Abathur the Evolution Master [Work in progress] by Kazeindel

Abathur the Evolution Master [Work in progress]

By: Kazeindel
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2015
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Build: Hat/Push Hybrid

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Threats to Abathur with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
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Gazlowe For the same reason as Murky, trying to stop his push in a lane is too difficult for Abathur alone.
Tyrande Tyrande can owl snipe you from afar. And if she picks talents to beef it up along with Rewind, she can rewind for a double owl and kill you. Keep moving. Not to mention she can stun -> Owl you from the other side of the gate. If she takes Shadowstalk for her ultimate you could be in trouble. Move as soon as the reveal fades from you to avoid incoming ganks surely headed your way.
Zagara Zagara easily kills your Monstrosity with a W or two. Not to mention you should be careful about being close to the gate if you're in the same lane as her, as her E and W will hit you if she drops them on you. Take notice if she uses Nydus worm, as she can use it to quickly get to you.
Murky Trying to stop Murky from pushing can be hell as Abathur. Ping your team to come help and stall him if you can. Make sure to save a stab cd to use right as his bubble ends. Not to mention he can suicide bomb you in your base. Stay alert.
Azmodan The Dunkmaster can and WILL drop his legion on you, as well as toss his farmed up Q. Especially if it's beefed up by his ultimate. Keep moving around so he cant pick you off with a few Qs.
Falstad Falstad's Fly ability is very dangerous for Abathur. If he sees you he can quickly fly to your location and blow you to bits. Keep an eye out for the icon showing where he'll land. If you see it, burrow IMMEDIATELY.
Nova Any Nova worth her salt WILL hunt you down. Dont think forts will save you either. She can just toss up a decoy before sniping you. Place mines around where she has to walk to reveal her and make her back off.
  No Threat
Illidan As always, Illidan can mess up your day with the Hunt as soon as he sees you around minions or on creep. He'll also make quick work of your monstrosity.
Abathur What's that? An enemy Abathur is a threat? YES. Yes they are. Between them assassinating you with burrows+Locust nest. (Or slapping you if you dont pay attention when symbioted) and ruining your monstrosity, you should be very careful and seek ways to find him for your team. Like he will for his.
Zeratul Zeratul is an even nastier stealth hunter. Consider him a top priority to defend against. His blink makes him much more crafty- He'll just blink over your gate most of the time and wait for his cooldown before killing you, then blinking out again. Place mines all around you and regularly watch for shimmers near you if you don't know where he is.


Build: Hat Spike Burst build [Aka how to...

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Build: Pure pushing build 1

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Build: Map King [Aka light up the map]

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Build: Hat Pocket Healer/Support

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Build: Pure pushing build 2, electric boogaloo.

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Level 20

Table of Contents Top

Introduction Top

Hello all, my name is Kazeindel, a level 20 Abathur player from the NA servers. This is the first time I've created a guide, so I apologize that it's not very flashy.

I've been playing since the may, 2014 in the alpha, and immediately picked up Abathur. I fell in love instantly.

My goal is to help you better understand how to use Abathur- or even help those who don't play him understand how he works. I'll be updating this as needed when I have time for any changes with Abathur or when they add new maps.

What's that? You want to play Abathur you say? You want to control the map, save your allies, and destroy their forts? Do you want to be an annoyance to the enemy team by being everywhere at once? Well then my fellow slug lords, this guide is for YOU!

Abathur is a very interesting and unique character from the Starcraft series, debuting in Starcraft 2. As the evolution master of the Swarm, he works to make the Zerg stronger by incorporating traits of different species into the Zerg.

"But Kazeindel! Abathur is so weak! His auto attacks barely tickle and his health pool is so low! Why should we play Abathur?" Well my friend, Abathur doesn't fight directly! Oh no! The slug lord let's his allies do the dirty work and assist them as he sees fit, far from the battlefield.

"But Kazeindel! Why should I choose Abathur over other specialists?" Because Abathur is fun to play, challenging to pull off well, and brings GLOBAL presence to the map for your team. Not to mention he can bring in loads of experience to your team by soaking two- yes, TWO lanes at once! Somewhat three if you have a monstrosity getting last hits in another lane, but we'll talk about that in a sec.

"But Kazeindel! Playing Abathur means you have one less body on the team! We will lose team fights!" Listen here, Abathur has a body yes? You have five bodies. Not four. His ultimates make up for not physically being in fights.. Most of the time. I'll go over it in a bit when I explain his abilities. You, yes you in the back. Put your hand down. Just read the rest of the guide to see if it answers your questions.

Abathur can be very rewarding to play, as well as loads of fun. Usually you can tell how much of an annoyance you are to the enemy team by how hard they hunt you and your monstrosity down. If you're really irritating them, they'll often waste ults on your clone and monstrosity. When that happens I just shake my head and laugh- I just saved a teammate from having that ult casted on them, and tell my team their ult is down.

Terminology Top

I'll be using different shortcuts or nicknames that are common among the player base. So, I'll list them here so that people aren't confused.

HoT: Heal over time.

DoT: Damage over time.

Hat: Abathur's Symbiote. (Q)

Mines: Abathur's Toxic Nests (W)

Abby/Aba: Abathur of course.

Stealthies/Stealths: Zeratul and Nova, the bane of your existence.

Clone: The copy of the champion obtained when using Ultimate Evolution on a team member.

Ult: Ultimate ability (R)

Soak: The process of gathering experience by having your body close to minions and mercenaries, or by having your hat on something near them.

Gank: As if this needs to be explained, but there are new players out there.. Ganking is the process of surprising an enemy to kill them, generally from out of a bush or the fog of war.

Fog of War: Areas of the map you don't have vision of.

I'll update this if I ever think of any I've missed.

Abathur's abilities- what do they do? Top

I thought I told you to put your hand down! Oh fine, this needs to be covered anyhow.

First off, we will discuss his basic abilities.

Q: Symbiote

Symbiote is an interesting beast- using it unlocks three other skills to use while it is active. Keep in mind it has a 4 second cooldown.

Things you can Symbiote:
  • Friendly Mercenaries and minions.
  • Allied heroes.
  • Allied Towers and Forts.
  • Your Core.
  • Your Monstrosity. Doing so lets you take control of it.
Your Symbiote skill lets you 'hop' around the battlefield, Abathur wrapping himself up in a cocoon as he sets to work. Always keep an eye on the map- Someone can and WILL try to gank you while you're symbioted. The delay on canceling Symbiote can cost you your life if they're already on you.

When in team fights with your hat an not using an ultimate, you have a priority on who you should be hatting when you're not hopping around saving people with your shield. Most of the time it is Melee Assassin > Ranged Assassin > Tank > Healer. However make sure to change and hat someone else to save them with your shields if you can. I'll go into more detail later in the talents section on WHY this is the usual priority.
See that little bug thing on Malfurion's head? That's what it looks like when Symbioted on someone.

