Trouble is a-brewing in the lanes. A very in depth Chen guide [Alexstrazsa Release updated!] by Valamar

Trouble is a-brewing in the lanes. A very in depth Chen guide [Alexstrazsa Release updated!]

By: Valamar
Last Updated: Dec 8, 2017
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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Lt. Morales She can't touch you, you can run through the enemy team and just kick into keg, and your constant hit and runs tax her mana. A good chen is one of the hardest counters to morales, so her being picked makes chen a considerable counter pick. Now that you do insane damage she gets stomped into the ground even harder, poor medic.
Azmodan Chen can actually push back againest an Azmo, and you can drink through the laser, also an easy bodyblock. Eastiest hero in the game to keg. make sure to harass as much as possible to slow his stacks, any mana you make him burn on you with E is less mana for dunk farming.
Li Li Your niece can do next to nothing against you, only threat is if she saves your keg victim with cleanse.
Johanna She can't out damage you, and you are to fast for her to keep with you, when she pops her trait, bodyblock her as best you can. keg if trait (and falling sword) is on cd. Johanna can opt for block and regen, that doesn't make her more dangerous it just means instead of the chen vs johanna lasting 3 mins it now lasts 5 min, zzzzzzz..... with your new found damage, she now stands no chance. they nerfed her hp for whatever reason so now you body her even harder.
The Lost Vikings No matter the viking you are against, keep kicking forward and forcing them from the lane and try make that one viking miss soak. Deadly strike will let you global erik.
Chromie If her front-line is weak, just run through hr team and keg her, even solo, you can kill her in roughly 6 seconds, try not to stack her quests to hard. If she ults you while drinking you being move stops your drink, so Grounding Brew will not reduce the damage.
Sgt. Hammer when she sieges, just kick, keg, and sit back and sip a cold one while your team murders her and she thinks of how to properly trash talk you after the match. After the patch Sgt got a 20% AA range increase, slightly farther then kick range, but because Hammer has a .5 second delay before every AA means you have enough time to walk forward then kick. Threat level unchanged. Elusive brawler good pick.
Lunara You are her biggest counter, you do heavy dmg to her low pool, she can't stop your drink, and you equal her speed with BB. To help your allies, consider Enough to share to null her poison on your allies. Easy keg but Leap can free herself. If an ally is going to die from poison and trying to hearth back to heal run up to them and drink if you have enough to share.
Tyrael Because Tyrael was obviously more op then E.T.C blozzurd has nerfed him so much "Better Nerf Chen" is so last year and "Better Nerf Tyrael" is the new thing the cool kids are saying, he can stun ult you i guess? jokes aside if you are fighting over a boss holy ground always beats keg so be aware of that.
Sylvanas Slyv does not have the damage or sustain to beat you the only threat to you is her ults and the 16 vuln talent. hard keg due to her E.
Ana Ana is a none factor to chen all that you should be concerned of is her sleep dart and whoever she nano's, her poison does not outdmg shield and healing reduction does not concern you, like kel'thuzad avoid stacking her quests early.
Alexstrasza Alex doesn't like divers, especially a beefy diver that she alone, even in dragon form cannot deal with. its really important if she goes E build you don't stack her so try not to afk drink as just pelts you, you can keg during the animation of dragon form to put on a 10 cd and push her into your team, though if your team lacks a followup stun, after 10 she can just teleport away with cleansing flame. if you can, try to harass her and force her to pop dragon form, then run away, after dragon form ends your team should teamfight, alex is weak when shes not a dragon but shes busted when she is.
Kael'thas After some nerfs kael is back to being dumpster, hes only good vs uncoordinated teams and 3+ melee comps, the stun is still a threat but hes only a bit scarier then chromie for you, jaina is the toughest mage to tackle for you.
Nazeebo Naz is now almost full poke, his toads do DoT damage now, and the spiders are still low but sticky sustained damage,
Nova Once you kick onto her theres not much she can do, while you don't chunk like a Greymane you have to much health for her to kill, and you do respectable damage. Easy keg, make sure it ain't the decoy or you'll look like quite the fool.
Samuro Due to all of his damage coming from AA's, elusive brawler will negate all of his damage aside from bladestorm, Chen can easily reveal him due to his wide aoe abilites and the fire dot can reveal him afterwards, Images also help quest progress very quickly.
Probius Is only a threat if he's setup, but in most cases gazlowe is actually more dangerous to Chen. once you get deadly strike you do 25% of his hp per kick, try to sav you W when he's about to pop his Z to prevent his escape.
D.Va Try not to let her get free charge on you with her AAs, you can use elusive brawler to deny charge. in trades after lvl 4 you should win every time. becareful of having you kick disjointed if you hitbox midair solides with hers during boosters. If an exploding mech would be a disaster, you can barrel it away, just make sure you don't barrel it into more teammates.
Abathur I've changed my mind on Abby, while if you solo push his lane on a 1v1 he will lose, hard. however his ability to instantly reinforce any ally means he can turn a 1v1, where chen thrives, a 2v1, if he goes slow mines on small maps, you might even need to take relentless.
Artanis If you thought Chen vs Arthas was fun wait till you do a Chen vs Artanis, it will actually last the entire match. Chen pulls ahead due to the fact hes an easy keg, and your slows and bodyblocks can get him killed. Touch of honey REALLY screws artanis up, consider that talent. Try to eat his Q+E combo for your allies, as you can then just kick him to fly to safety afterwards.
Li-Ming Kick her, then after the tp W and follow her with auto attacks, next tp you kick and shes dead. difficult keg due to tp, and can't be kegged if she takes illusionest at 13. if Li-Ming drops both and Q and W on you thats a good time to kick in. you can bodyblock spells but giving her a reset means you have have just thrown a teamfight.
Falstad you can usually out-trade him, and your constant harass is going to wear him down, try not to stack his Q to much, start drinking, and when he comes for ez stacks move or kick out of the way. Easy keg. a W build falstad is a respectable threat, at 13 he can start to out trade the shield, so be way of a W falstad. with deadly strike you can swat off 40% of his hp every 6 secs.
Zagara The new Zagara is more dangerous in 1v1 due to infest, and kegging a maw Zag into your keg has the same risks as old, be careful kicking her when she took infest as 3 archers will chunk you hard. Easy keg, but a maw into your team can lose you the fight. Expect to see her in a solo lane. due to across the board dmg nerfs, vs a non-infest zagara should be an easy matchup. infest zagaras are just as difficult to pressure as before.
Thrall Thrall gets more dangerous as he gets specific tiers, on 7 he gets follow through, 13 he gets GK, and on 16 tempest fury with GK he beats you every fight. Easy keg, until he gets bolt. expect him in a solo lane, level 1-6 you have the edge. Drink alot in the lane, you always want a heavy pre-shield to null the W > E combo, you'll take no dmg and it will cost thrall over 110 mana. so make sure every second not wave clearing or smacking thrall is spent drinking. With elusive brawler, chen should now win the lane very time vs thrall, just pop it on the windfury, on lvl 4 with ring or deadly strike you can outright kill him.
Murky His Octo is the only issue, if you stay aggresive in lane and destroy his puffers, you will win. Expect him in lane. Not worth a keg ever, but if you are, do it when his E in on cd.
Rexxar Your old buddy, you can dive past misha and go for face and refuse to trade. the stun is annoying but trust, me your annoying him more. due to you having no mana you can just throw abilites on misha, forcing him to mend and tax his mana, also since hes stunning you, his mana is gonna drop real quick. Easy keg until he gets feign death.
Stitches Can't out damage your shield and in most cases Stitches doesn't want to burn hook just to stop you drinking, if he goes putrid bile be ware of kegging him into your team cause then you'll just carpet your team, if he gorges a teammate, you can keg stitiches into your team to get a kill, and save a grateful teammate.
Cassia Only becomes a threat late game, at lvl 4 Chen can chunk her with deadly stike > W+E and when she returns fire just drink and pop elusive and repeat, her lower AA range also mean she has to get closer to Chen compared to other Ranged assassins.
Genji doesn't do enough damage to threaten you, save for maybe his 13 Q shotgun talent, grounding brew is very good vs his dragonblade and lets you just afk drink, to do significant damage to genji try to hit him with a deadly strike kick when deflect is down or he doesn't expect your damage, be careful kicking him if hes planning to swift strike away or he'll carry you with him.
Stukov His silence can be a big problem for chen, especially when hes using it to follow up a stun on you, so after the stun ends you can't kick out, other then that he's easy for chen to dive, and if you went keg ult, kicking him into keg almost guarantees his death, watch for sneaky stukov's who wait for you to kick them then respond with their shove ult.
Junkrat Junkrat is usually so far back its hard to get to him, and if you attempt a flank an aware junkrat will prob have a trap or mine covering it, that being said junkrats dmg in short windows isn't enough to threaten a drinking chen, but do try to avoid stacking his lvl 4, a deadly strike kick alone is at least 20% of his hp.
Arthas New Arthas is much more dangerous, and with his new sustain you can't kill him in lane, but he can't kill you, regardless you should play aggresive and try to oom him, so he can come to objectives late. if you have an illidan or a butcher, Arthas can shut them down so hard that its actually probably worth to just trade yourself for him and just keg him out of a fight and just delay his return. if Arthas overextends you can kick, slow and bodyblock him until your allies kill him.
Chen Another chen, neither of you can out damage the shield, only attack him when hes not drinking. Easy keg, the trick is to not getting kegged first. if he SeF's, just sit and drink.
Brightwing The poly is really damn annoying and with blink heal shes hard to keg, her heals null your W+E pokes so you will have to throw in kicks and auto attacks for you for you to get the net gain. Keg an EW brightwing into your team at your own risk.
Illidan He can use you as a healbot and out heals your damage and you can't stop drinking to AA cause his are better and he can dodge them, a dmg build chen can cause him problems though. to slippery to keg. elusive should be highly considered
Tracer Shes to fast to stick to, at most you'll get a kick and AA off and you can build her ult so be careful of that. Recall makes her immune to your keg, due to her tiny pool, consider deadly strike and combo attack, you'll take off 45% of her hp.
Tassadar Depends on the skill of the tass, his shields on allies Null your harass, his wall can block you off, and the REALLY good tass' can wall you as you keg someone, screwing it up. with the update, even tass is finding it hard to keep up with chen's pressure.
Medivh His shield can null your combo's and portal can save enemies you are chasing. Be VERY cautious of stacking his talent, if you notice he puts up a hit and run portal, stand near it and keg him away from the portal, he will die, if you reset his stacks that is 100% worth. If he goes Ley line he can stop you from kegging, be ware.
Anub'arak New Anub is overall weaker to Chen, his spell armor is 20% with his weaker dampen now and 50 with it, try to ignite him before kicks to you fire dot takes off his dampen becareful if you are a solo diver, a good anub may pick up on this and cocoon you as you dive in, with you so you far in, his team can then engage onto your team and you are to far forward to be saved by allies.
