AnnoyiChen? (Soak Build) by Revolution

AnnoyiChen? (Soak Build)

By: Revolution
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2015
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Build: Annoyitron in Heroes?

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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Muradin Really tanky and one of the best 1v1ers in the game. Don't engage this fight.
Illidan You can't deal ANY damage to Illidan, just stay away...

How can Chen be this Annoying? Top

Full Keg:

This ability basically sets up for mega slow and increased gank in late game.

Swift Reflexes:

This helps your survivability a bunch and can help give that little extra health for the team fights.

Keg Toss:

Amazing for chases and last minute kills, helps with the gank slow and everything like that.

Wandering Keg:

Amazing for objectives, getting the enemy off your back and saving your teammates from dying.

A Touch of Honey:

Increase slow helps with the gank and just being annoying in general so they can do the least amount of damage they possibly could.

Pressure Point:

Look at the one before.

Hardened Shield:

Increases survivability by an insane amount in teamfights and such.

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