. You don't have a lot of health, but what you have is a lot of burst damage. This build is basically about damage, damage, and more damage. You can't slay Falstad when he is level 7. Think about it when he is level 13... Overpowered as ****!

Damage, why the talents? Top

If you just roam the **** out of the enemies, you won't get killed. If you get 'Secret Weapon' at level 7, you can play 1 vs 5. The damage is a lot when you reach level 13. The damage is high, because of your Q. If you throw your Q and just basic attack, you kill them is seconds.

Why Secret Weapon. Top

A lot of people use 'BOOMerang'. I don't know why. If you use 'Power Throw' at level 1 and 'Secret Weapon' at level 7, you have a lot of damage when you throw your Q. More damage when you use 'BOOMerang'. Because of 'Power Throw', you got more time for your basic attacks, so more damage because of 'Secret Weapon'.

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