Muradin Since day one people always considered muradin the biggest chen counter, while not the biggest hes respectable, Yes stormbolt stops your drinking, but Muradin wants it to setup kills, and peels, so you'll only get the odd Q now and then, your harass and keep his trait from procing and force his healer to heal, after the unstoppable removal, he can be kegged. at 16 with give'em the axe gives muradin very respectable dmg, so it will be worth peeling him off allies.
Malfurion Due to your consant harass you are really gonna put the hurting on malf's mana pool, the threat is his roots which stop your movement. Since he can now afford to take cleanse, try to keg him or his ally if hes out of range or not paying attention.
Varian Varian's stun charge makes him hard to deal with, especially if paired with a Muradin, E.T.C, or tyrande. In order of most dangerous to least: Fury: can be negated by popping elusive brawler if hes moving towards you, pop elusive as he is mid-charge animation. Protection: The chain CC tank varian can lock you in place for a long enough time to be blown up but thats about it. Arms: usually drafted in teams intended to 100-0 a hero, teams which Chen is basically unplayable against, your only hope is to let the other warrior eat the combo and live or to start the fight with SeF.
Ragnaros Rag's lack of mobility makes him fairly easy to bodyblock and isolate, but his high raw numbers can be a threat, try to time elusive when hes about to do hiss AA+Q combo, becareful of crowding all 3 panda pals around Rag or you can give him a big heal from his Q.
Kel'Thuzad Becareful not to give him free stacks, you can bait cds by drinking then moving away when he moves towards you, kel'thuzad relies alot of his team to peel for him so be aware of what tank is going to try to get you off him, both ults, especially keg are very good vs him.
Gul'dan You can't 1v1 a gul'dan, due to no stuns, try to kick away from him when hes draining and re-engage when its on cd, Easy keg, keep knocking him in the keg to deny a horrify. expect him in a solo lane.
Jaina Jaina's burst can chunk you quick and it nulls your brewmaster's balance, if she doesn't get any peels you win, when she blizzards on you, kick her or something to get out of it. Easy keg, but careful of bringing a Ring of frost into your team. at 20 with ice block she can no longer be kegged. Hardest mage for you to deal with.
Raynor sustained Auto attackers are Chen's biggest threat, and Jimmy is no exception,due to his E his best answer to you kicking onto him is to stand and fight, and he can interrupt the drink, however he is an easy keg target, and while his E can deal with a lone Chen, it won't save him from an entire team. elusive should be considered.
Greymane Greymane got nerfed and as a result he doesn't chunk quite as hard,the most noteworthy being how hard GftT got nerfed, however Marked is a very dangerous ult to tanks, including you, disengage if he uses on you, and try not to position so he can chuck Q's at you and splash onto your team, that flask really hurts now. Elusive is a must pick vs grey, withering is also good to weaken his GftT execute.
Rehgar Rehgod is back, and he hits hard enough to 1v1 green jesus, keep drinking and evasion his lunge, then kick and dump dmg onto him, try to oom him before tributes,altars, temples or other objectives if your solo laning vs him.
Lúcio the constant interrupts can get annoying quick, and if you overextend but just limp away with BB speed bonus, luico can speed up his team to catch you. Lucio is not ood vs either of your ults, for keg he can't clease and you can hop back into fights with pandas faster then he can boop, just try to make 100% your commited when you kick in.
Diablo Diablo has been buffed and is seeing much more play, while this goes for everyone now, do not place yourself between a wall and him, especially with the correct 13 and 16 talents, letting yourself become a pinball between 2 walls can mean your death, if he fails to kill someone in an engage, his low mobility makes your stickiness very effective, try to save kick when he throws you over his head, so you can kick back into a block, do not do this however if doing so and then getting Q'd forward could get you killed.
E.T.C. His stuns and heals mean the 1v1 will last a long time, and he can't really be body blocked. Easy keg, but kegging the mosh pit into your is never worth the risk, don't do it unless hes really low on HP and he will get killed really quick.
Cho You are pretty much a pest, you can do some damage to him but he with gall he is just able to out damage the shield, can be kegged before 13, and then can't due to block, keep shoving into him to not let Cho surge out.
Leoric Leoric is not to dangerous until he gets the 13+ 16 Drain talents, and then becomes a threat lvl 10 at 20 with leech. until then though his pretty weak. Got entombed? kick him then keg his ass into his own tomb. otherwise his WW makes him un-keggable.
Kerrigan Her trait will let her keep up with your damage and if she lands the combo you've lost, try to keep the speed from BB up as you fight her. Easy keg, but be ware of kegging a maelstroming Kerrigan into your team. withering flames is mandatory vs kerrigan, less dmg, less shields.
Gazlowe If he has 2+ turrets up you can't just kick into him and his charge will force you to move back, try to push back the wave and tax his mana, kick into him when hes charging his laser. Easy keg but beware of kegging a Grav bomb gaz into your team. If he goes robo you have the time elusive lasts and after that he can beat the shit out of you and steal your wallet, gazlord meta is big bois.
Valla Not saying the new valla is weak, but vampire valla and manticore + GK valla were how she killed chen, with that gone shes alot less of a threat, the double rain and rancor at 20 is when she gets dangerous, but in a 1v1 you can make her back off or kill her even if she doesn't respect you. if she builds for ability damage, go withering.
Xul Until level 7 you are fairly equally matched,his prison can stop your movement though, hes scary if hes roaming onto you with a partner, like a kerrigan, grey, thrall e.t.c (not the hero). Easy keg, but be ware of kegging a poison nova Xul into your team.
Gall Do. Not. Tank.An.Entire.Volley. Be wary of kegging Twisting nether into your team.
Zarya after the nerfs Zarya is now alot easier to handle but she is still a threat, try to throw a W on her, and when she shields expecting you to fire breath, don't actually do it, then when the shield is down that is your que to go in. Her low mobility makes her an easy keg, and even slowing her then bodyblocking her can be enough if she oversteps.
Zeratul New Zeratul is stronger across the board, at 13 with mending strikes he can basically stand toe to toe with you, at 16 with warp blade he can both chunk you and heal more with mend, Deadly strike is better vs him since he usually peaces out before ring does anything.
Auriel Due to her lack of mobility Chen is able to stick to Aurial, however the aegis lets her deal very well with dive heavy comps which Chen is usually apart of. Her E is very strong peel vs you, as if your kick is down you have to give up the chase. When she hits 16 you will never outdamage her raw healing output.
Malthael you can pop elusive to evade autos and avoid getting marked for 2 secs, it is advised to almost always go bolder flavor vs malthael as otherwise your shield will be stagnated, at 16 there is little chen can do vs malthael so it falls to your team to keep him under control, do not go SeF vs malth as that gives him more mark targets.
Tyrande Tyrande is very dangerous, her mark and stun make you feel like your playing a melee assassin sometimes, alone you can beat her but a good tyrande will ruin your day, if you are kegging someone and she ults making them invisible, just focus your eyes and keep rolling, it will only save them if you lose track of them. Tyrande herself is an easy keg, and she has no cleanse to save them.
Uther Cleanse is a big problem for Chen, it ruins his keg and wastes his ult, the thing is if its down, Chen doesn't need to worry about it. Enter Uther, not only does he have cleanse but he has DS, if you are up against a competent uther enjoy getting 0 keg picks the whole game. oh and he has a stun to, and if wants if can have 2 of them.
Dehaka Dehaka is one of the heroes that when played well can beat and kill Chen in lane, you should actually player super safe and only attack him when you get 4, try to make him pop essence before objectives. Dehaka is to hard for you to kill and should be ignored, do not surround him with panda pals as you will practically give him permanent uptide on dark swarm. at lvl 4 you can maybe pressure him, but once he hits lvl 7 and gets feeding frenzy you can never 1v1 him.
The Butcher The butcher rework has made him a hero thats very snowbally, so if hes on the enemy team its very important to slow him down, Butcher is so difficult to deal as chen you should prob just never go close to him, unless your bodyblock would 100% get him killed, even early game Butcher wipes the floor with chen so if your 1v1 with him in lane you have to swap lanes, using keg to make him lose stacks if hes caught alone is always worth it. elusive really helps vs butcher, but you should still be very cautious approaching him.
Sonya Sonya is the one solo laner you actually can not beat, War paint and whirlwind give her sustain, Q stuns, and she out damages shield (even without ult up) Expect her in a solo lane, then proceed to surrender and leave. she can be kegged if she doesn't go leap, but beware of bringing an angry Sonya into the middle of your team, once shes 20 with ignore pain, keg her OUT of the team not into.
Tychus old tychus was a chen buster now hes a chen murderer, he chunks you almost faster then a greymane and can interrupt you with nade, only attack once D is on cd and don't let him stack his quest to hard. If he goes odin, during its setup rush through his team and keg him, his new giant hitbox makes it easy. Elusive is a must pick, but tychus is still tychus, so be careful around him.
Kharazim Between Iron fists being the norm now, which before could chunk your shield faster then it regens. Earth ally also makes SeF alot weaker, and of course SSS, Monk is now very difficult to deal with
Alarak God damn if old alarak was a 10/10 issue for chen he's now a 15/10. he's E heals for less in lane so if you can keep poking him you actually can make him tap now, the problem is in trades alarak almost always wins, you have to bait a Q, try to drink, and if he lines up a Q, kick over him. if he starts to play around this, you will have to be really creative in how you beat him. although in equal skill, the alarak should win, if it comes down to it just try to out waveclear him, thats the only thing you have over him.
Zul'jin After his rework Zul'jin needs to hit heroes to stack up late game, that means unless you going on him kills him, you should not trade with him (unless you trade when elusive is ready) if the Zul'jin goes mage build you can go accumlating but try your best not to give him free stacks, if he's Q build you have to go elusive and pop it anytime you've been hit by a Q, or else if hes fairly stacked, he could probably kill you in 8 or so autos.
Valeera If valeera opens on you, you're in big trouble, both the silence and the stun still stop your drink and leave you vulnerable. But the main reason why she can be so dangerous is how her team follows up, Valeera is usually drafted with heroes who can followup her stun, Varian, Tyrande, Muradin and E.T.C to name a few, this stun chain will go over 2 seconds and to live, you will require a cleanse or medivh shield to live, if Valeera is picked, Chen should not even be considered. Try to keep your fire dot on her to bring her out of stealth.
Garrosh His throw cant set you up to be CC follwup'd by his team and blow up, an his lvl 7 talent, oppressor, can null alot of the damag chen can do to him, his armor makes him fairly tanky to the panda pals. he is easy to keg as long as his unstoppable on 4 is down, try to bodyblock him and force him to throw you out of the way so other divers can dive him unhindered.


