Tracer: World Beater Build by AchillezxLBT

Tracer: World Beater Build

By: AchillezxLBT
Last Updated: May 1, 2016
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Key thing to remember with Tracer is that aggression is the way to go. You get no value out of her recall ability unless you play aggressive to begin with. So do not be shy out there. Also her melee is surprisingly effective so also do not be shy about using it. If it doesn't secure a kill for you it will get you to your heroics that much quicker.

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Level 4) I personally favor the globe talent just because Tracer is always around them or in a position to get them. And if there is one glaring weakness to her its her HP. Yes she is super mobile and AA heavy BUT she dies REALLY fast if caught. The globes do a good job of keeping you healthy enough to either escape or go in for one last attack dive. Not to mention from here on every fountain gets her back to full health.

Level 13) This may be one of Tracers most underrated talents overall. Notice that ricochet basically guarantees that half of your clip will hit a 2nd target. And that heroes are the priority. Also notice that unlike other heroes with splash damage talents, Tracer suffers no nerf in damage to her splash. The same damage you hit on hero 2 is the same exact damage you apply to hero 1. This means even if youre shooting the tank for example, half of your clip is still hitting a squishy behind him. Add on the fast reload at 16 and this all adds up to A LOT of damage.

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