Uther (He's a monster) build and guide by Kiler

Uther (He's a monster) build and guide

By: Kiler
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015
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Threats to Uther with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Zeratul You can punish Zera with this build, 2 stuns, consistent dps, and moderate burst will keep him wary all game. If you have an enemy Zera stay next to your carries or any targets he may want to kill.
Nova She gets too close you can punish her and down her very quickly, between and hammer and divine storm she will lose about 50% hp.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Stitches He won't kill you but he may hurt you. When stitches throws his hooks try to eat the hook for teammates if possible. If you get hooked you can reward him with a stun and his team with a divine storm. Escaping isn't too hard if your team is helping you. If he eats you it should be ok unless he takes you behind a gate.
  No Threat
Li Li Lili won't necessarily kill you, but she will eat up your mana and your time just trying to kill her. Honestly just stay away from her and use your stuns to help your team set up a pick.
Valla Valla is a mixed bag, early game she is very manageable, but by end game she can eat you alive, your best best is help your team keep her stunned so they can do the leg work killing her.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Malfurion Don't waste your time trying to kill him, he will keep you chasing him around the map with his mana efficient healing. Just take him out in team fights with the help of your allies, you don't have the burst to get the job done solo.

Welcome to my Guide Top

Hey Guys,
Thank you for checking out my guide. This guide is still under construction, but please feel free to leave comments.

This guide will show case a build I have been using for Uther that has been very successful for me. I tend to play a more aggressive Uther. This build allows Uther to be a primary healer but also supplement dps for the team as needed. however, the greatest strength of this build is the control you offer to your team as you can stun lock enemies.

The strengths of this build are:
-you can tank for your team if needed, but a MT such as muradin would be better
-2 stuns (with a potential full team stun)
-2 dps abilities as well as good sustained dps
-heavy mana sustain and constant heals for your team
-Allows you to off tank and keep the enemies away from your carries
-offers moderate burst if needed to down an enemy player (at end levels), you can down a squishy such as jaina with this build.
-offers your team the ability to stun lock enemy heroes down, this build is very compatible with other with the right hero combo's
-allows Uther to excel as a healer/CC hero

Weaknesses of this build:
-other healers such as malfurion can out heal you
-other Uther builds can potentially out heal, however, the strength of this build is the balance between offense and defense (while still being the teams primary healer). Essentially, since you are more aggressive it forces enemies off your carries.
-this build only sees its full potential at the end game
-this build requires a fairly coordinated team to achieve maximum effect

Talent Choices Top

: conjurers pursuit: this choice is great because it allows uther to get better as the game endures. Since you should be with the team at all times you should be getting plenty of regen globes.
: hammer of the lightbringer: initially I was hesitant to pick this talent simply because shielding allies just seemed better, however, the mana gained per hit is substantial. Also, since you are a tanky healer, you should be in the front hitting enemy players or whacking mobs for mana. I have saved many a team mate because of the additional mana gained by this ability. However, other choices can be suitable as well, this is just the choice I prefer.
: Wave of Light: more mana returned, what can i say...Since you can't pump out heals like malfurion or brightwing, you will need to maximize sustain too keep up with them in healing. This talent along with CP and HotL will allow you to do just that. With those three talents I am able to provide constant heals to my team.
: Divine Storm: I tried Divine shield, in my humble opinion it seems meh...DS is soooo much better. The damage output isn't bad, but the opportunity to double stun is amazing, this ability along with hammer of justice, makes you a perfect pairing with so many other heroes (Zagara, Jaina, Gaslowe, just to name a few). By level 20 you can theoretically stun the entire enemy team.
: Burning Rage: Sprint and shrink ray are amazing, I don't want to contend with that, I love both those abilities. The reason I choose burning rage is because it gives you consistent dps output, as a tanky healer you should be front and center. This means the enemy team is hitting you and not one of your teams carries. Now 1v1, the damage isn't much but it adds up especially when an enemy is barely escaping. In a team fight, it allows you to be front and center and damaging every enemy player (as well as mobs and mercs). This ability also allows you can take siege camps if needed to supplement your team when solo, and with the help of a team mate you can take bruiser camps. In death, this ability still maintains it's damage so you can down that low hp enemy or at the very least prevent them from regening or mounting.
: Holy Shock: In this tier of talents gathering radiance is a great second choice. However, i almost always take holy shock. This ability allows you to last hit for the team if needed. Since you are front and center anyways most enemies should be in range to take the damage. I never start a fight with this ability as I prefer to save my holy light for my team mates, however, if there is a low enemy, it allows me to finish them so my team can move to the next enemy player.
: Divine Hurricane allows you to potentially stun the entire team in a team fight, in 1v1 fights you can also do good damage to weaker characters such as Zeratul or Jaina. I find storm shield to be meh...And as discussed before, Divine shield just doesn't have the utility Divine storm does.