Build: Bolder Flavor

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Build: Mage Hunter/Squishy pummeler

Level 1
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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Sylvanas Heroes that already could not break your shield will be even easier with your new damage.
Li-Ming Your new found high dmg makes li ming cake, you will rip off 50% of her hp in a Q+AA+W+E+AA combo, if she takes glass cannon shes even easier
  No Threat
Lunara Poking heroes like lunara become a bigger threat duo to less recuperation with regen.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Zeratul Hit and run heroes like Zeratul will get really damn annoying REAL quick.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Tychus Higher health assassins like tychus will now become a bigger threat.


Build: Bruiser Chen, Backline diver

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


Build: Donkey Kong Build

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

I Am Chen, Brewmaster. Top

Hello And welcome to my first guide, there are many guides but this is mine, however mine is from a Chen player who has played more then 1450 games on him. I have HL'd with him and have even TL'd with him, After 2200 Chen games, i have a 65% win rate on him. I have gotten GM, highest being #2 (then i got a 15 loss streak feelsbadman) with mostly Chen.

The biggest strength of Chen is how independant he is, because of his regen he rarely needs to task his healers, he can get out of most dangerous situations by himself with keg and/or move speed of BB(brewmaster's balance, his level 7 talent). he is a very good dueler and only needs help vs his bigger counters and even againest his counters a good Chen can outplay them. (except The Butcher).

On paper Chen seems very weak, hes a warrior, but...his only peel a slow? his engage is targetted? he has to stand still to charge his resource?and god forbid HE HAS NO STUN?!? well this hero is wank, back to maining Muradin!

Oh sweet child, let me show you the light.

Pros Top

A beefy Warrior that does respectable Damage, Thus has to have some sort of attention turned to him.

A very strong laner, may force the enemy to have a 2v1 against him.

Very independent, and requires 2 or more heroes on the same team to counter him, making him excellent at solo queing.

Instant engage on a low cd that is to fast to react to, Anub'arak's engage can be reacted to.

Cannot be bodyblocked, just kicks out.

Few things tilt people harder then a good Chen emotions might make people make bad judgments.

Can practically do what ever he wants if he gets a big level lead, and can play VERY aggresive with one.

Respectable peel with kick into bodyblock.

Strong vs Cooldown reliant heroes, also strong against ability damage centered heroes.

Cons Top

If he kicks to far, he is an easy punish.

Cleanse counters him hard, and Cleanse is a good talent to pick on supports with few downsides.

While hes does well when hes ahead, by the same token, does worse when hes behind.

his engage is targeted, his follow up slow is on 1 person, Muradin's followup slow is an area all around him.

Is fairly weak at bush scouting due only escape being to burn his ult.

as his foes are more skilled Chen gets a bit weaker.

His peel does not stun, which means he can peel off melee heroes well but struggles at peeling vs ranged heroes. and when it comes to peeling melee heroes Arthas is the king.

Is weaker vs AA heroes or heroes that have low cooldowns with respectable damage.