Now, on the topic of using Symbiote, I will explain the three new abilities you can use when Symbioted, or as we like to call 'Hatted' on someone.

Q: Stab

Stab becomes your new Q while Symbiote is active. It is a skill shot used to deal damage while aiding whatever you're hatted on. Use it to help clear out minions and mercenaries faster, as well as attack heroes. Make sure to harass passing enemy heroes, even if a team member isnt around- the damage adds up over time, and you can sometimes annoy them enough to make them back away from getting exp.

The stab is very useful for hopping on minions as low hp enemy heroes go by to finish them, like wise by hopping on a chasing team member. If a low health ally is being chased, hat them, and stab people off of their mounts that are chasing them while shielding your ally. They'll love you for it, while your enemies will curse you.
This is the range of your Stab when it's not upgraded. Keep in mind, you have to have smart cast off to see the range. Once you get better at judging the distance and you're used to it, I recommend using smart cast.

And here's the range when upgraded at level 7 with the talent Needlespine.

W: Spike Burst

Spike Burst is an aoe ability used to deal damage to surrounding enemies of whatever you have hatted. great for clearing minions and enemy Abathur mines, and for aoe damage in fights. Starting to see why Abathur likes melee assassins?

With all the talents that can be built for it, which I will explain later, this ability is highly versatile for what it can be used for. I often get the last hit on enemies with it as well. This on a Butcher or Illidan is very effective on helping to pump out the damage.
Here you can see me using Spike Burst without the upgrade in range. The spikes are a bit faint, but I'll show you their actual range indicator.
Here's the range on the upgraded spikes. Remember, you need to become used to the range of your abilities if you ever plan to smart cast.
And here's the increased ranged with the level 1 talent Pressurized Glands.


Your E, Carapace, is used to shield your ally/minion that you have hatted. And yes, it shields your forts and towers too! While the shield isn't very big, do not underestimate its life saving ability. Any shield is better than none, and clutch Symbiote - > Carapace saves to stop last hits on your team members are all to real.

Not only does it save team members, you can use it to help push with minions by shieling them as you murder the enemy minions with Stab and Spike Burst.

And don't forget- Carapace can save people from poison dots, too. Like Nazeebo's passive, Envenom, and so on. Save that nearly dead ally from the Living Bomb Kael'thas just tossed on them and they'll love you.

It's especially useful during early laning stages of the game, hop around to minimize harass right before attacks hit. It may not look like you're saving them from much damage.. but it adds up. Especially early game. Later on it's still very useful. It gives your team a bit more tankyness to help them survive attacks while you help them deal damage with your other abilities.
And here's using his E. Sure, the shield isn't big, but it can be upgraded with talents for all sorts of things, and even the base shield saves lives.

Now that I've explained your abilities while using Symbiote, let's get to his other skills.

Z: Burrow

Instead of mounting up you can burrow to places you have vision to. Keep in mind it has a 30 second cooldown, so if you blow it and an enemy comes around the corner right after.. Then you're probably dead. Which is why you need to have good map awareness.

Passive: Locust Strain

Locust Strain makes you spawn a Locust to go down the nearest lane to attack every 15 seconds. This is where a good bit of your pushing power comes from, and it's entirely passive.. for the most part. More on that later. Even if you do not have any talents to buff it in any way you should still try to use it to it's full potential. Many full Symbiote build Abathurs I come across waste their passive and only sit in their base, and it makes me sad.

Even without talents the passive push from this can quickly turn a lane into a minion snowball. Woe be any fort that comes in their way. Always try to be in a spot where your passive can do work when you're able to.

"But Kazeindel! Why CAN'T I just sit in the base where it's safe or by forts? The locust will go down the lane anyhow!" One, I told you to wait on asking questions! And two, that's because the have a limited duration. If you're sitting in base your locust will die before it can do anything. A wasted locust is a sad locust.

I'll explain the talent upgrades for the locust later.

W: Toxic Nest

With this skill, you place down a nest- a little mine if you will, somewhere on the field in your range. It has a decent range on it, but it's not global. At least, not unless you take a certain talent. More on that later!

It has a short charge period, then it becomes invisible until something walks over it, kills it with aoe, or it times out. During this charge period it can be attacked and destroyed. Anything that steps on and triggers the mine will take a small amount of damage and be revealed for a short time.

Yes, it reveals even the two stealth heroes, Nova and Zeratul. This will help defend you against them.

For Nova, placing mines at any entrances or where she has to walk to get to you will help. When she triggers them she'll drop stealth and either retreat or give you enough time to burrow ahead of time since you know she's coming. If she was walking into your fort area to snipe you.. Well, she's going to eat some fort bullets, and you can run around in a circle around the fort to kite her if she's dumb enough to persist, often netting her death.

For Zeratul, however, he's a lot trickier. Most seasoned Zeratul players will forgo the routes Nova has to take to get to you. He will instead Blink into your base over the gate, then wait for his cooldown on it to come up while stealthed. He will then Singularity Spike, Cleave, do an auto or two to finish you off then Blink back out.

How do you defend against this? By keeping an eye around you when you don't know where he is for his shimmer. If you see him waiting by you, Burrow out IMMEDIATELY. Place mines around you so he has to walk on them to get into Cleave/auto attack range. The fort will make him beat a hasty retreat, or he dies because Blink is still on cooldown. When out in the field place them where he's likely to walk so that he's revealed, giving you time to Burrow out of there to safety.

Toxic Nests are generally used to 'ward' the battlefield and give vision of commonly traveled areas. Around objectives, mercenaries, and commonly walked paths and in bushes.

For example: You're on Cursed Hollow. A Tribute is about to spawn! Place mines in the nearby bushes to reveal enemies wanting to ambush your team.

Mines are also good to have in escape routes. Place them where you know the enemy will run, or where your team will run. They can be used to get kills secured or help deter enemies from chasing.

Lastly, they can be used to push lanes. You can kill minions and mercenaries with them to help supplement your pushing, or defend from a huge wave.
Here we have a mine in the process of charging on the left. Remember, they're visible to enemies and they can destroy them with auto attacks during this time. We have a full charged mine on the right. You may be able to see it, but your enemies wont.

Now that you know what his basic abilities are, let's move on to his Ultimates.

R: Ultimate Evolution

Ultimate Evolution let's you copy an allied hero. You get access to all of their abilities EXCEPT their Ultimate. You used to be able to use their ultimate after a 15 second cooldown in the alpha, but it was really, REALLY OP. Two Odins from Tychus back then was disastrous.

The copy has a limited duration, but it also has a health bar, giving you a 5th body in the team fight. You also get 20% more attack damage, 20% more ability power, and 10% more movement speed to make up for not having the talents of the person you cloned and not having an ultimate.

