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Thunderchicken strikes back

By: NadeBot
Last Updated: Jul 26, 2015
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Build: Hyper carry Falstad

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Early game Top

Play safe, get you farm on, and use your flight instead of tapping a well when you need to heal. Falstad can utilize his travel mechanic, to heal up without wasting a well tap, allowing you to save them for important fights. You can beat more people with harass but be careful of matchups against sustain heroes(i.e Nazeebo), poking isn't the strong suit of this build early. If possible stack you seasoned marksman from multiple lanes to increase your power gain.

Post lvl 10 Top

Even though you are not going a caster nuke build, Hinterland is still insanely strong. Make sure to use it early in the fight hitting atleast 3 people to make it as effective as possible. You have all the tools to take out melee assassins, hit them with a slow from your Q and start letting them have it with your auto attacks. Falstad as a high base attack spead compared to other ranged so you can really dish out the damage.

Post 16 Top

Ok so you have all the tools you need to insta gib one person from existence. Throw your Q auto attack stuns them, pop out a hinterland and then finish them off with hard hitting autos. Once this point in the game comes, focus 100% on staying alive in the fights, and allow your frontline to take all the damage. Deal with what is on you first, at this point you should do plenty of damage that even tanks can't handle how much you are dealing.

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