Unstoppable Viking Horde | Out-Value Anyone by Dalgalak

Unstoppable Viking Horde | Out-Value Anyone

By: Dalgalak
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2015
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The Lost Vikings

Build: Primary

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Threats to The Lost Vikings with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Kerrigan While her kit seems like it would be a nightmare, once we pick up Jump! at Level 7, her combo should rarely connect.
  No Threat
Falstad With BoomHammer and Gathering Power in his kit, the burst is troublesome. However, this is avoidable with strong micro.
Sonya Providing her three times the healing on her Whirlwind, Sonya becomes difficult to take down. Olaf's charge at Lv 16 can help to interrupt her.
  No Threat
Zeratul As above. He can sneak up on your weaker Vikings quite easily.
  No Threat
Nova Terribly annoying. Can easily instant-kill Erik, and seriously dent Baleog.

The Lost Vikings

Build: Easier | Baleog Jungling

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

Introduction Top

The Lost Vikings bring a unique experience to Heroes of the Storm. Their ability to be controlled separately brings an extra bit of damage to the side lanes, as well as a strong experience soak while you attend fights with the larger brothers. As the game progresses, their team ability to turn the tides in a team fight, or 1 on 1 via. Longboat Raid! or Play Again! often catches the enemy off guard. Unlike several of Blizzard's choices with other Heroes, The Lost Vikings comes with a far greater skill ramp, and should be practiced extensively in Co-Op, or even try mode ( This goes double if you aren't familiar with Dota or general RTS micro).

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The Unbreakable Brewmaster!

Pros and Cons Top


    Able to soak experience from multiple lanes.
    Can apply pressure while attending objectives and team fights.
    Strong solo-laning. (With care)


    No hard CC. (aside from Lv 16 talent)
    Weak individually.
    Requires considerably more control than other Heroes.
    Strong talents vs Standard Abilities makes hard decisions.

Talents Top

Lv 1

With this talent gaining recovery considerably faster than other Heroes, I'm curious how well this could pay off, combined with multi-laning capability.

Edit: I've been averaging 40-50 increased Health Regeneration in most of my games. Quick math on this will show a generous increase in effective HP over longer duration fights. In late games, if we were to compare this to Olaf the Stout (75% block), we may block at most 2 attacks in an 8 second period.

Provided that hero hits you for a generous 400 damage per second, this reduces our damage taken to:
With Olaf the Stout: (400 * 0.25)*2 + 6 * 400 = 2400 damage in 8 seconds.
With Viking Hoard: 3200 damage - 400 regenerated = 2800 damage taken in 8 seconds.

Provided a hero hits for a (more realistic) 250 damage per second, this reduces our damage taken to:
With Olaf the Stout: (250 * 0.25)*2 + 6 * 250 = 1625 damage in 8 seconds.
With Viking Hoard: 2000 damage - 400 regenerated = 1600 damage taken in 8 seconds.

Moreover, Olaf the Stout only mitigates Basic Attack damage, and ONLY to Olaf. For general situation, maximizing your Effective HP will come from Viking Hoard. Mind you, I'm aware I'm ignoring the base Health Regeneration (Which is only 5-6 at higher levels) in our Olaf the Stout calculations, but this is largely negligible.

In situations where you're versing a Nova, whom in current meta runs Anti-Armour rounds and is a considerable threat, Olaf the Stout still will not help you all that much, as a good Nova will pick off Erik or Baleog first.
Apart from the insight above, Olaf the Stout may be utilized to start jungle camps earlier. However, as your control over The Vikings improves, it loses its necessity.
Once again, as your control improves with the Vikings, this talent becomes far less desirable. Initially, it may be taken to idle Erik in key locations, to serve as a mobile ward. However, this does have some risk involved ( especially if there is an enemy Tassadar).

Lv 4

For experienced player, this is the best option. With all three Vikings in range, this assists in clearing lanes, Mercenaries and slapping the enemy team.

For players still working on their control, Pain Don't Hurt is a healthy alternative here. It helps keep Baleog keep his health up, as he is often in harms way (if we are not careful).

Lv 13

A modified Battle Momentum, fitting of three heroes at your disposal. This helps offset the cooldowns on Jump! and Norse Force (if taken). Moveover, the DPS increase given to Spin to Win! is more than enough to offset Olaf's AoE burn. The reduced cooldowns on Jump! and Norse Force! will generally out-value Speedrun!'s boost.

Lv 16

Norse Force! tacks on a large chunk of shields ( effectively HP), on a considerable cooldown. For me, this means more time in the midst of combat, and getting in more damage with Spin to Win!. Casting this between Longboat Raid! dramatically increases The Viking's effective HP, and is a bit reminiscent of Tychus' pre-nerf Commandeer Odin.

More to come when I play around more!

No Abilities - Baleog Jungling Build (Experimental) Top

The second build presented above provides an avenue to have Baleog solo jungle. At Lv 7, he can easily afk-kill Siege Camps. At Lv 10-ish (possibly earlier), he can take Bruisers with Erik (or Olaf).

How to?
    Position yourself such that Baleog can hit both Siege Mercenaries with his attack
    Focus on your other Viking's while he kills them

Its that simple! This has a number of benefits for your team, but drawbacks in terms of optimal team-fight contribution, as you lose both Spin! and Jump!.

Tips Top

  • Longboat Raid! is summoned on whichever Viking activates the ability. This can help reposition yourself either offensively (as the boat is quite slow), or defensively using Erik's high movement speed.
  • Utilize Erik in the early game to offlane. You may assist a solo laner, or provide extra harass in a dual lane. Just be mindful not to stretch your attention too thin. This also helps in gathering more health globes to increase our Health Regeneration via Viking Hoard.
  • The Vikings are surprisingly efficient junglers. Olaf's Muradin-like health regeneration allows him to tank damage, while the other brothers dish it out. Be sure to weave all three Vikings into melee range to maximize Spin to Win!'s AoE damage.

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