The question is.. Who do you clone?

Most of the time it will be an Assassin. If you have a Zeratul, the two of you can sneak around and eliminate a squishy before the team fight begins. Valla is a safe choice when you have her on your team, with her Vault helping your clone live to its full duration while deal damage. Tychus and Falstad are also good picks for this reason with their Run and Gun and Barrel Roll respectively. Go for their squishies and assassins.

The Butcher may seem like a good choice, but keep a few things in mind:
1. You will not have any Fresh Meat stacks, unless you pick some up during the fight. That means you'll do less damage than your full 25/35 stack butcher by a little bit due to your 20% boost to damage. You'll still hurt though.

2. The enemy team composition. Do they have a lot of CC? If yes, are they using it to shut down your Butcher easily, or are they terrible with coordinating it? If the former, then copying Butcher is probably not the way to go.

In times you don't need more damage- just more peel, then copy your tank!
You can stun them off your squishies. Johanna is a very good peel tank if you have her.

If it looks like you need a bit more healing to survive the fight then copy your healer, especially if they have cc. Uther especially is a good choice. One of the tankier supports, a stun, and two heals.

Now, there are situations when you want to ult to save someone. Like, say your Valla is running away at low health from 2-3 people. Ult and run INTO the enemy team and attack them. Any kills you get are a bonus- your goal is to distract the enemy and give time for your ally to escape. A cooldown is worth using to have your team member up and on the field. Remember that.

Don't be afraid to ult to turn around a 1v1+ fight either.
An example of this: On Dragonshire your Tychus is being overpowered a Li Li and Falstad combo. Copy him and turn the fight around. The two of you burst Falstad with your Q and W, then turn on Li Li, using your E to catch up to her. Either way, you secure the shrine, and any leftover time on your ult can be used to suicide attack their gates/fort or kill minions.
Here you can see where I've copied Malfurion. I have all of his abilities EXCEPT his ultimate. Remember, you don't get their talents but you do get a 20% increase in damage and 10% more movement speed to compensate. Notice the purple aura around the clone. It's how your team and the enemy as well can tell you apart (Other than the name of course.) Despite this people will still panic and blow your clone up with ults.

R: Evolve Monstrosity

Lastly, your second Ultimate is Evolve Monstrosity. You use it on a locust or allied minion to turn them into the Monstrosity.

A thing to note is the Monstrosity can be directly controlled by using your Symbiote on it. This is especially important because it moves faster than a minion wave and sometimes you need to reign it in when you first spawn it. A bonus is you can use your Symbiote abilities while on it.

Each minion that dies near it heals it a bit, as well as gives it a stack- each stack increases its damage and health.

Once summoned, preferably while the enemy team is distracted elsewhere, you need to micromanage it. Don't neglect your team completely to baby it- keep an eye on your team and the map whenever you have it Symbioted.

Once your Symbiote is max stacks (30), bring it into team fights! Late game at full stacks, it has 400+ an auto attack, on top of your abilities while Q'd on it. Bring it in to rip their squishies to shreds.

At max stacks when someone comes in to gank your Monstrosity, laugh, because it will shred even tanks at that point. After you kill a few people with it, they're more likely to attack it in a group, so stay wary.

If you have the choice between saving your monstrosity or saving a team member, pick your team. Enough said.
Here we have a summoned Monstrosity- fresh and without and stacks.
Here you can see where it can be controlled manually as if it was a hero using your Symbiote on it. Also make note of the minimap icon for the Monstrosity, as not only can you use it to keep track of it this way, but your enemies can too if it's in vision. Enemy Monstrosities will be red instead of blue.

The basics- How to be a slug lord. Top

You've just spawned in the Nexus. Your team groans, complaining at having an Abathur. "GG we have Abathur." "OMG it's 4v5!" But you'll show them. They'll ALL bow to the great slug lord.

One thing you should always remember is not only can people find you based on the timer of your locust, but you can use it to find enemy Abathurs as well. Eventually you'll have a good idea of how far your locust can go from you with and without the tier 1 talent that increases duration.

Pick a lane.

Is the map Dragonshire? Go middle for mining purposes for all three lanes.
Is the map Temple? Go bottom, as you can body soak while helping with the top/middle temple when they spawn.
Spider Queen? Mid, usually, to mine the bushes on the turn ins.
Battlefield? Doesn't matter, mostly personal preference. Pick a lane and bodysoak in the bush while you hat them for immortals.
Cursed Hallow? Mid at first, place mines around.
Garden? Personal preference but any map can be started mid for mining purposes.
Blackheart's Bay I generally go for middle first and then transition to top after the first chests, or to bottom if they don't have a strong siege hero there.

Now, during early laning phase, keep an eye on your team members and aid them during skirmishes with your Symbiote. Even if they're not fighting, hop on them and shield them right before they get poked to help save some damage. Always be placing mines and pushing when not aiding an ally. Ward any bushes people can gank from.

Cursed Hollow
On this map, place mines in bushes around and on the tribute area when they spawn, then go to the lane furthest from the tribute. Burrow into a bush so you aren't seen that's by minions and place a mine or two, then let your passive help push while you hat your allies. You'll gain exp for your team AND be helping them in the fight.

Even if you don't have talents for your locusts you better use them to push and soak experience. If you don't I will come through your computer monitor and Abathur slap you across the face. This map is very easy to soak on early game so there's no reason to not abuse it.

If your team gets cursed, stay back and help against the minion and hero push, as well as any mercs that will no doubt be coming your way. Place those mines and Symbiote your forts/towers to make them last just a bit longer under the onslaught. Of course, if one of their keeps is very close to being dead you could try to sneak a push with Locust Brood/Nest with your Symbiote before backing off, as the enemy team will most likely be pushing towards your base or taking mercenaries. Back off right away after you do this though.

If your enemy team is cursed, abuse this time to push where you can with your passive and hatted minion, going for their keeps and towers. Aid your allies if they get in fights during this time of course, but try to be somewhere you can passively soak/push relatively safely.

Keep in mind people like to go for the sight right away on this map, so burrow down to the bottom lane and aid your team with Symbiote. The first temples spawn at middle and top, so as long as they dont have a Murky, Zagara, Azmodan, or Gazlowe ignoring the fights/temples bottom you can abuse the time to soak in the bushes there for exp and passive pushing while helping out with your hat. Once the first temples are done burrow top.

Why top? The second temple set to spawn is bottom only. Soak top while helping your team during it. From there on move as you need to for pushing/soaking based on where the temples are at. Keep in min if your team doesn't need your help you can soak/push two lanes at once. Your body in one lane and hatting a minion to push with in another.

Make sure you keep mines in bushes, pathways, on the temples to keep track of enemies and to show when enemies are heading for you.

