Zagara: Mother of the Brood is Thirsty for Flesh by Flyingmohawk

Zagara: Mother of the Brood is Thirsty for Flesh

By: Flyingmohawk
Last Updated: Aug 24, 2014
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Build: Zagara: Siege Them

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Sgt. Hammer This one is hit or miss. Hammer can defiantly ruin your game when she sits miles away and AA's you to death. But she also has a nice weak spot. Pre level 7 she cannot move while sieged, so take this time to Baneling her and all in her as she cannot move! I would say that if you cant push her out then just make sure she cannot push you!
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Zeratul Zeratul will forever ruin your day. Most Assassins don't scare me but he does! He cloaks, leaps onto you and you cannot do anything to stop it. The best counter is to be on creep and run as far away from him as possible!
Tychus Tycus has this great ability to just shred your summons apart leaving you by yourself. Try to not 1v1 him, but if you have to try spawning a Hydra in front and Roaches in the back of him so he has to choose who to fight, then Baneling that Machine Gun Hauling Space Cowboy!
Murky Murky pushes lanes very hard. He can be a nightmare since he can spawn over and over causing you to waste mana each time he kamikazes into your lane. Best bet is to just push the hell out of him. Make him regret dying over and over.

About Me: FlyingMohawk Top

Hi, I am Marco "FlyingMohawk" and I am an 18 year old Gamer trying to make his mark on the gaming community! I have gamed all my life and want to make HotS my next game to fall into! I am currently on NA server and play a load of Zagara. I have kept track of my Zagara games (since we lack Match History and a Win Ratio tracker) and calculated that I have a 55% Win Rate as Zagara.

I have played League of Legends on and off for about 2 years, and DotA2 for about a year and love the MOBA style (Even if I have team mates who would do better AFK than laning XD). I want to attain a Mastery of this game, for several reasons;

1. It's new and I am in the Alpha so why not.

2. With the proper know how this game is simple yet complex with the Merc camps/Objectives/Towers/ and changing of talents per game!

3. This game seems to be the "Next big Moba", and I think that in the next year or so HotS will be on the same level as LoL and DotA2 in the eSport community!

I am also starting a Youtube/ Stream for HotS so come watch and tell me what you'd like to see!

My YouTube Channel
My Stream

Zagara's Role in Game Top

Zagara is a Specialist; which in her case means she can either Siege the enemy or Jungle for Mercs. While she does alot of Non-Heroes Damage I find that she can push a lane harder than most Heroes. she can sit in a lane all game with Creep Tumor and just push all game, and if left in attended she will become a problem for the enemy team. So I play her as a Lane Pusher usually going bot on all maps (Can only get ganked from one side) and 1v2 lanes. I play passively; shoving the lane and AAing the opponent until they need to go back to fountain or getting the kill. People tend to forget that she is a LANE BULLY. She can siege you from the other end of the lane with her Banelings, then Hydralisk and Roach you to death while she pops out on the other end of the map with her Nydus Worms!

So to be a effective you must accomplish these few goals in game:

1. Shove a lane and earn XP for your team. (this is the safest way to play. This allows your team a constant flow of XP and you are forcing them to either go to you or lose towers!)

2. Capture key locations. (Such as Objective spawns/ Vision towers. This helps the team by having more Map presence. This is mostly noticed on Garden of Terror and Mines!)

3. Be a Battle Field Commander. (Your Creep Tumors give vision, it is like having wards that are invisible for 4 minutes and no one tried to clear them. Also with your amazing map control with Nydus Network you should know what is going on all the time ad be able to relay that info to your teammates)

Remember that Zagara is a LANE BULLY and should be played as one! If you cannot assert your presence onto the enemy then you should not play Zagara. You must know when you can HAM the enemy and when to back off! Hopefully this guide will help you learn this lesson!

Zagara's Moves Top

Lay a Creep Tumor that generates creep. You and your summons move 20% faster on Creep and regenerate Health 100% faster. Tumors last 240 seconds. Max 3 charges.