Chen guide: Addendum/History Top

As of Sept 27th 2016 Chen got reworked, his talent was completely changed and his numbers were adjusted, so the talents shown below are the current Chen you can check out old guides on heroesfire to see the old chen, and compare the two, In my opinon, this new Chen is stronger across the board.

Talent changes:

Consuming Flame Talent tier 1 - increased the duration of the burn by 2 secs, now replaced by Accumulating flame, used to be taken if Chen's team had weak wave clear, and was good on BoE vs the immortal.

Regeneration Master Talent tier 1 - globe quest talent, every globe you collected gave you 1 hp regen per second to a max of 30, up completion Chen was granted a permanent 500 health, now replaced by Freshest Ingredients.

Grounding Brew - was 25% now buffed to 30%.

Keg Toss - used to be on talent tier 1, gave 125% range on keg smash, was not a quest talent back then.

Deadly strike Talent tier 2 - was just a 50% damage increase to Flying kick, alot of people thought it was a trap but i thought it was underrated.

Amplified healing talent tier 2 - a talent that increased all healing received by 30%, counted health regen per second, was a standard pick, removed.

Swift Reflexes talent tier 2 - gave Chen a buff that every 4 seconds he dodged a hero basic attack preventing all of its damage, removed.

Deep Breath talent tier 2 - increased the range and radius of breath of fire by 30% and the brew cost by 10, due to how it counter acted brewmaster's balance, it was considered a trap talent, removed.

Ring of fire talent tier 3 - same effect, but due to the dominance of brewmaster's balance, could not be picked, now moved to talent tier 2, it is an option.

Combat Stance Talent tier 3 - extended the duration of the shield by 3 seconds after drink was canceled, due to the dominance of brewmaster's balance could not be picked, somewhat baked into the new bolder flavor, removed.

Full Keg talent tier 3 - increased the damage and radius of Keg smash by 50%, due to the dominance of brewmaster's balance could not be picked, damage baked into keg toss, radius backed into Another round, removed.

Storm, Earth, Fire Talent tier 4 [ULT] - when all three died, Chen would still live, thier Q cause all 3 to leap instead of just earth and fire, W made them leap out in a triangle formation, doing no damage. Buffed.

Brew strike talent tier 5 - lowered CD of kick for every target hit by keg smash, considered a bad talent, removed.

Relentless Talent tier 5 - passively lowered CC duration by 50% not counting silences or polymorph, loved by many, even if it was a bit overrated, Removed.

Enough to share Talent tier 5 - slightly weaker, buffed, mover to talent tier 6.

Pressure point Talent tier 6 - on kick connect, slowed target by 90% for 1 second, considered one of the strongest cc's in the game, nerfed hard, moved to talent tier 5.

Bolder Flavor Talent tier 6 - increased shield strength and how fast it accumulated by 40$ reworked completely into the current incarnation and moved to talent tier 3.

Bottemless mug talent tier 6 - reduced trait cd by 2 secs, was very underwhelming when compared to other choices, removed.

Combination Attack talent 6 - upon using flying kick, Chen's next auto attack would do double damage, underpicked due to the sheer power of pressure point, but i think it had good synergy with deadly strike, removed.

Untapped potential talent tier 7 - used to increase keg speed per bump and duration of the ult by 2 seconds, was more funny then actually useful, changed to current incarnation.

Elemental Conduit talent tier 7 - upon using Chen's basic abilites, he would summon a respective spirit to aid him for 3 seconds, flying kick summoned the storm spirit, keg smash summoned the earth spirit, Breath of fire summoned the fire spirit, Storm spirit was only one worth summoning due to it being ranged and having far more damage output, changed to current incarnation.

Hardened shield talent tier 7 - a buff that made you take 75% damage from all sources for 4 seconds, 60 second cd, very strong, removed.

Bolt of the storm talent teir 7 - made you blink a short distance, very powerful talent, removed.

Talents Top

First lets go over his talents, as you get better as Chen more options will open up to you.

LeveL 1

With the removal of grounding brew, Chen's lvl 1 choices now are all kind of weak, if you need elusive, take it, if not you accuulating.
Chen is an early game hero and thus any talent that is tied to late game is not a good talent for him, this does not help him win the lane and doesn't help him survive burst, which is what in most cases kills Chen[/color]

This talent got heavily nerfed,
while this does hurt Chen the talent is very frustrating and it did deserve the nerf, but vs AA this talent is still very strong vs heroes like Raynor, Valla, and Illidan. and still required vs some heroes like Tychus, Zul'jin or Graymane.


Level 4

I thought the old deadly strike was underated and had its moments, now the new one is just ridiculous. You can stop and take a sip for like 0.3 seconds and just proc it immediately, becareful if you are getting chunked, if mid flight you lose your shield the extra damage will not trigger, the highest damage combo you can do is: Q > AA > W+E > AA, factor in another AA before the Q if face to face with target. oh and the no brew cost is mint.
if you are dominating a lane you should be able to have this done before or around level 10, This talent allows chen to soft peel at a distance, catch fleeing opponents and gives an ability that does no dmg to start doing actual dmg, if in melee, make sure you weeve in AAs between the two charges to maximize your dmg.

Provides respectable waveclear, i think its better then Diablo's Fire Devil talent, and is damage that can be done while drinking. Deadly Strike is usually the go to if there's a squishy you need to be hurting but is the enemy team is pretty tanky this might be better, though the waveclear is its selling point. In pure raw damage, ring beats out deadly strike very slightly, but deadly strike is burst vs ring sustained.


Level 7

Yep, still the best, still gives nice regen, and the move speed is just godly, this talent is so good saying "Brewmaster's Balance" and "bad" if the same sentence actually probably confirms you are slightly insane. with the mount speed nerf, Chen only moves 10% slower then a player mounted and keeps up with Rehgar.
Bolder flavor is very strong now after the trait buff,because Chen will be drinking less due to having more brew more often,Bolder flavor ensures in the moments you need to take just a quick sip and kick you will still have a hefty shield to protect you.
Moving this from lvl 20 to 7 was kind of strange, first off it competes with bolder flavour, and if my opinion bolder flavor is better, old purifying brew was actually really good with bolder flavor, as after getting stunned/silenced you pop another instant shield making Chen very tanky, now without bolder flavor the talent just seems weaker, i require more testing.


Level 10

one of the funniest ults in the game, and when used well, terrifying. there is no delay, upon cast Chen will increase his hitbox by roughly 33%and become a keg, the design will depend on the one he lugs around in his arm and changes depending on skin. any enemy hero that touches the keg will be knocked back from it, resulting in a 0.5 second daze.the face of the keg which is around 20 degrees will knock the enemy straight back from the keg, enemies that touch the front sides, the 50 degress will knock them diagonally and so on. The keg does not have instant turn speed like the heroes do so if someone is freed from the keg Chen can't turn around and salvage it.

The Keg can also be used as a peel for multiple heroes converging on one ally as well, but it is stronger for getting picks, Be ware, a badly used keg can cause more harm then good.
The New SeF got buffed in Healthand the spirits having new abilites, with the tradeoff being if all 3 die, you die. Their abilites as follows.

Storm Increases the move speed of all spirits by 50% for 5 seconds.

Earth Causes both the earth and the fire spirit to jump to target location slowing enemies in the area by 70% for 1.5 seconds.

Fire gives an attack speed steroid of 100% to all spirits for 5 seconds.

Upon Expiration, Chen will respawn where the storm spirit was.

This talent is strong for diving the backline,once the earth and fire are body blocking, use your steroid to start burning the squishy and force a response from the enemy warrior, as a solo warrior, keg is better for peels or getting a pick. the cd is still to long imo, and the playmaking potential of Keg is far to good to passup, but this ult now has uses in a double warrior comp or maybe even with an Illidan


Level 13

Its hard to say this but, in my opinion, Pressure point is now bad, the 35% slow can be done by touch of honey which lasts 2 seconds longer and is AoE, the 70% slow requires you to walk up to them, keg smash and then kick to proc the 70% slow, this is counter intuitive, you kick the target to close the gap and to get into bodyblock, and then you W to slow. Touch of honey does the job better.
still solid, just upping the slow of an ability your throwing out the whole game is good, and it makes body blocking easier if you don't need withering take this. this can totally negate stuff like Thrall's Windfury
This Talent vs the correct heroes is actually borderline broken, 3 seconds of 25% less ability power? and m8 its AoE? this is only a must pick 100% vs Kerrigan since you reduce her damage and her shields but versus any hero where alot of their damage comes from abilities is good to pick this up against, not just mages ex Valla.


