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Last Updated: Apr 2, 2015
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Build: Symbiote Damage and Ultimate Evo

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About Me Top

Hi guys, inimicalgg here with my Abathur guide! I am a shoutcaster for Heroes of the Storm, currently casting Storm League in English for Afreeca.tv. I have 600+ games logged in at the time of writing this guide and am not slowing down :D

I have a very liberal stance on Heroes of the Storm talent builds so you'll find some weird things I may suggest from time to time (Like Gargantuan on Nazeebo , everyone hates it but it's so good!). Basically I think most talents are fairly viable and are really up to your play-style but some builds are really really good ( Valla Multishot!)

You can find me at:
Livestream: Afreeca.tv/inimicalgg (this is also where the Storm League VODs will be)
Twitter: @inimicalgg
Youtube: youtube.com/inimicalgg

Talent LVL 1 - Pressurized Glands Top

We're taking Pressurized Glands here because we are building into our Spike/Stab of Symbiotes. This allows us to clean up kills before the enemy hero(es) have a chance to flee.

The AoE from the spikes is pretty good and also helps for wave clear.

Talent LVL 4 - Ballistospores Top

We're going to take Ballistospores here because we really want that global cast range as we'll be stationary somewhere defensively. I don't use Z to run around the map because you can actually be ANYWHERE you want and your locusts being in lane isn't that important.

Also, dropping mines in a teamfight before you cast Ultimate Evolution is really beneficial. I've actually done some good damage to heroes attempting to flee.

The main goal of this build is to kill/damage fleeing opponents, your secondary concern is farming lanes with Symbiote and mines.

Talent LVL 7 - Needlespine Top

Needlespine gives our Stab a little bit more extra damage. The range on stab is great for cleaning up kills.

I'd write more here but I'm beginning to sound like a broken record :D

Talent LVL 10 - Ultimate Evolution Top

Ultimate Evolution is the pick up here. It's going to give your team an extra body in a teamfight, AND you can clone what you need in a fight. Don't have enough damage? Clone Jaina. Don't have enough heals? Clone Uther. Not enough HP? Clone Diablo. You get the idea.

I take it over Evolve Monstrosity because it gives you freedom and flexibility as an Abathur player. If you don't think these are incredibly good characteristics to have, I suggest you watch Bruce Lee's "Game of Death" or his water speech in "Enter the Dragon"

[Yeah I just used Bruce Lee in a guide. Deal with it]

Talent LVL 13 - Spatial Efficiency Top

At this point if you don't know why we're taking Spatial Efficiency here I can't help you. I only suggest you re-read Talent levels 1-7 :D

Talent LVL 16 - Envenomed Spikes Top

[See "Talent LVL 13"]

Jokes aside, having the slow is nice. In the video you see me take Volatile Mutation and this isn't the worst talent to pick up as it's kind of nice to have in teamfights when your clone is about to die you just bum rush the enemy spamming whatever abilities you have left since it doesn't really matter if it dies anyway.

I generally prefer having the slow though since we're prioritizing killing opponents before they can escape.

Both talents help your team so it's really preference here.

Talent LVL 20 - Hivemind Top

Hivemind is a super amazing talent and I highly recommend taking it. However, Evolutionary Link is super good here.

Honestly, if you play Abathur the way I do, you'll be surprised how irrelevant Level 16 and 20 is for him because the game will most likely end before you get to either one of those points (if you have a competent team who knows when to push their advantage.

Conclusion Top

Abathur is just another example of a Hero that people refuse to experiment and try out extensively. So much is put into emphasizing your Siege damage numbers and while that can be an effective way to play Abathur, you don't get nearly as many kills for your team PLUS you have to have 4 other teammates that can handle themselves for you to hard push with Monstrosity

Here is my SoloQ Strat video #4 to show you exactly how this plays out.

Give me a shoutout on Twitter, Afreeca, Youtube @inimicalgg !!!

Feel free to give me Feedback and what guide you would like to see next (I will do requests!)

Thanks Guys!


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