Thrall Hammer Thug by orsic

Thrall Hammer Thug

By: orsic
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2015
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Build: Hammer Thug

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Threats to Thrall with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Muradin Just melts high hp targets
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Raynor Ranged Burst
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E.T.C. Heavy Crowd control
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Explanations to talent choices and uses. Top

Since the recent Thrall nerfs, he's been tossed away by most of the Hots community and I believe he can still have a great impact in matches in the right hands. This build makes use of his windfury to hit a target for a total of six times in an instant activating giant killer on each hit for a total of 6(1.5 percent max hp)which can instantly obliterate squishies or even demolish front line tanks that are devastating your team.

-First talent: Can be chosen between Rolling Thunder or Rabid Wolves. Reasons being you can get more poke off in the early lane phase or allow yourself to get some pretty nifty heals quicker during skirmishes or full on team fights

-Second Talent: Ride the Lightning is picked for it's poke capabilities in fights. Aoe damage is favored even if it's not that much. All that damage stacks up with your team if every enemy is getting hit by your lightning.

-Third Talent: Wind Shear: Pretty ovbious to why this is chosen.. Reduced cool down on your primary dps skill.

-Fourth Talent: Sundering: One of the best ults in the game in my honest opinion. This ult can initiate,disengage an cut off enemies. The amount of time that the ult has saved my team from a loss has been way too much to count.

-Fifth Talent: Giant Killer deals 1.5 percent of the targets maximum health pool. With windufury completely buffed, this talent becomes a mid-late game wrecking ball.

-Sixth Talent: Tempest fury allows you to get an additional 3 autos off after your main 3 with the 100 percent speed increase allowing you to hit for a total of 6 times in a matter of a second implementing giant killers passive on each hit!

-Seventh Talent: Bolt of the storm to me seems pretty necessary due to not having an escape as an assassin or any real means of initiation other than your ult which i prefer using during a fight to stagger the enemy and separate the front line from the back.

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