Level 16

Its not op or anything but the extra range is nice for engaging or escaping, won't single handily win a game but if nothing is required you can grab this.
Would be amazing if there was a way it wasn't overly-complicated to do 2 back to back kicks with deadly strike triggered, otherwise, its good for keeping up the resistant on Accumulating Flame. A hidden stat that is not shown on the tooltip, is that the keg impact radius is increased by roughly 40%
Putting this talent this far up was honestly a mistake, it doesn't shield enough, it comes to late, it only usually helps your melee assassin, and usually does nothing to beefy warriors like Diablo or Muradin since its a flat amount and not % based, and stacking is bad, usually stacking this close together is the kind of stuff that can lose you a game. do not take this. (even if the drinking animation is pretty tight)


Level 20

The new upgrade to keg is actually really good, especially for diving under keeps, and anything that helps you stay alive at 20 is crucial since the death timers get so high, its also a bit harder for heroes like Valla, a worgen form Greymane and Artanis to dash away and disjoint the keg bumps, against good players who know how to focus fire this is almost essential.
the new upgrade to elemental conduit is strong, i'm kind of on the fence though if its overkill, and picking something else would be more efficent. you now get 100% of your max health per spirit so unless they are heavy in the AoE you are immortal. Storm gives Unstoppable, which is prob the selling point, the Earth's cd is reduced by 3 seconds, and the attack steroid persists until its death.

After more testing, the flame breath dot does not actually heal you, only the initial, And Chen's hp pool isn't amazing, hes around Etc's hp pool and hes considered more squishy, Chen has a little more hp then Diablo at 0 souls and Muradin has more hp then Chen Also, both of Chen's ult upgrades are very good, and the SeF upgrade is a game changer in terms of strength. only getting 5.5% of your hp every rotation every 5-6 secs just isn't worth it, esp at this stage of the game.

Chen's Playstyle Top

Think of Chen as a beefier Illidan that while does less damage is SLIGHTlY and i mean very slightly less mobile but has more health and does not get Wtf-blown-up, he is also fairly independent and doesn't need 7 supports to follow him and kiss his boots, nah Chen is to humble for that.

His abilites make it look like hes a tank that acts like a wall, this in practice doesn't work because then you just get ignored, no you have to force them to respond, and how do you do that, by jumping over the ******** Diablo's head and kick poor Jaina right in her mouth that's how! with your kicks slows and AAs, they will need to turn to you and throw CCs on you, and when that happens, your Greymane is going to be alot less concerned about jumping in when he notices Diablo's entire combo is on cd.

In teamfights Chen wants to force CC's to be used on him so his melee assassins can dive in after him, as such Chen is very good with heroes like Illidan, Greymane, and The Butcher as he is a warrior that is fast enough to forever keep up with them, while Muradin and Anub'arak can dive with the divers after they dive but once its on cd they can't follow the divers, Chen can.

Chen's other job is his early game, a big tubby lane bully, his constant shield and respectable damage makes him scary in lane, but Chen can play so much more aggressive then the other solo laners, to the point he makes them run behind the gate and possibly lose exp, Chen also does not have to back for mana so he will not need relief in his lane, just a healer to make a quick rotate if he is dangerously low.

When To Play What Build Top

The Standard: When none of the other build have a[ color=#00ff00]significant[/color] advantage.

Dragon shire/Braxis Dueler: Usually played on those maps, picked when Chen is picked for two reasons:

1: to initiate protocol: Sit *** on cap point and fight who don;t want you to sit *** on point.

2: not a tank, bruiser. if you are a solo warrior you are not allowed to solo lane.

Mage Hunter/Squishy pummeler: Kill squishies like Valla, Jaina, Lunara, Kael'thas. Basically low hp heroes that if left unchecked can kill your team, should be picked when:

1: to kill a squishy, dur.

2: You are a 2nd warrior. if you dive into their backline as a solo warrior, you just left your backline to frontline and now they will just collapse on your squishes.

3. They don't have Uther, he'll just DS them and you'll have to ult to save your own ***. Aurial may apply to some extent.

Bruiser Chen, Backline diver: usually picked when drafted as a bruiser and diving the backline would not result it you getting destroyed, pick if:

1: when your a bruiser boi, obv.

2: Your in an Illidan comp, if this comp theres no real "tanking" its just boarding the illidan train and just running nerds over, you can't tank when theres an Illidan present because he actually has a secret passive called Global Aggro where the entire enemy team focuses him and only him and thus you can't tank, SeF should be taken but you can go keg on maps where the boss is important, like Cursed Hollow, Warhead Junction and Towers of Doom, nix this if they have a Tyrael cuz holy ground beats keg out.

3. They have triple backline, triple backline is when the enemy has 3 damage dealers that are all ranged, the support does not count, so a comp like Valla, Zagara and Li-Ming is considered a trio backline, but a Valla, Zagara and Malfurion is not, despite the fact Malfurion is usually with the backline. usually triple backline is way more bad then good as its so hard to defend.

Donkey Kong build: Sometimes you just gotta throw beer at people, this build is ******** hiliarious and i recommend it, it is a legit build and should be played when:

1: They are fairly immobile heroes, can also cancel out stuff like Tyrael and Brightwing speed increases.

2: Doing so would not distract you so much you forget to frontline.

3. enabling an executioner esq hero, Raynor works but Lunara is better as the combo comes online at 13 but Raynor comes later but does more burst damage.

4. Chucking beer at Diablo, seriously that does not get old, bottoms up demon boi.

Winning your lane Top

This is very important, you need to destroy your opponent, remember Chen needs the xp lead to perform better so that's what you want. whether by forcing them to hearth, making them hide and lose xp when they aren't in range of your minions dying so they don't get xp credit, or by straight up for-going the whole "family, friends, and honor" code Chen follows and just straight murdering a man!....or women....or demon....or alien creature...or murloc.

You do this by consistent harass, after multiple jump ins and AA's and flame breathing and keg slamming soonor or later they are gonna get some scars, and then you keep that stuff up.

at around 40% they will play much more cautious, they will not stand in kick range, they will be behind their range minions so you can't get them right? wrong. Listen close cause this is VERY important, you cannot let up in the 1v1 you must apply constant pressure. let's say you are fighting Nazeebo, you have lowered his hp to 40% and hes shaking in his...wait he doesn't wear footwear...well hes pissing himself, and hes near his range minions throwing the occasional Q.
1. Kick the range minion, you are now behind the minion.
2. Walk up to Nazeebo, Chen flies quickly when he kicks so he can't react in time.
3. Give him a W+E combo.
4. If doing so will NOT get you hit by a tower shot, give him an AA, otherwise skip this step.
5. Stand and drink, the possibility of you going forward and attacking him scares him, and he will back off, away from creep xp range

When your enemy is low, and you know they have no tap, they are hearthing, its time for you to tank tower hits.

Simply Sit under the tower and drink, it will fire on you but your shield will null the damage, empty as much ammo as you can and if you feel you are going to be ganked,kick backwards to the enemy range minion, if you can't back up and mount up and run.

Dealing with gankers Top

You can't get caught up in kicking Nazeebo's *** to much, soon he is going to request help, whether from a supportive Brightwing or a pissed off Arthas you have to dodge death, you cannot lose this advantage.

if the support comes to help then that means the support isn't throwing heals in the other more hectic lanes, when fights break out more often. which means your team should have kill advantages your job now is to tax the healers mana and try to keep them here so if you see if they are about to leave run forward and kick him and start being a pest because its just a healer, they may not be able to kill you, of course this depends on the other lane enemy.

if its a Nazeebo and Brightwing you can still be fairly aggressive.

if its a Raynor and Brightwing you have to be a bit more passive.

it is in the best interest of the Brightwing to help the other teammates though so don't worry, she'll leave soon.


Now what if it isn't the support? instead you have drawn the ire of an Arthas, Kerrigan or The Butcher for example, well your chances are very high if you have BB on 7, you're to fast but if you aren't your gonna have to utilize the kick i'll go over the 3

Stop and drink.