Blackheart's Bay
Now this is a fun map for Abathur.
Go middle at first to place mines around the chest top/bot and in the bushes for the sight shrine, and hat because your team is most likely going to fight over the vision.

Once that's done with pick a lane. Top is usually the better choice barring enemy picks, as there's a **** top on mercs bottom and they can cause you trouble soaking early game, as well as people going by for the bottom chest.

There's a ton of nooks and crannies on this map when hiding to soak/push so abuse them! Especially move to soak if you know your team is heading towards a guaranteed fight at turn in and then hat them. With two mines and one locust (stop thinking of that one video you perverts! Not like that!) you can steal those little doubloon camps worth two coins. Place two mines then burrow to them, timing your passive locust to pop after you arrive. Slap them to sic your locust on them, then Symbiote the locust. Congratulations! You have two coins! Stock them up slowly over time when you're not needed in fights and turn them in once it's safe.

You should try to always have mines in the bushes around Blackheart, and as well right by him to see when enemies are there.

Spider Queen
Personally, I'm not as big a fan of this map when playing Abathur. For one, there's almost ALWAYS something going on in all the lanes, so it's a bit harder to find time to body soak. Between yours and the enemy's Webweavers, to people just killing minions between to push and get gems.

If you can safely do so, gather gems. Don't be afraid to burrow in and nab an ally's gems if they died and you can get away safely- they'll thank you for it, and you wont end up losing a big chunk of gems. Turn them in when it's safe to do so.

Keep mines on the bushes around the turn in shrines as well as by the shrines to see people waiting for ganks and turn ins.

Having your Webweavers up is a good time to burrow in , drop a Locust Nest/Brood, and hearth out if you can do so safely.

Although there are lots of places to hide here.. It's still more risky due to all the activity in lanes even late game.


The other map I'm not too fond of as Abathur.

However, you can be sure to piss off and annoy the enemy team. What's that? You ran off to help your team against mine bottom? Let me burrow in and steal the shrine back. Or, if I'm close, walk over to take it, then burrow mid to take the Dragon Knight while you're distracted. Yea. They get pretty angry when you do that, so make sure you have team members to cover your escape while you burrow when you exit the Dragon Knight.

Early you need to help secure shrines with your hats an mines. Mine the **** out of the bush the enemy must walk through to get to the shrine of the lane you're in/helping. It'll help deal damage as they come in to fight your ally or sometimes kill them when fleeing at low health.

As always, keep mines in the bushes around the shrines and Dragon Knight, as well as on them and in any bushes people travel through often.

Battlefield of Eternity

You can easily soak early game on this map. pick a lane and soak in it while helping your allies dealing with the enemy team and Immortals. If they're pushing with their Immortal or defending against yours, go into the empty lane to soak while helping there as well.

Place mines around immortals and the bushes/escape ways in middle.

Now, I probably should of put this at the top of the basics list, but there are multiple ways to get experience on Abathur.
  • Being close by to minions with your body, like any other hero.
  • Minions dying with your hat on an ally or a minion nearby.
  • Your locust getting the last hit on a minion or mercenary.
  • Your Monstrosity (non hatted) getting the last hit on a minion or mercenary.
  • Your clone from Ultimate Evolution being close to/killing minions, just like as if it was your normal body.

Abuse this. If you can and your team doesn't need your help at the moment, body soak in one lane and hat push/soak in another. Mad experience.

Soaking and you- gaining experience for you and your team Top

One of the most important things Abathur can do is soak and gain loads of experience for his team. You've seen where I've tossed around for you to soak and such. But if you're new to playing Abathur you're going to have to realize you can't sit out in the open visible like most heroes. That's a quick ticket to getting ganked with how squishy you are.
Here I've positioned myself so that I'm hidden in a bush while close enough to minions to gain ep from their deaths. From here your passive locust will aid in pushing the lane, and you can speed up the process by laying a mine or two down.

Unlike in this screenshot, I do not recommend being in the bush that close to the enemy. If they see your locust come out they're going to gun for you. Unless they're really dumb. I've seen people walk past without batting an eye as I ****ped out a locust while clutching my Hearthstone.

The best way to move into position is to have vision of the bush with a mine from your W and burrow in.
Keep in mind, doing this you can still hat team members to aid them, or hat some minions in a DIFFERENT lane for TWICE the experience. It's delicious. Soak well enough and you can hit level 10 while the enemy is 8.. as long as your team has been smart and not feeding.

I can't tell you how many times I've found all the experience I obtained pretty much nullified by dumb, feeding teammates.

Talents [Build 1: Hat/Push build] Top

The talents for this build is aimed for more a mixed Symbiote and pushing build. Why would I mix the build? Because it makes you much more versatile and means you can up your siege damage considerably while still being strong for team fights.

Here we have:
Tier 1 talent: Level 1
Regenerative Microbes

Why take this talent? Because the extra heal over time on top of your shield keeps your allies in lane longer as well as saves lives. I can't tell you how many times my HoT that ticked a few times before the shield burst saved someone.

Alternatively, you can also pick:
Pressurized Glands

I see a lot of Abathurs take this. But honestly? Unless I'm going FULL hat build I rarely take it. It's useful for sure, especially in team fights and hitting more minions with pushing, but I like the heal on the shield better.

Tier 2 talent: Level 4
Adrenal Overload

This is an AMAZING talent, especially for your melee assassins! Your ranged assassins can use it as well, but remember, you're more effective on a melee target to get off all your Symbiote abilities.

I ALMOST always take this talent. Even if we have one assassin. It's too good to pass up. Don't underestimate a Muradin with this buff. Especially if he went Avatar.

As I mentioned, it synergizes very well with Assassins.

The Butcher will love you. Not only does he hit VERY hard, but with the added attack speed on top of his already huge damage, the faster swings lets him get more out of his sustain from attacking branded targets. Your shield/heal will give him more survivability while you poke and aoe the enemies around him.

Illidan is the classic combination with Abathur after Abathur's rework of talents. Illidan relies on auto attacks not only for damage, but life steal on hit and cooldown reduction. You make his attacks even faster, pumping up his damage, self healing on top of your heal/shield, and make him able to toss out his abilities that much quicker. Not to mention the fact it synergizes well with his dodge/shield.

Sonya is a good partner for Abathur in fights as well. You give her more damage and attack speed. A thing to note is that the attack speed bonus is wasted while she Whirlwinds, but you're also giving her much needed tankyness to stay in the fight.

It goes with any ranged assassin really. One to make note of though is Tychus. Tychus has the fastest attack speed in the game. Think about that as you hat him, with the two of you laughing as your enemies melt.

Tier 3 talent: Level 7

The talent is self explanatory. Longer distance and more damage on your Stab.

