The Polish Pump by Pazoki

The Polish Pump

By: Pazoki
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2016
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Build: Polish Pump

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Everybody get down and do the Polish Pump Top

This is not an introductory guide to Li-Ming, others have made them and they are worth reading. This is not the easiest build to play but it is the strongest combat build. You will be getting your hands very dirty. This build is based around using teleport for combat.

How to play?
Early game you want to be poking and prodding anything that moves. Later in the game that poking and prodding turns into ruthless murder. Initially stay in a lane because Li-Ming has good siege. Play cat and mouse with your lane opponent but watch for ganks because your Teleport won't save you early.

Once you hit 7 then you can start grand slamming people. Every time you get a talent after 7 should make you more blood thirsty. Once you hit 16 don't be shy to go crazy in a team fight. Every time some dies on the enemy team Teleport into them. The damage you do plus the shield refresh will snowball the fight in your favor.

Focus squishys first. The more enemies who die on the enemy side the strong you get.

//First guide because why not make one.

Level 1 Top

Force Armor:
The durability this gives you is amazing. With giving a 50% ability block and stacking up to 4 times this will save you from getting completely burst down. You will naturally be gaining charges as you are fighting so it allows you to keep in the fight much longer. Li-Ming is very squishy so anything that helps her bulk up is a plus.

Astral Presence:
Only get this if your new to the hero. The biggest reason not to get this is that it doesn't help in team fights. This seems good on paper but it is largely unneeded. Just every now and again go back to base or go to a well and you have made up for not having this skill. Spells are low mana and Li-Ming has good regen without it. Learn how to manage your mana pool instead of getting this talent.

Power Hunger:
Situationally good. But situationally good is not good enough.

Aether Walker:
Useless in combat. When out of combat you ride a horse. This talent is useless. Please don't get it.

Level 4 Top

This is one of the corner stones of chain killing. Being a fragile hero talents that increase your survivability will increase the overall dps as you are around longer and are casting more spells. If you are going this build then you will need this or you will die a lot more than you want to.

Ess of Johan:
A very good skill that can help you land combos. You could not get it thou and just learn how to skill shot. As good as it is Dominance is better.

Charged Blast:
The increased dps you get from this is pathetic. Not worth sacrificing other talents in this tree to get this.

Just no.

Level 7 Top

This is the bread and butter right here. Not much to be said apart from Teleport is now a ability used for fighting. It is also the reason you will need Force Armor and Dominance.

Not worth talking about. Do not get. Pathetic dps increase not worth.

Zei's Vengeance:
Situationally good. Situationally bad. Situationally completely not worth it.

Level 10 Top

The biggest factor for getting this is the range. Can secure kills on people who are running. This is the main reason I get this over Wave of Force. That and it is easily a lot more dps then Wave of Force.

Wave of Force:
A lot of fun. A lot more fun with Repulsion at 20.

Level 13 Top

With the range increase Teleport is now a usable skill. Before it was good but now it is amazing. You will now be able to easily jump walls and can chase better.

Glass Cannon:
Not worth it. It makes you squishier and you are also not getting Illusionist so your Teleport is useless. Maybe in a different build but not this one.

This is some sort of sick joke. Do not get.

Level 16 Top

Diamond Shield:
You will now be screaming 'fight me brah!' as you Teleport head long into the enemy while slapping them in the face with your long, hard pole-arm. You can choose not to get this, I would respect you if you didn't. Personally I prefer making stupid decision like trying to 1v2 anyone I see. This talent understands me.

Getting this makes skill shooting easier but you will probably need to get Astral Presence if you want to be spamming.

Arcane Orbit:
Standing far away is the opposite of this build thus far.

Mirror Ball:
I mean 5 is better than 3 right? Good just checking.

Level 20 Top

Tal Rasha's Elements:
The dps increase is noticeable. You can easily get 20% increase damage on any spell you cast. Strong combo is Orb > Magic Missiles > Teleport > Disintergrate. Once an enemy dies you rinse and repeat till everyone is dead.

Archon: Pure Power:
Become a laser god. Not the greatest on this build as you want to be comboing with all your abilities. Important thing to note is there is a second for changing to and from this form. Disintegrate doesn't use mana in this form either.

This makes Wave of Force so much fun to use. Just blast people all across the map. Dps isn't as high as Tal Rasha's Elements. I feel the only reason to get Wave of Force is if you were going this as well.

Temporal Flux:
60% slow for 2.5s is very good. But so is 20% bonus damage on all your abilities. If you want to help others get the kills and not hog them all for yourself then probably get this you nice person.

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