He will dismount, throw his root on you, and start up the tempest.

As he notices you refuse to move, he will move in position to bodyblock you.

Throw a slow on him then kick, you will end up behind him, walk to your gates.

move forward a little bit so when Kerrigan jumps you she will be behind you

for a moment, Kerrigan will try to judge your movement.

you refuse to move so Kerrigan drops the combo.

when you hear the loud clanging sound of the combo,kick, you will end up behind her dodging the combo.

walk back to your gates.

walk a bit forward

when you hear butcher yell, walk forward as he thunders towards you

let him stun you, DO NOT kick as he is charging. upon impact he will move into bodyblock.

drop the W on him then kick and run back to gates, you will have taken quite a hurt but you'll be breathing.

The Wandering Keg Top

Feel free on your first 50 games or so to go for Storm Earth and Fire, but if want to be a REAL Chen you have to learn be a real kegger.

What we know about the keg:

1. Your hitbox increases by around 33%.

2. The keg itself moves damn fast, you move faster then someone on a mount, roughly 60% movespeed.

3. Every "bump" slows down the keg back to normal walk speed, this ito help you line up for continuous bump backs. you generally do not want to keg in the middle of a minion wave.

4. While in the keg, all passive regen freezes, so poison will kill you in the keg.

5. However you can be healed, shielded, and all abilites still work on you but CC will not proc.

the basic combo is this

1. kick the enemy hero, you are now behind them.
2. start up the keg, you will need to put all your focus into driving the keg, ignore everything else.
3. push the hero into your team.

If at any point you mess up the keg, like for ex: you bump them to the left or right, you're done, you cannot salvage it, every bump has to be dead center and I mean DEAD center, that's what makes the keg difficult.

What you can and cannot keg depends on the hero and talents they took for example:

From the beginning of the game, till level 20. Zagara is an easy keg, once in your grasp there is no escape.

Thrall is an easy keg, but once he gets Bolt of the storm, you can no longer keg him unless its on cd.

Heroes who can take ice block can save themselves from the keg.

Heroes with low cd escapes can use a basic ability to save themselves from your keg, thus are not worth the cd.

some heroes like E.T.C. or Jaina can have game changing heroics that if pushed into your team can have deadly outcomes, and not in your favor, usually best to just not keg them at all, or if you know you can shove them and hold them in a corner.

The Wandering Keg: Defensive Measures Top

The kegs main use is the pick, it helps you snowball exp and for a time know you can take aggresive camps or setup up more ganks since for a time, its 5v4.

but sometimes an ally needs your help, you can't burrow in to help them, you're no Anub'arak, you can't just walk in pop your D and suck people in, you're no Johanna.

So you have to burn keg to save them, simply walk onto of your ally and bump the enemy back and follow them for 2 secs to make sure they cannot leap onto your Valla and turn around and go to the safety of your team.

If they burned multiple ults to try and kill Valla, and it would have killed her if you did not save her with keg then it was worth, also your prob on Valla's good side now so that's a bonus.

Keg peels are better against melee divers and less so ranged attackers as it takes a half of a second to reach and bump them back which could be the reason Valla dies or lives.

Keg has some interesting uses defensively on some heroes to name a few.

If Zeratul does not think its necessary, he can drop and opt for every AA he will lunge his target giving him the best stickiness in the game and scary damage if he built for AA.

simply kick to Zeratul and keg around the victim, Zeratul will continuously lunge forward into the keg and keep getting bumped back, his AA's will not trigger so the victim will be safe, its up to either your team to kill the Zeratul or for him to blink out.

The Butcher suffers from an extremely telegraphed engage, pretty much warning everyone in the nexus hes about to rush full speed into Raynor.

No matter the ult, he can drop it during or after his charge and his victim is going to be in a world of hurt but not if Uncle Chen has something to say about it!

If he starts to glow red as he runs forward hes about to blow, start up the keg and rev towards Raynor, line up with butcher and as he knocks into Raynor he will lose his unstoppable frames and he knocked back by the keg, continue to bump him out of the fight and afterwards run back to the fight, you can't fight butcher but his charge is on cd, you should be safe.

He can either due to its huge range Ult > charge or Charge > ult no matter what as you see the charge or the ult you rev up the keg and sit on Raynor. as he connects start to bump him out of the fight if Raynor is still in peril just knock The Butcher a few feet and return to Raynor with charge on cd The Butcher must waddle back to the fight.

Is your Sgt. Hammer being dove on? no problem! just rev up the Keg and roll around Sgt. Hammer, She is free to keep firing while her assailants keep getting bumped back!

due to the increased hitbox, the keg blocks skillshots pretty easily.

The Wandering Keg:Boss Steals Top

Due to the Kegs bumps, it can knock enemies off the merc camps, this takes alot of focus as you are versus an entire team and you have to bump ALL of them off the point, that means you have to constantly change targets to whomever gets closest to the cap.

also unless you have bolt, it is very likely to will die during this, so make sure to gauge if this is worth your death. on Towers of doom, its probably almost always worth, (unless theres a 3 altar spawn). But if its a 5 min boss on blackhearts bay, which means you lose early game soak, maybe its not worth. if anything early building kills > early boss.

Theres also some heroes some ruin your steal so be wary...

Her trait lets her shrug off the bumps, which lets her just sit on the cap, if this happens, bail out.

His Void prison will give his team time to relax,setup and plan how to deal with you accordingly.

His ley line seal will give his allies time just like Zeratul, however his team can then move onto the point to contest.

He can throw down the drill on the point and shove you off, since it does have a hitbox, and then he just casually sits back, pops his D, and kills you in the meantime.

This will take alot of practice, and you must remain focused while in the act its easier if your team is backing you up, but you can potientally save the game as the enemy has to pick.

1. try to contest Chen, and let his team wail on them.

2. give Chen the boss and respond to the enemy, but if that boss goes straight to core they are in trouble.

The Hero itself does not matter, focus on bumping off the closest enemy to the point.

Drafting Chen Top

Drafting Chen can be a little tricky, as he's not traditional warrior due to his weak peels until level 16, Artanis suffers from this as well.

Chen, like Rexxar is very poor at rotating, he wants to be a solo lane, for this reason having him on roam maps, where rotations are strong he is weaker as the warrior should be rotating with the team. which is why warriors like Muradin, E.T.C., Anub'arak and even Arthas are so favored.

If your team agrees to run an Illidan Comp, Chen actually becomes one of the best warriors to take, since the enemy is going to stack all their CC onto the Iliidan you will destroy their backline, any CC used on you is CC not being used on the rampaging Illidan. Since your engage is on a 5 secs cds, no matter how ham the Illidan is going you'll keep up with him, even if he is so ham hes just dove over the gates, in the keep, in Africa while your supports are in China trying desperatly to keep up with the Hamidan and pinging retreat 500 times, you'll be right by his side, dead, but you'll be there.

You can pick Chen if.... Top

You are not First or second pick, yes you can get away with a third pick Chen

Your team needs a solo laner.

a second warrior would help, Chen is strong at the moment and fills more roles then old one did.

The enemy team went triple backline.

Your team does not want setup bush ganks.

Your team has agreed to run an Illidan comp.

The enemy team has a very weak frontline, which means you can prob just mount up, run past the warrior and just keg someone.

The enemy has no cleanse.

You're just a damn good Chen.

Chen is un-advisable if... Top

The enemy is running double warrior, and one has a stun.

You are first or second pick, generally here is where high priority Assassins are picked, or Heroes that are very powerful on the map, there is no map that Chen dictates a game on.

Your team wants to setup bush ganks and stop rotations.

Your team is very defensive ex: Chromie, Raynor+ Lt. Morales, Double mages, Sgt .Hammer.

Your Assassins aren't fast enough to keep up with you.

They have far to many stuns, Chen does not have Relentless anymore.

The enemy team has a lineup that is very strong at punishing a single hero and blowing them up ex: Muradin + Tyrande comps.

Your team will lose the early game but could win the late game if they have a traditional warrior.

The enemy teams way, and only way of winning is by pile diving your team, picking Tyrael would be a much better idea, ex Kerrigan, Muradin or E.T.C., Uther comps.