This is Zagara's Combat Trait, she lays a Tumor that helps her move faster and regen HP faster...but why should one use it? First of all it's a low cost Move Speed and Regen, this only costs 20 mana per Tumor. Second when being chased on Creep you will usually get away so long as you aren't CCed for too long. Third YOUR SUMMONS gain this bonus; meaning your banelings are easier to hit people with, your Roaches and Hydras will chase and do more damage to the enemy. Also these Tumors grant Vision where they are placed and are invisible to the enemy and can only be destroyed by random AoE or someone who can see invisible units.

When the match starts you should place tumors in your lane that you plan on staying in the longest. You should constantly be pushing the tumors in the lane, and make sure to overlap them so you don't end up with holes in your Creep! Put them in the bushes around your lane as to see oncoming Ganks and where the enemy is rotating to.

Launch 4 Banelings that deal 35 (+5 per level) splash damage each.

This is Zagara's first ability in her set. For this build this is your bread and butter. This move shoot a line of 4 Banelings at the targeted direction, each one doing damage on impact or exploding at max range. this build focuses on 3 Baneling related Talents; Centrifugal Hooks (Doubles the Max Range of Baneling Barrage), Volatile Acid (Increases Banelings Non-Hero Damage by 50%), and Baneling Massacre (Increases the number of Banelings from 4 to 8). With this combo you have a long range anti Non-Hero nuke that helps not only in gathering Mercs but killing objectives like the Skeletons, Plant Horrors, and Pirates. This bad boy can even be used to split the enemy team in half as they try to dodge them which helps to secure high priority kills for your team.

Try to use this ability to take down Towers and Merc Camps. This ability can be hard to use as a DPS move but in hectic team fights you'd be surprised at the amount of people that walk into them! I tend to wait for my minion wave to get into tower aggro and then send in the banelings to hit the tower, since the banelings have HP and can die rather fast in the early game to towers!

Summon a Hydralisk to attack a single target, dealing 40 (+6 per level) damage per second. Lasts 8 seconds.

This is a targeted 'Click On' ability that spawns 1 Hydralisk to chase an enemy for 8 seconds. The damage it deals is significant and is ranged. The Hydralisk has a small pool of HP so be aware of when to use it and not to waste in an enemy in tower range. Also try to use it as your poke move; trying to keep your enemy aware of your lane dominance, because you have to force them into knowing that you are a force to be reckoned with!

As stated before I use this ability to do damage to my opponent, but I also use it to shove towers faster! At level 13 you will get the Talent Mutalisk, which summons a flying Mutalisk to attack at the enemy for extra damage and the duration goes up from 8 to 12 seconds which is huge! Also if left unattended the damage or both summons will easily do 50% of a squishies health in that time and you didn't need to aim a thing! Also note that the Mutalisk is faster than most Heroes and will chase them for the whole 12 seconds meaning that even when they run they still are taking alot of damage.

Bombard target area with a Zerg drop pod for 60 (+12 per level) damage.
The pod spawns 2 Roachlings that have 625 225 (+20 per level) Health, deal 13 (+2 per level) damage and last for 8 seconds.

This move has to component each of which helps in DPSing the target but landing one or the other still gives a large bonus! So the first part of infested Drop is that you mark and area on the ground and about .5 seconds lated a pod drops dealing moderate damage and spawning 2 Roaches who live for 8 seconds. The second part is the Roaches, who deal about 50% of the damage that the Hydralisk does but you have the added damage of the pod so it evens out in terms of usfulness. This move is great because the Roaches are rather tanky and this helps in the times where you need to solo Merc Camps or when you are 1v1ing and with proper placement, these raoches can soak up Skill Shots for you!

In game I tend to E>W>Q people, this causes them to have 3 summons beating on them while they try to dodge the oncoming banelings that are going to shred their HP. The Roach pod can be used to nuke long range targets, and with some practice it almost becomes second nature! Remember that you only have a 4 second downtime on these guys since the CD is 12 seconds so use them often in fights or as a poking tool, late game Zagara has little mana issues and so long as you are not spamming for 20 casts straight you should be fine!

