The Ripper - Greymane Build by Krynate

The Ripper - Greymane Build

By: Krynate
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2017
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Talents Top

1. Wolfheart
- Basic attacks lower Inner Beast cooldown by .9 seconds while Inner Beast is active
- When the build is played correctly you can pretty well keep Inner Beast active for as long as you want, and have it available when you need it.

2. Eyes in the Dark
- Disengage grants steal for 3 seconds.
- VERY useful for escapes, which you will be doing A LOT of.

3. Wizened Duelist
- Takedowns increase Basic Attack Damage by 3%, up to 30%. Lost on death.(You'll usually have max stacks all the time)
- Huge bonus to basic attacks. Benefits the playstyle greatly.

4. Go for the Throat
- Leaps on an enemy doing decent damage, free cast of another if you kill the hero with it. Lvl 20 talent will supplement this.

5. Visceral Attacks
- Basic Worgen Attacks lower the CD of Razor Swipe(q).
- 2 basics and you can use Razor Swipe again. Good in team fights and for camps.

6. Alpha Killer
-Basic attacks deal bonus damage of 3% of heroes maximum health.
- Again, buffs up Basic Attacks. Makes you rip harder, duh.

7. Unleashed
-Makes your free casts of Go for the Throat stronger, and increase in damage for each hero killed, up to 140%
-Great for team fights when all enemies are getting low on hp. Can wipe a team pretty quickly if casts are timed correctly.

Playstyle Top

I would call it cautious-aggressive. You want to stay on the edge of fights, just doing auto attack and throwing cocktails whenever you can. Keep looking for your moment to dive in with Darkflight(E), usually when a hero is around half health or so. I usually active Inner Beast(W) as soon as I dive in for the attack speed. Once I dive in and do that, I use Razor Swipe(Q) as often as possible. One the target dies or I start taking decent damage(25% or so quickly), I disengage out of battle and rinse and repeat. When pushing lanes, use Inner Beast in human form on everything and use cocktails, unless team is with you and you are confident enough to dive in closer(remember to disengage if trouble brews!).

Just be mindful of the map, heroes currently up/down on both teams, and their comp. I try to target squishy heroes first and work my way towards tanks. If healer is squishy they are always my priority, but if not I try to target high dmg mages first(KT or Jaina).

Stealthies are probably going to be a huge pain, so play accordingly and escape whenever possible.

Closing Top

Using this play style, I started climbing ranks like crazy, and usually have a pretty high Kill-Death-Assist ratio, highest hero damage, and frequently get MVP, and don't die a whole lot unless it's me playing bad. Stick with the team!

I'm having trouble finding a video that shows off the style really well right now(way too many to go through right now), but I will upload a couple soon that will be recent.

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best as The Ripper!

You can find me rippin it up at

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