The solo lane role has already been taken, and it's a rotation heavy map.

Chasing Top

Chenis a hero that is allowed to chase for a bit longer then other heroes, whether your aiming to kill or just to make sure that hero cannot return to the teamfight you must get as much damage in quickly, while also returning to the fight quickly. Remember, as you chase your team fights a 4v4 so make sure the hero you are zoning out is essential, for instance zoning out a Kael'thas while you have an Illidan in your comp means Illidan can kind of just roll all over the enemy team and make sure they aren't prepared.

To get the must bang for your buck as you chase...

1. the priority is as shown: Q > Body blocking > W > AA > E

WITH DEADLY STRIKE: D(after 0.5 seconds..) > Q > bodyblock > AA > W > AA > E

The kick lets you setup a bodyblock if they free themselves and delivers instant quick burst damage.

Bodyblock lets them overall take more damage from your team and allows you to get more AAs in

the keg smash slows them, making body block easier and more effective.

AAs let you keep up constant pressure, do not neglect these, make sure you properly stutter step.

Unless it would result in the kill you do not flame breath, it costs the most brew and could mean you have to stop and drink while you are chasing.

There are no brakes on the Chen train you have to keep moving, you have time for a quick sip ( about 0.6 seconds) then you kick again, that's it, the flame breath also self stuns chen for about 0.8 seconds, thats almost an entire second, while the keg smash only self stuns for roughly 0.3 seconds, quick enough not to mess up the bodyblocks, only E when it will get the kill or your about to abandon the chase.

Lane Harassment Top

In the lane Chen as we said before needs to win i have a few timbits to assure that you (with practice of course) can master the lanes after you have mastered the brew.

NOTE: every second spent not wave clearing, beating on the enemies face, dodging skillshots, should be spent drinking, it is always good to engage with a pre-shield, and when you are standing still it better lets you observe the situation and react accordingly.

1. when you aren't doing anything just sit and drink, it gives you a starter shield and when you kick in you have a buffer over your enemies, if its off cd after the combo just drink again, any shield that was not lost will remain on you.

2. Kick the mage minion or ranged minion to move forward and drop the W + E them, I can't stress how important this is, sure the minion takes the kick damage and not the hero but it moves you up into their face, you could have been in the fog to them and then the next second your walking up to them! if you do this over and over and the enemy fails to respect that damage will add up real quick, and if its a Thrall you are forcing him to spend mana.

3. abuse your recourse you have unlimited mana, they don't, if they cast spells on you that only damage the shield or only do a tiny bit which then gets healed upon the next regen globe, you got a net plus also if a hero like Li ming has to teleport after every time you kick in shes going to burn through that real fast.

4. sit of their globes, your hitbox is big enough to deny globes by sitting on them, and if can't force you off due to your shields, before the drink ends you can give them a quick AA+W+E and start drinking again, so not only do they not budge you and miss a glode, they took punishment for it.

5. Drink under their towers if you get a chance, this will drain the ammo from the tower, if your wave pushes into it they will run dry pretty soon, its not wise to do this vs a hero with stuns or a hero that has a root that have follow up with good damage like Thrall, Malfurion can root you, but can't do enough damage so you can tank through him and the tower, if a threat pokes their head out of the gate just kick to the enemy minion.

6. Do not kick forward into range of towers without a shield buffer. When you are pushing you have less room to kick aggressively, the most you can do is kick the enemy melee minion and put yourself close enough to W+E them, but if your wave is pushed and they are close to your towers, you can go ham on them and really put the hurting on.

Chen Vs the Solo laners Top

They can beat and by beaten by you here is how you send these clowns packing.

NOTE: every second spent not wave clearing, beating on the enemies face, dodging skillshots, should be spent drinking, it is always good to engage with a pre-shield, and when you are standing still it better lets you observe the situation and react accordingly.

Chen back in the day was picked for one reason, he was on of the few heroes who could stand up to the broodmother, while clearing her creep fast, to this day Chen is still that hero.

-Do not kick in if doing so would get the ire of the ranged minions, especially if she took infest.

-If she moves forward to drop an E on you, dodge it with the kick by kicking onto her and start dispensing pandaren judgement.

-both your W and E clear creep, very quickly and it costs you NOTHING, while keeping damage on zag takes prioity, if you notice her scurry behind her gates, clear some creep.

-If you don't see her kick and range minion and take a gander, if she has just in the back hidden by the fog give soak her in your cold beer and breath fire on her.

-she clears waves faster then you, so try not let your towers run dry

-you can use roaches and hydralisks and kick pedestals.

His Sheer versatility makes him a dangerous foe, especially late game, but here in the early game you are in control.

-Elusive Brawler the Windfury.

-When he throws his root on you start to drink, he will either windfury immediately, missing on 1 extra AA before he revs up, or walk up to you, slowly, giving your shield time to build and then AA into Windfury, no matter his choice you will out shield it.

-After he windfuries lay into him! kick forward then pelt him with AAs all the way to his gate, unless you think a gank on you is inbound.

-Deny globes, he's very mana hungry.

-Any zaps he does on you while shielded do no damage.

-At 4, you get a huge spike versus him.

-At lvl 7 with follow through hes a bit more dangerous so beat him hard until then.

-as he comes in to waveclear give him the W+E, he'll have to spend 40 mana to zap and heal it up.

-if your minion wave is marching and he wants to wolf the entire wave to get 7 trait stacks try to block it.

-his wave clear without spending mana is horrible, and is mana intensive if he does spend mana for it.

While an old friend of yours he has no intention on giving up his lane, so your gonna have to "convince" him to.

-You can stack your Accumulating Flame Quest on Misha, or Rexxar, or both

-go ahead and wail on misha, it costs you nothing and Rexxar will be forced to patch her up with mend pet, the spell that costs him the most mana.

-bait a bear charge and kick right to Rexxar and go for the face, if he is holding the charge just trade with misha.

-Your wave clear is better, take note of this. especially with Ring of fire

-if he sends Misha to check a bush, kick either him or his ranged minion and walk up to him and go for his face.

-You can use Misha as a kick pedestal.

the savior of his people, and no one to save him.

-Tassadar's wave clear is much better then yours, so don't expect to outpush him.

-he really wants the globes, so make sure to deny him them, you will hurt his early-mid game significantly.

-after denying the globe go ahead and wail on him, he will be forced to spend mana and shield himself.

-only drink through his psi storms, his AAs tickle so he just smack him back.

-since his dmg is so low you can just up to his towers and drink the ammo away, just beware of gankers.

-forcing him to E with chunk his mana.

-Tassadar's mana will chunk faster then any other solo laner under constant pressure.


-his low mobilty makes your stickiness a real problem.

-forcing him out can cause him to lose death ritual stacks.

-there is no defensive in this matchup, you have the upper hand, lay into him.

-you can drink under his towers, if he tries to wall you just kick one the zombies and your free.

-since he can't touch you its to risky for him to go for globes if he dares tempt this, kick on him.

-your wave clear is fairly well matched, let the lane stagnate if you can and push when he hearths.

-after taking toads, drink to negate the poison.

While hes better off roaming for ganks, in a pinch Arthas is a well rounded solo laner.

- Arthas is known as a slow moving death machine, he has trouble getting to people but once he does they are in trouble, Chen don't care.

-You can drink through all his punishment, especially if he lets your shield build up to much, if his tempest goes on for to long hes going to oom in under a minute

-it costs Arthas a hefty amount of mana to clear a wave, it costs you nothing and you two are still even in this department.

-once he ooms be as aggresive to him as you would a Nazeebo, his AAs only hit slightly harder then yours and every 4 secs your throwing multiple abilities and bodyblocks onto him.

-becareful of pushing up to far vs and Arthas him and a gank will spell your doom.

that green stuff looks disgusting, i'll stick with my brew, thanks. No really i don't care bout glorious destinies i just wanna kick your ***.

-his Wave clear is absurd, try to force him to stop clearing and drain you.

-try not to stack his corruption quest to hard.

-if hes starting to oom engage and try to force some life taps.

-if he burns the wave you can sit and drink and make the minions aggro onto you instead of marching to your towers, stop if Gul'dan approaches.