However, if you find your team doesnt need the extra bit of damage, you can also take this other talent.
Vile Nest

The slow on the mines is huge- a whopping 50%. Place your mines on escape routes for both sides around objective to stop enemies from fleeing, or so that your allies can kite people over them to escape. Not to mention it lasts 4 seconds! And it's stronger than Jaina's slow.

Not only that, but if that enemy Nova / Zeratul sneaking around to gank your team hits one.. Heaven nor hell will save him if the team turns around and smacks him like they should. No blink will save you with that 4 second, 50% slow. Unless their support comes along and cleanses it, wasting it for the upcoming team fight.
I've pissed off a lot of Nova and Zeratul with this talent.

Tier 4 talent: level 10
R: Ultimate Evolution

Although I've explained how to use it earlier, I'll take this if we need an extra team member for a fight, or to jump in when things look like they may be hairy. Check above on the ability explanations on why and how to use it.

Alternatively, you can take this:
Evolve Monstrosity

If the enemy team are pretty dumb, or you feel confident in being able to push with it and get it stacks then take this over Ultimate Evolution to add to your pushing. You can always bring it into fights at max stacks, or close to max. You may want to hold off using it at times until there is a distraction. (Temple/Tribute/Your dragon melting a lane) I don't take this on Dragonshire all that much.

As with Ultimate Evolution, check the ability explanations for how to use it.

Tier 5 talent: level 13
Bombard Strain

This upgrades your locust to have a more powerful, ranged attack. Good for sitting behind minion waves and killing towers/forts, or sieging the core. They used to outrange towers, but they were nerfed a bit back because of people complaining about his backdooring. However, they're still quite useful.

You could also take this instead:
Assault Strain

This makes your locust attacks cleave for 50% damage and explode upon death.

Picking between the two is a matter of preference- I usually prefer Bombard Strain these days.
It mostly comes down to if you're going to be going after Siege or Knights camps solo more. I'll explain that later in the Advanced section.

Tier 6 talent: level 16
Locust Brood

This lets you drop three locusts at the location you're in. And yes, they have whatever talent buffs you've given them. So, if you went Bombard Strain, they will be Bombard Strain locusts, the same for Assault Strain, and the tier 1 talent's buff to health and duration, Survival Instincts.

This skill is amazing for making pushes when not having to babysit a team member or Monstrosity.

Burrow in to where you're pushing (Preferably into a bush so you aren't seen), and drop these babies behind the minion wave that's pushing from your side. Watch them melt through forts and minions alike.
It can also be used as a ganking tool, but more on that later.

With a 45 second duration it's going to be up often- if you can try to use it on cooldown. When burrowing to your location to use it, try to time it so that your passive locust will spawn right after you arrive for best results- leaving you with 4 locusts to attack and push. Unless you know you're going to be safe for a good bit, leave a mine or two for vision and a future burrow spot and use your hearthstone to get back.

The Locust Brood is also highly useful for defending- drop it on people attacking your forts from a safe distance, or on huge snowballs of minions and mercenaries to free your team members from backing to back off the field and defend.

Although risky, you can drop them on objectives to stop people from capping, like the Dragon Knight on shrine or tributes. It's best to use mines and poking them with stabs from nearby minions/allies if you can though, as you're VERY fragile.

Tier 7 talent: level 20
Locust Nest

Use Locust Nest to supplement your pushing by leaving it in a bush by where you're pushing- generally in the location you tossed your Locust Brood at. Not only does it toss our your boosted locusts out every so often, it's also a great distraction for people hunting you, as they will eventually, if they're smart, check there. Meanwhile you could be pushing elsewhere and drop another Locust Nest down once the previous one is destroyed.

Keep in mind only one Locust Nest can use up on the field at a time, so placing a second will destroy the first.

You could also pick this talent instead of you have a lot of melee (And that includes tank(s)):

Hivemind places a second Symbiote hat on a nearby ally. Yes, that's right, two hats! TWO! Twice the shielding, twice the stabbing! Twice the amount of heroes with the attack speed boost from your Tier 2 talent.

Hivemind is a fantastic talent that has one major flaw: If the two heroes you have your Symbiote on move too far away it breaks, leaving it only on the person you first placed it on. If you plan on taking it, consider asking your team shortly before level 20 if they know what it is and how to use it. If some of them don't know, quickly fill them in and ask them not to break it as much as possible so long as staying in range doesn't get them killed.

You can also use the other two talents from this tier to upgrade your specific ults, but I don't find myself using them all that much.

The shield for the Ultimate Evolution upgrade can be nice but a lot of times your clone is going to be bursted down- which means no shield for your copy target.

The burrow for your Monstrosity is again, nice but... I just don't use it much. The team fight often comes to you as Monstrosity. Sure, it can be used to escape with your Monstrosity, but Hivemind or Locust Nest is a bit more useful in my opinion. It's personal preference, so I'm a bit biased I'll admit.

Talents [Build 2: Hat Spike Burst build] Top

Honestly I don't go full Spike Burst build all that often. I've seen plenty of other Abathurs who enjoy it, but it's only something I use every so often. This build incorporates aoe healing, an aoe slow, and a wider range to hit more targets with your spike, increasing your team fight damage while adding utility. All in all, this build is perfect if you're going to be on a melee assassin for most of the game, or even a tank.

Tier 1 talent: Level 1
Pressurized Glands

Pressurized Glands increased the aoe range on your Spike Burst by 25%, as well as reducing the cd by one second. This is a must have for this build. Not only will it mean you're healing your Symbiote target more often, but you'll also be slowing them to aid in sticking power.. As well as just dealing damage a bit quicker. One second adds up more than you realize in fights.

Tier 2 talent: Level 4
Adrenal Overload

As said with my first build, Adrenal Overload is amazing. That 25% attack speed buff on assassins- and even tanks like Muradin, will mean your enemies will be feeling the pain. Considering this is a hat build, if you went this build you're probably on a melee assassin like The Butcher or Illidan, giving them more sticking power and sustain, as well as attack speed.

Additionally, you could also consider going:
Sustained Carapace

Why? Well if you don't have any melee assassins, you could be using this build to beef up your tank. Johanna with a hat build like this is pretty scary- and adds onto her bulk. This lets you hop around more to shield your allies, as it stays on after you remove your Symbiote. Although if you have a Muradin, just stick with Adrenal Overload. With his auto attacks stunning while Avatar is active, your hat will make him pump out cc much quicker.

Tier 3 talent: Level 7

Self explanatory- help pump out the damage and chase with the 20% increase in range and damage on your Symbiote. Plus, the defensive capabilities of knocking people chasing your hat target off their mount.

Alternatively you can take:
Vile Nest

Ideally, the time you should take this over Needle spine is if your team needs a bit more peel, or if you're having a lot of problems with Nova and Zeratul ganking you to stop the rape train you're obviously doing with your assassins. You can plant these at escape routes for both teams right before guaranteed fights or objectives, so that your team can kite chasers over them or chase people into them to secure the kill. 50% slow for 4 seconds is nothing to sneeze at.

