Ultimate Team Fight Sustain by fatheadstation

Ultimate Team Fight Sustain

By: fatheadstation
Last Updated: Aug 15, 2015
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Li Li

Build: One Size Fits All

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Lately I've been stuck being the last pick in solo que, and it leaves me with a problem that I'm sure many of you have or had. Your whole team leaves you with the support role, and the other team chooses your only other healer, leaving you with Lili. I have been using this build pretty much as a one size fits all, and with it, I've been able to keep deaths to a minimum, barring bad play from teammates. Using this build, I've come to the conclusion that Lili is really the most underrated healer in HoTS. Anyway, on to the build.

Tier 1
Conjurer's Pursuit

A no brainer. Playing Lili, you're liable to break your "Q" button. This is her main ability, and in the later game, if you are laning, grabbing mercs with the team, and overall playing properly as a support, you should build quite a few stacks, allowing you to spam the "Q" button in all the team fights. The biggest downfall to Lili is hear inability to target a specific target with her heal ability, but the next tier fixes that.

Tier 2
Mending Serpent

This ability satisfies two needs in any team compositions; more heals, while keeping sustained damage. Plus this allows Lili to target any member in your team that needs the most heals, i.e. tank or melee assassin, while freeing you to heal any other member that your "Q" ability will automatically target. In maps like Dragon Shire, where 2v2 fights are common, you can keep your teammate alive with a double heal, while still dealing damage as you hang back, using your "E" ability to blind the enemy, further supporting your ally. In 5v5 fights, be sure to target your frontline hero, keeping them alive and dealing damage to the enemy while supporting the rest of the team.

Tier 3
The Good Stuff
More heals. Enough said. Just keep spamming your "Q" and build those stacks.

Tier 4
Jug of 1,000 Cups
Even more heals. The best time to use this is just as your whole team begins an engage. Be smart about when to use this, who to use it on and for, etc. This can either give you the win if timed properly, or cost your team when it's not available when needed the most.

Tier 5
Shrink Ray
My favorite ability. Use this ability properly and you should almost always come out of every team fight victorious. Reducing a hero's damage and movement by 50% is significant. The best targets are heavy damage dealers like Kael'thas or Jaina , as they lack mobility and have a huge damage spike after level 16. Begin an engage with this ability if you can, and it will give your team the edge early in the fight.

Tier 6
Two for One
This is the safest choice for this tier. In maps like Dragon Shire or Sky Temple, Serpent Sidekick is a viable option, as it allows you and an ally to more easily split and hold objective points. But in general, when it comes to 5v5 and team fights, with Mending Serpent already healing your frontline ally, you can now effectively heal up to 3 team members effectively, while never really worrying about your mana because you've built up all those stacks, right?

Tier 7
Storm Shieldp
As if your team didn't need enough protection...but hold on. What if it does? Storm Shield just gives you that extra security protection for your whole team, especially as you begin an engage. Pop this first, and then Jug of 1,000 Cups if you need to, and then watch the whole team melt. Gogo to the core ftw!!

Now, I'm not a pro player. I'm not even ranked that high in Hero League. But this build has lent me plenty of success where I play Lili. I hope you have success with it as well. GL HF!

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