Summon a Nydus Worm at target location that you can enter by right-clicking. While inside, you exit by targeting a Nydus Worm with R or right-clicking near the Worm. Maximum 4 Nydus Worms.

At level 10 every Hero gains their Heroic Ability. Most are huge nukes or large CC's..but in this case, we are going with something different. Nydus Network allows Zagara to spawn up to 4 works that she can travel through to be to different parts of the map faster. She can literally go from base to base so long as there are worms for her to go through! This is really helpful on Haunted Mines when you spawn a worm by the boss and one at the entrance, you can get there 10-15 seconds before the enemy and plan ahead about collapsing on them with your team or you can just solo to Grave Golem (You can usually Solo him at around 10 with good Micro).

Always have 1 worm in base so in the event you need to Hearth or you die you can get right onto the battle field asap. Unfortunately the enemy can see the worms and they can be killed, but that is ok because you can always spawn another in a better location. Another Map that is great with Nydus Network is Dragon Shire; you can cap both of the shrines without having to cross the entire map which can take about 20-30 seconds not including the enemies you have to fight along the way.

Another reason this Heroic Ability is great is because the enemy doesn't know where you are. You can be in Mid lane and BAM to seconds later you are at top, then BAM you are at bot all in about 6 seconds! The type of map control is what makes her scary to people who are out of position and are over extended. Also at level 20 you get the Talent Brooding Nest, which summons 6 Broodlings to the closest lane once you leave the Nydus Worm (20 Second Internal CD). This means that you can shove lanes you aren't even in. You can slow push top and bot all by yourself while your team is Mid or doing something else that is needed at the time!

Talent Choices Top

Since HotS is a game that revolves around the ever changing aspect of talents and what they can do for you, I feel that the deserved their own Chapter! In this section I will be detailing 2-3 Talents in each teir and comparing why I choose these more or less!

How to read this portion of the guide

RED - This means never use it
GREEN - Good alternative to the ones I use often!
YELLOW - This is what I use (I may have multiple because I change depending on what I am doing in that game.)
PURPLE - Great to use if you have the ability to full utilize it fully. (reserved for the special Talents that require a special mastery to use)

Tier 1

Basic Attacks against Structures destroy 1 ammo and deal an additional 10% damage.
This right here is what I like to call the worst Talent in Tier 1. While the extra structure damage is great and would help this build, I find that any other talent is better in most cases. Even the -1 to turret ammo each hit is great. I just find Ventral Sacs or Centrifugal Hooks helps out more throughout the game!

Centrifugal Hooks
Banelings can travel twice as far before exploding.
I grab this 8/10 on Zagara. This just makes your range insane at the cost of not increasing your DPS. I think that this in general is the easiest way to learn Zagara if you are new to her.

Ventral Sacs
Infested Drop now spawns 3 Roachlings.
The added Roach adds a small DPS boost that will be noticeable throughout the game especially in early game skirmishes that will change the outcome of who wins lane. I use this when I play other builds that focus on more Hero DPS.

Health Regeneration bonus on Creep increased to 300% .

ONLY TAKE THIS IF YOU KNOW WHO TO CONSTANTLY CREEP. This Talent is only as strong as your ability to spread creep in your area. When used right you become a monster of HP regen and never have to worry about dying in lane so long as you don't get all in'ed!

Tier 2

Envenomed Spines
Basic Attacks have their range increased by 20% and deal an additional 15 (+4 per level) damage over 3 seconds.

This is without a doubt the only talent you should use. I think it is fair to say that in all situations the extra range and Damage this offers over shadows every other options in this tier! for all others do not compare to the DPS boost this brings and the survivability of having an almost +1 on your AA Range!

Medusa Blades
Basic Attacks deal 25% damage to three nearby targets.

You do a mini Auto to close enemies, this is great for pushing the lane and that is it... You are better off using your Baneling Barrage and saving this Talent for Envenomed Spines for the added DPS in Fights, when pushing towers, or getting Mercs.

GamePlay Top

I will be adding short clips and entire videos about Zagara and how to play her soon!

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