Tier 4 talent: Level 10
R: Ultimate Evolution

As explained in the first build, you're probably going to want to copy your assassin if it's a Zeratul or a The Butcher if you can get away with it. Zeratul can team up with you to eliminate a squishy quickly before you go back to hatting him, and you can use Butcher's E to stun a target for extra cc- bonus points if you time your stun right after the other to keep them where you want them.

You could also take:
Evolve Monstrosity

I know you're thinking "But if I'm in a hat build.. Why would I take Monstrosity?" Because having this thing at full stacks wrecking their forts while you assist your team is still great. Even with a bunch of talents to support it, your Monstrosity can do work, just keep enough of an eye on it to get its stacks up and keep it alive, but don't sacrifice your team in the process. Not to mention the usual giggles of watching enemy assassins trying to 1v1 it at max stacks. Mmmm assassin tears are the best.

Tier 5 talent: Level 13
Soma Transference

It's pretty clear to see why this is in the build. This plus your tier one talent will ensure you get multiple procs if your melee assassin is in the middle of the fight, healing him for each person you hit with it. If you're on a tank, you've just made them a lot tankier. And I mean A LOT. A Johanna with this on her is a nightmare, especially when backed up by a healer. Anub'arak will love you too with how squishy he is compared to most Warriors.

Tier 6 talent: Level 16
Envenomed Spikes

Your assassins will love you for having this, especially if it's The Butcher. He needs some sticking power for when he misses his q slow and they walk away. This will ensure he shoves his cleaver where the sun doesn't shine, and best of all, it's an aoe! So, not only do you have an increased range and CDR on your Spike Burst, meaning it hits more people in a fight, but it's healing your assassin while you SLOW his victims. No escape indeed. And of course, it's fantastic for tanks in the thick of things.

Tier 7 talent: Level 20

Nine times out of ten you will be taking this talent with this build. Hivemind is just.. So good. You wouldn't even believe. Get this on your melee assassin AND your tank and it's pretty much over for the enemy, provided your team doesn't decide to be incredibly stupid mid fight.

However, if your assassin isn't lasting long enough while you've copied him you could take:
Evolutionary Link

The shield is nice and all, but remember, if your clone has been burst down all game before it can do anything anyways then the talent is pretty much worthless and you should stay with Hivemind.

Talents [Build 3: Pure pushing build 1] Top

So, you have a good team that doesn't need as much babying as most of the brain dead teams you deal with. What do you do then? Why, you go full on push build of course! There are multiple builds for this, and it all depends on your play style. Pick one you like and have fun with it.

Soon, you'll be laughing as the enemy forts fall one by one under the might of your locusts, and even backdoor their core.

Keep in mind this build you can also take camps with. which ones you can take depend on one tier of talents that I'll go into on the way.

Tier 1 talent: Level 1
Survival Instincts

This talent increases the health of your locusts by 30% while increasing their duration by 40%. That means they'll be on the field longer, and pushing longer. Pretty self explanatory. This talent also lets you take Knight camps later on in the game if you take the Assault Strain talent. More on that later.

As this talent makes your locust much tankier, you can use it to protect your minion wave with your symbiote on it, making sure your little minions survive much longer as they plonk away at your enemy's forts.

Tier 2 talent: Level 4

With this talent you can place mines anywhere on the map no matter where you are, as well as making sure your mines used for warding lasts 20% longer on the map for vision. Or, if you're being naughty on Haunted Mines and Dragonshire, stock up on a massive pile of mines to bomb someone with. You cheeky git.

Alternatively you can take:
Prolific Dispersal

Honestly I like this better than Ballistospores- I always found Ballistospores more of a crutch when you can move/burrow to get into range of where you want your mines. However most Abathurs I see prefer Ballistospores. Try them both out and see which one you like more.

This talent makes you have 5 charges instead of 3 max, while reducing the cd for gaining charges by two seconds. Which means you can place mines faster in a little pile on the Haunted Mines entrance. Have fun!

Tier 3 talent: Level 7
Networked Carapace

This beautiful little talent makes it so that when you shield a minion or allied mercenary, it shields ALL the nearby minions/mercs. An entire wave with a shield. Which means they'll survive a lot longer when tackling towers and forts, as well as building up HUGE minion waves in one lane as they all merge into one huge pile.

Tier 4 talent: Level 10
R: Evolve Monstrosity

Monstrosity is the obvious choice here, pushing hard with a lane of minions as they each bear shields, making your fort killing machine last longer and take less damage. Make sure you keep it alive and healthy, and keep an eye on the map in case you need to pull it back for incoming ganks.

Remember that if your team needs it you can always bring a max stack Monstrosity into a team fight to wreck their back line.

Tier 5 talent: Level 13
Bombard Strain

More damage and ranged attack to plonk at towers from behind your minion wave? Yes please. Not to mention with this talent you can start taking siege camps after getting your level 16 talent. Either way, I listed this talent first out of the two because of personal preference, but both of the talents I'm listing for this tier are viable and interchangeable.

Assault Strain

With this upgrade you can take knight camps after you get your level 16 talent, as the knights will clump up on your locusts, barring the wizard in the back. Assault Strain makes your locusts cleave for 50% damage to nearby targets while they also explode on death in a small aoe.

Not only is this good for minion waves and knight camps, but its HILARIOUS seeing someone fight a group of these and dying from the explosions when they kill it. I've had many laughs at their expense with this talent.

Tier 6 talent: Level 16
Locust Brood

The choice for this tier is clear as day- you want to be able to summon the three beefed up locusts to take down forts faster and steal all their camps. If you took Bombard Strain, go for Siege camps. If you took Assault Strain, go for Knight camps.

You might be wondering why one isnt ideal for both. Well for starters, the golems are ranged so for the most part they stay in place- your Assault locusts would die out too quick without the increased damage the Bombard Strain has. On the flip side Bombard Strain locusts do some aoe when targets are clumped up, but they lack the added aoe explosions that the Assault locusts have, which severely hinders you being able to take the knight camps.

Tier 7 talent: Level 20
Locust Nest

The clear cut choice for this build. Any addition to your pushing power is welcome, and with it spitting the locusts out on occasion it gives you continual pressure until it's destroyed by the enemy team or you place one elsewhere, as you can only have one nest up at a time.

Talents [Build 4: Map King] Top

This build is for pissing off the enemy with having your mines EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. This works especially well when they have a roam heavy composition- especially with those pesky Zeratul and Nova that like to harass you. With this build you can keep even better track of the enemy to secure kills- or save your team members from ganks.

