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(2ARC Iliad) QuibsY Drinks a Lot

By: QuibsY
Last Updated: Oct 21, 2014
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Hello!! Top

Hey guys, QuibsY here for another guide - This time it will be Chen exclusive. This time I'll be going over in depth talent choices of Chen, differing talents depending on enemy hero choices, your role as Chen and your role in a team fight.

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Tier 1 Top

Deadly Strike
One of two damage abilities on this tree, and one of the three choices I feel are solid. This talent is for when your job in the team fight is to stick to the enemy ranged carries and take them out. It gives you a lot of damage, especially when you get Combination Attack at 16. When the enemy team has two or more ranged assassins is when this talent truly shines.
Full Keg
The only non-damage ability I view as worth while on this tree, and a point of contest to the two damage abilities. This talent, coupled with A Touch of Honey, makes for a very powerful slow on your W. This talent is valuable when you are facing a team with a low amount of escapes. Zeratul doesn't care about being slowed, but Malfurion does, as an example.
Consuming Flame
The other damage ability on this tree. This is exceptional for clearing waves of minions, so if you're against Zagara or Azmodan this talent gains value. Another use for this talent is to be a wave clearing immovable wall in a lane to add pressure onto the map. If your job is to shove and force a reaction this talent is fantastic. It's also great if you want more AoE damage for your team in fights.
Regeneration Master
I don't really see a use for this practically. Yes, you will regenerate more health, but you're Chen. Chen, the God of Drinking and never dying because "lol my drink heals more than your two ults at the same time." I have never taken this on Chen, and I fail to see a reason why you would.

Tier 2 Top

Bottomless Mug
Bottomless Mug is pretty much cut and dry - Have more Brew after drinking. There are a few reasons I don't take this talent. The first is that in order to fill your Brew you'd have to drink for a VERY long time in order to fill 150 total Brew, secondly, having 50 extra brew only allows for one extra W-E combo, and really not much more. Finally, the reason I don't take this talent is because there are better on the tree.
In my opinion this is the single best talent on the tree, and I take it probably 90% of the time. This talent gives you the ability to get Brew on demand quickly, even when interrupted. It allows you greater chase potential because you spend less time drinking. It allows you to combo W-E more in lane in order to clear. It does everything Chen needs to be effective as a tank.
Amplified Healing
This is the talent I take the other 10% of the time. This is for when you're running 2 healers with Chen or you are having a MISERABLE lane phase. It adds a ton of sustain from the moon well and the regeneration globes that drop off of the mages. You do have to realize, however, that you are giving up Chug. Only run this talent if you are in fear of dying too much from lack of heals.
Deep Breath
Simply makes a huge AoE fire breath even bigger. I don't see any reason for this talent, as you can already breathe fire on the entire wave of minions with one E, and the radius is already gigantic. I messed around with it when Chen first came out, but couldn't find a practical use for it.

Tier 3 Top

Swift Reflexes
It's pretty much just block. I could see it used against Odin or Archon, but you have to remember what you're giving up.
Pressure Point
Chen's Bread and Butter talent. Without this talent I don't think that Chen is viable in the slightest. I feel you do not have a choice on this tier, and you absolutely must take Pressure Point. It's a 1 second snare that eats Valla's vault and Falstad's barrel roll, and it's on a juicy 5 second cooldown. I really cannot profess how much value this talent has, just take it.
Ring of Fire
More AoE damage from Chen. If your team absolutely needs more damage and you're not concerned with being a crowd controlling badass then you can take this talent, otherwise Pressure Point is stronger still. The damage on this is actually quite high, so I guess it's pretty okay, but you have to remember what you're giving up.
Bolder Flavor
A redundant talent in my opinion. You drinking already makes you impervious to most all damage, why not just let the natural ability save you instead of making a giant deal out of something that's already being handled for you. Allow yourself to pass up on this talent choice.
Brewmaster's Balance
Brewmaster's Balance is an interesting talent. It gives you a mechanic of controlling your Brew to get the desired side of the talent, but it's almost impractical since usually you're full on brew so it's only movement speed. After using your combo you now have HP Regen, but if you're not taking damage as the team's tank this is useless since usually everyone is hitting shield anyway. As always, remember what you're losing.

Tier 4 Top

Wandering Keg
This ability is hilarious, but kind of lackluster. I like it for bumping away an Odin or Archon, but it's impractical to give up Storm, Earth, Fire in my opinion.
Storm, Earth, Fire
Storm, Earth, Fire adds a ton of survivability and chase potential to Chen's kit. It makes it so he can dive deeply into the enemy team without being focused, because it's almost a waste of time. Trying to kill a tank with 250% health, the ability to spread out, jump away, and a shield on himself? It's just not practical. Note that you do more damage after acquiring Combination Attack at 16, and it after that point it should be used as a way to survive or a way to pursue a kill by splitting and coming together towards your enemy.

Tier 5 Top

Brew Strike
This makes your Q free if you W first, but often you aren't able to open with this, so your first Q will still cost you 10 Brew. Essentially if you're sticking to the target with Chug you aren't really in need of this talent, however, if you value more kicks and less Chug spam this is effective. There are times that I take it, but overall not that effective. Note that Full Keg influences this talent.
A Touch of Honey
This talent is extremely effective with Full Keg and drastically improves your ability to stick to your target, a 40% slow with a 4 second up time? Yes please. This talent is picked when they have trouble kiting - same as when Full Keg goes up in value.
Enough to Share
Enough to Share is another interesting talent. While the shield is extremely effective to share with your team the radius is rather small, so you have to stack onto your Chen player to make use of it. I have taken this talent a few times but not found any great success with it. If the opposing team doesn't have splash damage and you stack it could come in use, however.
Last Drop
Last Drop is pretty awful, you have to channel the entirety of your drink ability which, at this stage in the game, you are rarely ever to do. The only reward is that you get to save Brew, but with taking Chug saving Brew should never be a problem. I can't find a use for this talent.
Relentless is a generic level 13 that a lot of people get, it's fantastic if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, so just take stock prior to picking your talent here whether Relentless is needed or not, and remember that you're giving A Touch of Honey.

Tier 6 Top

Combination Attack
Combination Attack is probably the second best talent on Chen's entirety of choices. Once you get this talent, coupled with Pressure Point, no ranged assassin can out damage or get away from you. You truly become a monster. I do not see any other talents on this tree that are relevant.
Keg Toss
Throw your keg, which slows down your W-E combo. Throw your keg so that you can stick - oh wait, you have Pressure point. This talent is pretty awful but fun.
Combustion literally does nothing but front load the damage. It's useless, don't take it.
Combat Stance
This increases your survivability when people aren't hitting you....what? What's the point of a longer shield when you're drinking all the time anyway?

Tier 7 Top

Resurgence of the Storm
The strongest, most broken talent in the entire game. Take it, there need not be any more explanation.
Bolt of the Storm
Bolt is the second strongest talent in the game - if Resurgence was not available this talent would be useful, but you have enough mobility between your Q and Storm, Earth, Fire.
Untapped Potential
This talent is actually hilarious, but useless, since you can't take it with Storm, Earth, Fire
Elemental Conduit
Conduit is really cool, but I'm not sure it actually does anything. Like, the spirits show up sometimes and just derp around? It's awesome but accomplishes pretty much nothing.

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