-if he flubs his drain, like he gets outranged or the minion dies early, dive in.

well neither of are us dying, it's OK though i have 30k hero damage at 6 min!

-this is a fight that will go no where, its almost better to just ignore him all together.

-no matter how hard he tries, he will never out damage your shield.

-you can run up to his towers and drain them of ammo, once your done if you know your 100% safe you can kick over and destroy his healing well.

-don't bother sitting on globes, if he tries you can kick him and you will go through him and collect the globe.

-if hes not paying attention, you can damage him if hes not drinking.

-your wave clear, for obvious reasons, are equal. however if one takes Deadly strike, and the other takes Ring of fire, the one with ring will win in this department.

-if you have a gank partner DO NOT BODYBLOCK A Chen, run along side him and slow with W, if you try to bodyblock he will just kick past you.

He keeps trash talking me every time he combos me, thus i have -5 spirit, bloozurd nerf plz

Alarak is one of two heroes that without any assistance can Kill Chen in lane, his wave clear is notable worse but his kit: Q through E is perfect for fighting Chen.

His combo, W+Q pulls you out of drink so grounding does nothing, and any dmg you do will be healed by his E, also due to the range he will be close to his towers, thus it is to dangerous to approach.

You can win, but this requires you to play better then the Alarak, if you go even in skill he will win, remember your wave clear is better, and you can kick to a minion to dodge the combo or through him if he delays the Q to long after the W, if he flubs the combo, you have 12 seconds to play aggresive.

Note his AA's are strong you cannot just AA away at him, and your E self stuns you long enough to line up his Q.

unoriginal Jurassic park meme relating Dehaka to a raptor goes here

In a straight up 1v1 Dehaka could beat Chen with at least 30 essence stored due to his Q stun, a possible displacement on 4, and very high AA dmg with a very clean animation for easy stutter steps.

This lane is kind of the opposite of Alarak, while Dehaka has the chance of killing Chen is alot weaker then Alarak's, as he has to land his Q to kill you, his W only hurts if you aren't drinking, and his E doesn't really help him here.

However his lane clear is far better then Alarak's, and pulls ahead of you, so you should focus on pressuring him and not out clearing him, note though that he can at any point B and global back up. At level 4 is a big spike for you, you can choose to pressure him even harder with deadly strike, match his clear with ring, or if hes been ignoring your harass and just W's the wave, you can go keg toss and stack on him.

Chen video tech Top

Credit to Lathander for helping me showcase
Most Damage during chases
Deadly strike.
When chasing, [[Chen should start by taking a quick sip and kick, assuming you don't eat damage mid flight which drops your shield, your kick will proc Deadly strike bonus damage.

Afterwards slam down your W.

if the chase will last longer then 2 seconds DO NOT FLAME BREATH Chen will be self stunned for roughly 0.75-1 second if he fire breaths, Keg slow self stuns for only 0.25 seconds, Chen should look to only weave in autos, W slows, Bodyblocking, and kicking, in that order. also if you E, it may give them time to free themselves from a body block. if you can't chase or by flame breathing you would kill them, go ahead and fire breath.

Clip Overview

lets walk through this: in a real scenario Diablo will be pushing buttons ofc but this is just a general breakdown.

NOTE: Diablo has 75% armor through this demonsration

3s: Chen takes a quick sip by tapping d and instantly Q's Diablo, Chen is now bodyblocking Diablo

4-6s: Chen is bodyblocking and weaving in autos against diablo

10s: Chen again takes a quick sip as he did at 3s and deadly strike kicks Diablo

Chen continually slows and Autos Diablo, in a real game your assassins will have lots of free damage of who you're chasing, or if they are a squishy like jaina, valla or lunara, they'd be dead by now.

Lane Harassment

Chen is usually better into melee's in lane but Chen has ways to poke in lane to.

When the lane fight starts, both hero's should be confident and be willing to trade, to start they will be aggresive so most the trading you do will be when they approach and you do dmg via Kicks, autos and standard W+E combos.

If you are winning, they will start to stay behind their ranged minions, heroes like Thrall or Alarak will be looking to heal up without hard-trading, while heroes without self healing like Zagara or Nazeebo will be looking to stay in lane, catch exp but avoid taking trades with you.

if they start doing this you can poke, kick the ranged minion, this will put chen behind the ranged minion and into their face, W+E them, if you can, Auto them, if you can't either walk away or just sit and drink if you can at the dmg, rinse repeat.

Clip Overview

1s Diablo is confident and steps up, chen takes a quick sip and procs deadly strike dmg, autos then W+Es,this is the most dmg chen can do so chen backs up and Diablo is hurt.

9s Diablo is no longer confident in trading into Chen, Diablo decides to stay away from Chen, but in range of Minion soak so he does not cost his team precious exp

10s Chen knows this, Chen kicks the ranged minion expecting Diablo to be there and W+E combos him, chen then backs up again

14s Chen does this again, he was also close enough to sneak in a few auto attacks

21s Chen tilts Diablo into space levels of tilt

While it is not alot of dmg, if you do this over and over, it adds up and since Chen has an infinite mana bar. costs him nothing, it costs the enemy health, mana, potential lost exp, potential fountain tap before teamfights, and maybe even forcing a hearth which in turn forces rotations so the enemy does not lose exp.

Also, this doing this is really the only way to do any damage to a good Probius

Kegging under a fort

One of thing few people realize, is that vs a wandering keg Chen even under your keep, you are not safe.

When an enemy team is defending a keep or fort, most of them will be postioned forward, infront or on the side of the keep, Chen can kick the fort itself which puts him behind and keep and all the enemy's, for most heroes if you do this without a good medivh, you are litterally handing them a free kill.

not ya boi Chen.

Chen can then keg, this gives unstoppable frames and allows him to turn around and barreling them into his team, or potiental map objectives, doing this when you have an Infernal shrines punisher pusing, A braxis holdout zerg pushing, or any boss pushing (warhead's boss is the best for this) it is almost always a guaranteed kill or it jebaits the entire enemy team into a horrible fight for them.

Clip Overview

3s Diablo huddles his keep, but is pacing back and forth wary for push ins or pick potential

5s Suddenly ya boi chen flies in and winds up keg, upon starting he wraps around to where diablo will go

7s Diablo is having his career ended, its possible you could scoop up other enemies as you shove him this way but Chen chooses to focus on shoving Diablo into his own team

9s if your team aren't litteral vegetables, Diablo should be dead here.


This is hard to do and requires practice, do not hesitate when you commit to this.

Try to gauge if your comp even wants this, if you have a Lt.Morales you generally do not want to do insane stuff like this, on the other if you have something like Malfurion Twilight Dream this is very beneficial for you.

before the kick identify one target and zero in on that person, if you get another guy thats bonus points but lock on to one guy and try not to get to fancy.

this is much easier with the keg upgrade at level 20.

Also, try to do this when the keep/fort gate is down.

Conclusion Top

When i first started playing Chen i was underwhelmed, but i kept playing and now i see how much potientally he has.

Chen is a hero that only gets better as the player gets better at him, but its going to take you hundreds of games. but i can say Chen is one of if not THE only hero in Heroes of the storm whos able to adapt to his comp, outplay the enemy even without support and dictate the pace of game the via his success in the early game, all in one hero.

While some heroes might get boring after the 1000th game, Chen is not that hero, in fact he only gets more and more fun. Yes hes a bit trolly like Murky but Chen is a hero who can alone carry a game, though it will take alot of games and dedication.

The purpose of this guide is for people to see the power of Chen,and even more pleasure he is to play, I main warriors, with Chen at over 1250 games, and of all of them Chen is the most enjoyable.

It doesn't matter if we are getting steamrolled, it doesn't matter if we are streamrolling, it doesn't matter if no one in the match knows what an objective is. Chen promises an enjoyable experiance.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and i hope i've atleast convinced you give the lovable panda a chance.

I do stream on twitch, i play many heroes (mostly the warriors). and try to provide feedback on mistakes i see on the enemies' side, my team's side, and since i'm not perfect, if i make a mistake. And sometimes i for go all that and just play Chen.

if i'm not live you are able to watch past broadcasts and skip que times.

Again thank you for your time, now go kick some The Butcher's butts and make Lt. Morales players curse your name!

Shoutout to heroesfire for putting my guide on the frontpage!

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