Tier 1 talent: Level 1
Envenomed Nest

You may ask why I'm including this talent. Well, for starters, if your enemy team is very roam heavy, then any damage they sustain moving to gank your team will help greatly, no matter how small. It means your team is much more likely to kill the ganker, or, it means they'll back off and decide it's not worth it without full health.

Keep in mind the DoT does not stack from multiple mines. This talent is really nice for Dragonshire and Haunted Mines I find, as it'll help your team win trades for shrines as well as give even MORE damage to the people you're bombing going into the top entrance.

This is also great for killing minion waves and mercenaries a LOT faster. Drop one in the middle of the group and watch it explode, and then let your minions and the DoT on them finish them off.

Tier 2 talent: Level 4
Prolific Dispersal

As you want your mines all over the map to control it with vision, it's important you're able to churn out the mines faster. Not to mention having a higher cap for when they recharge as you Symbiote is nice too. All in all, pretty self explanatory. Light up the map.

You could also take:

I've already explained why I like Prolific Dispersal in the previous talent build up above, but this could still be taken over it if you wished. You won't have a higher generation of mines but you will have the ability to place them anywhere on the map barring terrain and last 20% longer. The choice between the two is personal preference but as I said, I'm biased to Prolific Dispersal.

Talent tier 4: Level 10
R: Ultimate Evolution OR Evolve Monstrosity


This choice with this build depends on your team. If you feel you need an extra body on demand, take Ultimate Evolution, especially if you have a high damage assassin on your team. Elsewise, pick Monstrosity to be able to push more along with the next talents.

Talent tier 5: Level 13
Bombard Strain OR Assault Strain


Once again, pick Bombard for siege or Assault for knight camps. Personal preference. Having a higher control of the map with your vision means it's even safer for you to go out and push.

However, you could also build into more of a support build from here on out if you wanted to instead of a push build. If so, take:

Soma Transference

Your host will be grateful for the extra sustain in team fights and duels. Remember, this talent is most effective on melee assassins and tanks.

Tier 6 talent: Level 16
Locust Brood

If you took the Bombard or Assault Strain talents at level 13, then you're going to be taking Locust Brood for the extra pushing.

However if you went support build, you have two options for this tier.

Envenomed Spikes OR Adrenaline Boost


This falls down to mostly personal preference. On one hand you have a 40% slow on your aoe- so it's especially good if you have a melee assassin, but also works well on tanks.

On the other hand, you have a 40% speed boost on your shield. I personally love Adrenaline Boost, as you save a lot of teammates with this one. Not that you can't with Envenomed Spikes, but you don't have to be in melee range of the enemy for it to be effective. This is especially great if you're on Blackheart's Bay or Tomb of the Spider Queen, as the save will make sure they keep their doubloons and gems.

Adrenaline Boost can be used for either aiding a team member's escape, or for chasing an enemy for the last hit. Either way, it's pretty darn versatile. Oh, and did I mention it works on your Monstrosity too?

Tier 7 talent: Level 20
Locust Nest

If you picked the pushing talents, then you're going to be picking this up to aid in your pushing. If you went the support build however, you're going to pick this next talent.


As always, this talent is fantastic. Double the aoe heals, and double the aoe slow or speed boosting shield. You could always upgrade your ultimate choice but Hivemind is just.. So good.

Talents [Build 5: Hat pocket healer/Support build] Top

This is the standard Symbiote build for aiding your team the whole game. You focus on giving your team bits of heals, as well as adding to their damage and survivability. Of course, don't forget to still use your passive locusts to push lanes and soak experience. Wasted locusts are sad locusts.

With this build you'll be able to save people much more often than normal- as the added in heals and speed boost make for excellent aid in escaping. You can also use it to help tanks initiate with a bit of added tankyness, or for giving the teammate an added boost to catch the stranglers fleeing from fights.

Tier 1 talent: Level 1
Regenerative Microbes OR Pressurized Glands


The choice in this tier is up to personal preference- I'm much more partial to Regenerative Microbes because every little bit of healing early game helps. It saves mana for the healer on your team, not to mention topping people off or giving them small boosts between skirmishes all help.

For those picking Pressurized Glands, its generally for the added pushing early game as well as more targets hit for your 13 talent later. The added range to your Spike Burst is nice, as well as the faster recharge time. I just prefer the heal over time in most cases.

Tier 2 talent: Level 4
Adrenal Overload OR Sustained Carapace


Unless you REALLY don't have anyone that benefits well from Adrenal Overload, you're going to be using it nine times out of ten. Keep in mind if you don't have any assassins for whatever reason, and you have a Muradin, advise him to take Avatar at level 10. He'll get a lot more stuns off during its duration with Adrenal Overload.

If for whatever reason you're all mages and tanks, or heroes like Azmodan, you're probably going to want Sustained Carapace. You COULD take it as well if you dont think you'll need the added attack speed bonus, but why pass up the chance to make your assassins more deadly?

Sustained Carapace however IS useful. It lets your shield stay on the target after you drop your hat as well as lasts longer. Which means when combined with the Regenerative Microbes talent you have a sort of 'fire and forget' HoT.

Tier 3 talent: Level 7

With this being a hat orientated build, Needlespine is the way to go. Your job with this build is to be a global threat with hoping around on your allies, and this makes you all the more deadly.

Tier 4 talent: Level 10
R: Ultimate Evolution OR Evolve Monstrosity


Either ult works here. Pick Ultimate Evolution if you have good copy teammates, or if you think you won't be able to get away with using Monstrosity. With the build your Monstrosity is going to hurt like HELL at max stacks while also giving it survivability.

Tier 5 talent: Level 13
Soma Transference

Nothing angers the enemy team more when trying to kill your tanks and assassins when them just being NEAR them heals their enemy. This talent is great as its a per enemy hero hit. This talent is also why some prefer Pressurized Spines as you're more likely to hit more people.

Tier 6 talent: Level 16
Adrenaline Boost

This talent is fantastic. Not only will it save your teammates ALL the time, but it's good for initiations and chasing as well. If you took Sustained Carapace it couples well together, as you can Symbiote and shield, then drop to Symbiote another team member to get twice the boost going. This gets even better with Hivemind.

Tier 7 talent: Level 20

If you thought to pick anything else in this tier, then GET OUT. No, seriously, shoo. With this build there is nearly no reason NOT to pick hivemind. All the extra healing, shield speed boosts, and extra damage is invaluable in fights.

Talents [Build 6: Pure pushing 2, electric boogaloo] Top

Coming soon.

Talents: Leftovers aka the unexplained so far. Top

Talent tier 3: Level 7
Calldown: MULE

Mule can actually be very useful, especially if you're on Haunted Mines. While it has its uses, it competes with two talents I like in that tier often. Take it if you feel you absolutely need it.

Mule heals buildings while also recharging ammo over time. And yes, it works on the core.

