Thrall going HAM... Feel the FURY!! by OptimusPrime

Thrall going HAM... Feel the FURY!!

By: OptimusPrime
Last Updated: Jan 14, 2015
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About me Top

This is my 1st HoTS guide, however I have been an avid player in Alpha hitting over 400 games played, and sat at high diamond for the month or so I was in Alpha. I probably could have gotten higher but I got EVERY hero to 5 so I could test them out. So why make a guide now? Because I LOVE Thrall, and I keep seeing plenty of people play him wrong. You want to go crazy and blow up person after person, than this is the build for you!

I chose the heroes above as issues for Thrall simply because they have stuns. If Thrall can move freely and keep connecting , hes basically unkillable. Stuns are his bane.

Talent Selection Top

1. Wind Shear - This ability is taken so you can keep windfury up almost non stop hitting for crazy damage, and proccing your passive.
2. Mana Tide- You NEED this ability keep your mana going. It helps so much , and since windfury procs your passive like crazy, this talent keeps your mana going.
3. Battle Momentum - windfurys talent that hits 3 times, plus the normal hits also give cooldown reduction ... Thrall is probably the only hero who can really break cooldown reduction talents.
4. Sundering - One of the reasons I REALLY like Thrall. This talent does 2 great things in one, it knocks your opponents out of position, and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. It is CRAZY powerful.
5. Grace of Air - Simple, you get 3 stacks per activation, proc Thralls passive over and over and frustrate opponents who had you dead to rites as your pop back to full health. \
6. Tempest Fury - Thralls best talent, your final strike of windfury will hit 3 times, and proc battle momentum 3 times, thus making all your cooldowns go crazy fast, and gives you the ability to spam windfury.
7. Worldbreaker - Making it travel indefinitely givs you all kinds of crazy abilities... you can assassinate an opponent across the screen, you can hit a whole team trying to run very good ability.

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