Uther, The Ghostadin by MasTar

Uther, The Ghostadin

By: MasTar
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2014
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Living the entire game Top

Uther is by far one of the most consistent healers in the game. 2 healing abilities, a large radius stun by the end of the game and another target stun on top of that makes him the most viable support in the game above any other in my opinion. The passive to come back and assist your team for a short time is pretty broken and if you take the rewind ability you can spam before dying to keep your team alive for the winning outcome. To put it simply if your not playing Uther don't bother with any other healer.

The Build Top

Pretty self explanatory if you've been playing the game for a while now, be the tanky healer, survive, initiate and win team fights. Your goal is to take lane sustaining moves such as Hammer Of Lightbringer, allowing you to spam in lane and stay in lane longer than your opponent. You run out of mana fast so basic attacks not only gives you global XP but mana back as well, Duh!

The only other thing to add as a strategy at the moment is picking your level 13 talent. It is highly situational because you want to focus around your team comp as much as possible.

Here are some options

Shield - never get this its highly unlikely it will ever be viable on any support seeing as how you can heal yourself and other with low cooldwons

Sprint - 50/50 if your team is getting caught out a ton just run away and spare yourself the trouble of wasting a death

Burning Rage - again this is situational seeing as how even the smallest amount of DOT (Damage Over Time) can make the difference. Experiment with this.

Shrink - your go to option if Rewind and sprint dont get you results. Shrink gives you the advantage in teamfights. mainly used on damage dealers, supports and tanks it takes one member of the enemy team and makes them useless for a while.

Try Him out.....and WIN! Top

Uther is by far one of the most iconic if not Overused healers in the game right now.

I've been playing since 2nd stage of alpha after first reset. been playing this game for a while and it is a lot more team based than any other MOBA I have played in a while.

At the end of the day Enjoy the game and PUT YOUR FAITH IN THE LIGHT!

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