Talent tier 6: Level 16
Volatile Mutation

I really don't like this talent. Your clone generally wont survive long in team fights most of the time anyhow, making the uptime on this TERRIBLE. Sure, you could get it for your monstrosity, but it's not like you don't already have talents to help it push if you're even considering this.

It makes your clone and monstrosity deal a bit of aoe damage every 3 seconds and once when they die.. But honestly it's pretty lackluster. There are much better options in that tier. If you find you like it, then go for it, otherwise, steer clear in my opinion.

To travel onto the field, or not to? Top

Many new(or just plain bad) Abathur players will only stay inside their base/spawn pool, or behind gates and forts. Doing so wastes so much potential to getting experience. Whenever I face an enemy Abathur and they stay in their forts all game I get very sad.. But it's also amusing at the same time. I generally have over twice the amount of experience than the fort hiding Abathurs.. or even more, by end game. The experience difference wracks up quickly.

When I first started playing I hid behind forts too. Back then the game was still in early alpha so most Abathurs did this, as everyone was still figuring him out and what made a 'good' Abathur.

You also had a lot more people thinking you were afk all game and spam pinging you. Silly people who don't know how Abathur works.

Generally the only time you shouldn't be on the field pushing and soaking is either:
  • Everything is pushed up at your forts in every lane. You need to be defending.
  • Zeratul and Nova have hunted you the entire game to the point of you even letting out the tiniest of squeaks outside of spawn you're dead.
  • The enemy team is at your core and you're trying to help defend.
  • Your entire team is dead and you don't know where the enemy is.
  • You just hearthed back and need a bit of time to recover your Burrow cooldown. Spend time moving back towards where you need to go between mine placing and Symbiotes.
  • You really are afk. Which you should never do. SHAME ON YOU.

Let it also be known that soaking can make or break a match when it comes it winning. Carrying a team of.. Not so stellar players is VERY difficult as Abathur, as you're heavily reliant on them during fights to do your work. However with enough soaking you can keep your levels equal or higher if you manage to play well, giving your team the chance to shape up and turn things around.

I'm going to use this match as an example.

Our team fighting was terrible for most of the match as you can tell. Our Leoric chased Tassadar during fights which left Thrall open to tear into our back line.

Every chance possible I was soaking experience while helping them out and when I wasn't using a clone. All while juggling killing the enemy Monstrosity as it popped up, to trying to save team members from dying between fights and helping them out when I could. Not only that, but I was taking ALL of the siege camps on the map, letting the ogres help me push lanes.

Naturally, this meant I was constantly stealing their siege camp near the base without giving them a chance to have it. Eventually Tassadar got tired of it and camped it for when it came up. I managed to cap it, and had Tassadar go on a merry chase after me for several minutes while their Abathur stayed hatted on him.

During this time my team had initiated a fight over the spawning Tribute and handily took them out 4v3- as Tassadar wasn't there to distract Leoric and Abathur was busy helping Tassadar. (And he was probably angry I burrowed on him with a Locust Brood earlier in the match too and killed him.)

So as you can see, soaking outside of your forts is important- it allowed my team to stay caught up in levels and hang on until we could turn things around. Had I stayed in my base all day, we would of been several levels behind and they would of wiped them 4v3 anyhow.

Soak that experience!

Advanced tactics. Top

So you've been playing Abathur long enough to come crawling out from behind your forts into the wild bushes and jungle that is the battlefield, soaking for your team and eating up all the experience.

By now you wonder.. What else can I do for my team? "I don't want to be a glorified hat machine!" You cry. And so, I will share with you things Abathur can do that most people don't realize.. or at least, new Abathurs and people who don't play him, nor will they expect it.

1. Assassination/Ganking.

That's right, you heard me. And I'm not talking about with your clone or Monstrosity either!
"B-but Abathur is too squishy!" Well yes, he's very fragile. However..

Say you know there's an enemy Abathur on the enemy team. When your team is too busy to respond to your pings at his location, you can burrow into his bush. Slap the **** out of him! Lay mines under him! And if you have it, place Locust Brood/Nest. If your passive spawns you can symbiote it too to kill him quick as it noms on him.

There can only be one.

Other times, your enemy is escaping from a teamfight. Blood is pouring from their brow with barely an inch of their life left. Symbiote a minion and Stab/Spike Burst them to death as they go by. If you can get away with it, burrowing in and dropping your Locust Nest can be used too. They often get greedy and think they can kill you as you run away. Meanwhile your locusts.. An enemy has been slain!

2. Bait/troll
Abathur is some hella strong bait. Especially against Butchers and Illidans early game.
You see a Butcher farming in the lane you're in solo. You decide to ooze out to just outside of the gate and circle around. If he takes the bait, he's going to come crashing towards you with his e. Run back inside the gate right after he casts it. He'll slam his face into it and eat turret fire. Hop on minions/turret and stab him as well. You can often get kills this way, especially if you have mines right outside the gate.

This is especially hilarious with Illidans. They're likely to try and flip into the base after you and get hit with slowing shots from the fort. Play ring around the rosy with them around it and Symbiote - > Stab as he tries to flee.

Even riskier still, bait at objectives. Especially coordinate with your team on this. You know a lone enemy is nearby, with your team hiding in a bush. Show yourself, then run back towards your team. They can get greedy and chase.. Right into your team. Burrow out once in the bush and laugh as your team murders them. I don't recommend this if they have a Butcher or any kind of ranged stun/cc.

3. Take mercenary camps.

Yes, you can take mercenary camps with Abathur!
A few mines plus a Locust Brood on a Siege camp will make short work of it, providing you're Symbioting one of the locusts. Cap it, watch your team go "WTF ABBY?!", and get out.
If you're going for Knight camps solo you need more mines and the Assault Strain.

If you don't have Brood/Nest, you can also take Siege camps with mines and a Monstrosity, or just the Monstrosity if it has a lot of stacks. Fresh Monstrosities means it takes longer and you'll cap the mercs with under half it's health left. You'll have to baby it a bit more or leave it to its fate while helping your allies.

Taking Mercenaries behind enemy lines is the best feeling while they're distracted too.

Mercenary Capping Top

I'm placing this under the advanced tactics section.

I'll be adding to it once I get some screen shots when I'm next in game.

Closure Top

If I forget anything off the top of my head fellow Abathur players, feel free to message me and I'll put it in, as well as acknowledge who gave me the information. I'll finish the other builds to this guild one at a time at a later date.

I apologize the guide isn't too flashy- it's the first time I created one, and hopefully it will help Abathur players just starting out with him, or those that didn't know some of the tricks and were already playing him.

I have Abathur1613's permission to link his stream here- He plays almost exclusively Abathur (And his in game name is even Abathur!), even in Hero League. If you want an idea of how Abathur plays by watching someone I suggest you watch him. He's rank one as well.


I'll see you in the Nexus. All hail slug lord Abathur!

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