[5Hype] Uther Scrim/Pub Guide by BlueAura

[5Hype] Uther Scrim/Pub Guide

By: BlueAura
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015
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Work in Progress! Top

This guide will be finished in the next couple of hours!
1. Introduction

2. Best Talents

3. Counters

4. Tips n Tricks

5. About Me/5Hype

Introduction Top

Uther is a top tier melee support hero and can be a lot of fun to play if you like skill shots and have the patience and awareness to get a good ultimate off in a team fights. A great ultimate from Uther, can be the tipping point that allows you to win a team fight.

I would say Uther doesn't particularly have a high skill ceiling, but I would say you need to have really good awareness to play him effectively.

Uther is suitable for each map, however Brightwings teleport can be utilized much better (with a coordinated team) on most maps, making Brightwing a much more popular choice. But if you are looking for some strong AOE crowd control and need another semi-tanky character, than Uther can be a great choice.

Uther is the tankiest of the healers available, but the least mobile. He offers more CC than any of the other healers, in exchange for his melee range.

Talent Explanation Top

Conjurer's Pursuit Uther has awful mana regeneration, and a relatively small mana pool. As this is the case, it makes Conjurer's Pursuit an ESSENTIAL talent. Putting this aside the other talents are just useless.
Conjurer's Pursuit was recently buffed, giving you an initial .5 mana regen bonus.
By 10 minutes, you should have a minimum of 4 stacks of Conjurer's Pursuit. This will means you will
regenerate an additional 1.5 mana per second which is very noticeable.

Creep Wave Times and Conjurer's Pursuit stacks.
2 mins = 1 stacks = .75 Mana p/s
10 mins = 5 stacks = 1.75 Mana p/s
20 mins = 10 stacks = 3 Mana p/s

Protective Shield Again, another talent that is the only option. Protective shield is an amazing skill and can be used in two ways.
1) It can be used immediately on a friendly target that is taking pressure. Remember this only last 5 seconds, so place it as the connect with the target for maximum shield absorption.
2) For those that played HoN or Dota - it can be used similar to a Mana Battery/Magic Stick.
Ideally, you would want to use this as a last second second save on an ally. The reason for this as people go to turn off the hero as they get low/do the final killing blow allowing for your ally to escape, and get topped up, then return to the fight.

Cleanse This is the correct talent choice (assuming the opponents have at least a couple of CC abilities) for this tier - HOWEVER - it is extremely hard to use this effectively. I would suggest doing some reading on this skill specifically before you use it. I would suggest this only if you're extremly familure with Uther and the game. It can be a wasted talent if used at the wrong times, but a godly talent if used at the right time!

Clairvoyance I would pick this talent up if either Cleanse will not be effective against your opponents or if you find you are in the moderately skilled bracket or below as a healer. This can be an incredible talent for setting up team fights, deciding whether you can steal opponents camps or just general vision. Don't forget this reveals stealthys!!

Divine Storm This is the only ultimate choice for Uther. The damage is insane for a AOE CC stun. Remember that the range is quite small on this initially, and can take 10-20 games for you to really start to perfect it's radius. Later this will be combo'd with Sprint and Hurricane to punish out of position teams late game.

Sprint As mentioned before, try to save this ability for when you ultimate. I'll explain this in more details in Tips n Tricks below. Don't be scared to use this as an escape or to chase to an ally player to heal if you have to.

Imposing Presence This can be a controversial tier. I personally believe and take Imposing Presence 100% of the time. As you need to position yourself in melee range to stun, to ult, and auto attack, you actually get auto'd quite often. This increases your survivalist immensely and makes you a much less desirable target to burst at the start of a team fight.

Divine Hurricane Divine Storm's radius is increased by 100% and .... Enough said. This becomes a half screen wide stun with huge damage. If you're trailing behind all game, this talent alone can turn the tide back in your favor.

Counters Top

Uther can't exactly be 'countered' so to speak. However there are some characters that make his life difficult - or in Brightwing's case, can do his job better under certain situations.
You just need to watch out for any hero that can stop the sprint+ult combo - and not that I've ever done it, but if needed you can cleanse the CC's away to position yourself for your ult.

Polly - Rewind - Polly
Brightwing can offer much more sustained heals in lane. Can double polly you as you try to ult their team - however do note, if they focus fire you as this happens, and you die, you can still use your ultimate when dead.

Powerslide - Face Melt - Mosh Pit
He is a hero you do not want to target with your ult. ETC can easily prevent you (in 3 ways) from positioning your ultimate correctly. You will be forced to wait to ETC is out of position to be able to sprint in and ultimate.

I only list Illidan as a counter purely because of the amount of Invincibility frames he has (this means he can't be hurt and prevents all spells cast on him. It can be difficult to drop your stun on Illidan at the right time, and if you get it wrong, you've just lost an important CC ability for your team for 8 seconds.

Tips n Tricks Top

This part will come after my sleep. I've got some videos to record that will explain much better than text!

Below is what you will see in the videos.

Positioning => When to Ult => Sprint + Ult Combo --- Video on its way!

Discuss Tankyness with Poitioning.

Discuss when to use 'w' especially early game.

Using passive trait correctly in a team fight.

About Me Top

I play support for the #1 Australia/New Zealand Team - 5Hype.

My twitch stream is: www.twitch.tv/bluecasts

Feel free to contact me in game with any questions or query's, I also answer all questions over my stream.

Thanks for taking the time to read my guide.

www.5hype.com - Website in progress.

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