Game play Top

Early Game:
You have come right out of the gates, getting regen orbs should be a goal as it will help you with your sustained healing in the later stages of the game. In the early stages you are decently tanky, but mana consumption can be an issue especially if you have carries who position badly and eat your mana for heals.
In early game you should focus on supplementing your team and keeping them up as any healer should. Use your hammer of justice to set up picks for your team. At this phase of the game I focus most of my mana of keeping my teammates up. Do you best to line up your Holy Radiance to heal multiple team mates before damaging multiple enemies.

Mid game: You have your mana sustain abilities and Divine storm. You are also becoming fairly tanky. Now you can start moving to the front lines, however you want to stay defensive. The goal again is to be a healer first and a tank second and supplemental dps third. However since you have Divine storm start looking for chances to set up your double stun on squishes in team fights (hammer of justice + divine storm= Jaina is stun locked for 2.5 seconds, that is more than enough time to down her) or to use your double stun to help a teammate survive. Stay mounted as much as possible to afford yourself the mobility to pick the right time to heal or stun lock, look for enemies that are out of position as well as allies.

End game: You now have sustained dps in the form of burning rage, you have moderate burst with Holy shock and divine radiance, and you have 2 stuns. At this point you can dps and heal so you need to be front and center right next to your MT. However, your primary focus SHOULD ALWAYS BE HEALING. You only go on the offensive if you can set up a pick for your team with your double stun or if an enemy player is very low. This forces the enemy team to deal with you and your teams tank to get to the teams carries. Your carries get the extra luxury of having two layers of protection and can dps to their hearts delight.
By this point in the game, mana should be a non issue, you should have plenty of mana regen as well as the front line dps you put forth supplementing your mana.

General Play style Top

-In the early game play passively, don't over reach or chase needlessly, the team needs you to keep them up, stay with them and do just that. You need to be patient as you become more effective as the game goes on.

-observe the enemy team, if you are not high on their kill list play accordingly, be front and center since they are trying to get to other members of your team. Hinder them as much as possible.
If they are targeting you first, then hang back and heal as needed, running in to double stun when the window is open.

-remember you are a healer first, your job is to keep your team up, not to dps. However, this doesn't mean you hang back, you need to be front and center when mid to end game rolls around. Always look for an opportunity to be a wall for those trying to kill your teams carries.

-Body block, Body block, Body block, Body block....I can't say this enough. You will punish enemies with sustained dps, stuns, and the inability to escape, while providing healing to your team. Also, your carry can do his job of providing the high dps. Carries will love you for keeping them up.

-Holy radiance is for healing first, not dps, i can't tell you how frustrating it is to see an enemy survive a holy radiance as I watch my character die....This ability has amazing range and you can heal 2-3 members of your team with it, always position yourself to maximize the healing from holy radiance. It can be used to kill enemies in a quick burst if needed, but I tend to only do that if my teammates are doing well with hp.

-A strat I employ is to try to act as a wall for heroes such as sgt hammer who are very squishy and susceptible to heroes just as stitches or zeratul. For example, sgt hammer is going to be hooked, i try to take the hook for him by standing between stitches and hammer. When stitches pulls me in, i reward his team with a divine storm/hurricane (a free initiate) and use a hammer of justice to escape as I heal myself and run out (assuming my team is backing me). The great thing about this is that all their dps is going into me (the offtank) instead of hammer who is dpsing. In the case of Zera, uther is a great counter to zera, if you know zera is going after jaina stand next to her at all times. The moment zera comes out, I reward him with up to 2 stuns and allow Jaina to finish him.

-When you die, use your abilities to top off your allies, upon death you only do 50% of what you can do when alive. Your abilties only do 50% damage versus the 100% healing. Put that 10 seconds in ghost form to good use by keeping your team mates up. Pop as many cooldowns as possible.

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