Legend of the Drunken Chen [Competitive] by Halfie

Legend of the Drunken Chen [Competitive]

By: Halfie
Last Updated: Jul 2, 2016
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Build: Competitive Warrior

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


Build: Maximizing Damage

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


Build: This One's on the House

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


Build: Off-Tank (Crowd Control)

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

Table of Contents Top

Introduction Top

"You seem a little parched" - Chen, Pandarean Brewmaster

Halfie here. Giving you another Comprehensive guide for Chen since my Raynor guide. I'm a rank 1 HL player (halfnhalf#1782) with competitive success on Heroes of the Storm teams. I'm also a coach for Nihilism Gaming. Nice to meet you!

Chen fits into the bruiser classification of Heroes of the Storm warriors but it is possible to be tanky with him as well. Chen can dish out some real damage and is different from many warriors in the fact that he is very mobile.

Color coding:
Green = Good
Orange = Mediocre or situational
Red = Bad

Builds Top

This guide is primarily for the Competitive Warrior build

Competitive Warrior - Overall the most effective build in my opinion. Pick this build if you want a professional edge. Based upon Team Liquid's LuciFroN build.

Alternative Builds (Swipe sideways on the talent path):

Maximizing Damage - If your team composition needs more damage as opposed to a tank, then choose this build.

Off-Tank CC - Pick this build if your team already has a dedicated tank but has little Crowd Control.

This One's on the House - If your team is full of front liners, especially squishy ones.

Pros and Cons ("Is trouble brewing?") Top


    [+] Very resilient
    [+] Great initiator
    [+] Very mobile
    [+] Versatile builds
    [+] High damage


    [-] Susceptible to Crowd-Control (Stuns, slows, roots)
    [-] Weak/Conditional escape
    [-] Threats are Heroes with high mobility or sustain & disable.

Auto Attack Top

Your auto-attack damage scales from 50 starting damage (+7 per level) which is high starting damage but only average damage per level. This should signify Chen's early game strength and harassment.

Attack Speed Comparison

Basic Abilities Top

Flying kick (Q)
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Kick through target enemy, dealing 55 (+10 per level) damage.
Level 4 (Tier 1): 95
Level 7 (Tier 2): 125
Level 10 (Tier 3): 155
Level 13 (Tier 4): 185
Level 16 (Tier 5): 215
Level 20 (Tier 6): 255

Keg Smash (W)
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Smash your keg, dealing 15 (+5 per level) damage and drenching affected enemies in Brew, slowing by 25% for 3 seconds.
Level 4 (Tier 1): 35
Level 7 (Tier 2): 50
Level 10 (Tier 3): 65
Level 13 (Tier 4): 80
Level 16 (Tier 5): 95
Level 20 (Tier 6): 115

Breath of Fire (E)
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Breathe a cone of flames, dealing 39 (+9 per level) damage. Enemies soaked in Brew are set on fire, dealing 39 (+9 per level) damage over 3 seconds.
Level 4 (Tier 1): 75
Level 7 (Tier 2): 102
Level 10 (Tier 3): 129
Level 13 (Tier 4): 156
Level 16 (Tier 5): 183
Level 20 (Tier 6): 219

Combat Trait

Fortifying Brew (D)
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Drink from your keg, gaining 40 Brew and 86 (+20 per level) temporary Shields per second, up to a maximum of 258 (+60 per level) while drinking. Shields persist 2 seconds after you stop drinking.
Level 4 (Tier 1):
166 | max 498
Level 7 (Tier 2):
226 | max 678
Level 10 (Tier 3):
286 | max 858
Level 13 (Tier 4):
346 | max 1038
Level 16 (Tier 5):
406 | max 1218
Level 20 (Tier 6):
486 | max 1458

Heroic Abilities Top

Storm, Earth, Fire (R)
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Split into three elemental spirits for 15.15 seconds, each with 50% of your maximum Health, and enables two new leaping attacks for use.
Level 10 (Tier 3):
1720 HP per spirit
Level 13 (Tier 4):
2080 HP per spirit
Level 16 (Tier 5):
2440 HP per spirit
Level 20 (Tier 6):
2920 HP per spirit

Triple Attack (Q)
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Spirits to smash a targeted area for 14 (+4 per level) damage per Spirit alive and enemies in the targeted area are slowed 20% for 2 seconds.
Level 10 (Tier 3):
55 per spirit
Level 13 (Tier 4):
67 per spirit
Level 16 (Tier 5):
79 per spirit
Level 20 (Tier 6):
94 per spirit
Split Up (W)
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Order the Spirits to immediately spread out, jumping a short distance away from each other.

Wandering Keg (R)
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Roll around inside an Unstoppable barrel, dealing 35 (+5 per level) damage to enemies in the way and knocking them back. Lasts for 5 seconds.
Level 10 (Tier 3): 85
Level 13 (Tier 4): 100
Level 16 (Tier 5): 115
Level 20 (Tier 6): 135

Talents Top

Tier 1 - Level 1

Regeneration Master is chosen for its ability to provide additional health regen so that Chen can stay on the battlefield longer without having to teleport back to base. This talent allows Chen to tank better, stay in more teamfights and gather more experience. With enough globes late game, the health regen can pass for healing from a support.

If you've ever played League of Legends or Dota, you know how invaluable health regen is, allowing your hero to stay in the fight and not lose out on essential experience.
Other Traits

Tier 2 - Level 4

Amplified Healing can be taken if your team has a healing support and it has synergy with Regeneration Master and Brewmaster's Balance. This talent alleviates the pressure on your support by granting larger burst heals and strengthens your regeneration.
Other Traits

Tier 3 - Level 7

Brewmaster's Balance increases Chen's capacities in almost every respect. The best part of this talent is that it gives you +20% movement speed when your Brew is below 50. Since you'll use a majority of your abilities whether chasing or escaping, this talent allows you to do those actions more effectively. Either allowing you to catch up to an opponent who is running away or guaranteeing your escape after using your abilities to further yourself from your enemy.

Additionally, when you are using Fortifying Brew as a shield, your high brew will give you a minimum of 22 (11.5 + 1.5 per level) Health per second to give you that bit more sustain. You can also use this regeneration to heal you while you soak EXP from a lane.

With this talent, it is important to always be aware of how much Brew you have but the talent makes this easy, you either have more than half brew or less half brew.
Other Traits

HEROIC Tier - Level 10

Storm, Earth, Fire give you three things big things: more damage, more mobility and extra life. Important: You control all three Spirits as one hero, you do not control all three individually. Also this ability is channeled so it can be interrupted by a stun, in which case, the ability will be on cooldown for 10 seconds. You can contest points in Spirit Form.

Between the three spirits, their auto-attacks deal quite of damage (See 'Spirit Damage' below). Storm attacks at medium speed with a ranged attack. Earth attacks slowly with a melee slow. Fire attacks quickly with a fast melee attack.

This talent gives you two kinds of leaps. The first leap, Triple Attack brings the three spirits to converge on one spot and can leap over walls. The second leap, Split Up, separates all the Spirits and is best used dodge AOE abilities or for a bit more chase (keep in mind that this requires positioning, and will only allow 1 spirit to get closer while the others catch up).

Extra Life
Using this ultimate splits you into 3 spirits with 50% of your maximum Health so you can use this ability to extend your life by another 150% health. Notably, if your spirits die, then you do not die but merely appear at the place where the last spirit died with the same health you were at when you used the Heroic ability.
Spirit Damage

Other Traits

Tier 5 - Level 13

Relentless is picked up to minimize the opponent's crowd control abilities upon Chen by 50%. Since Chen relies upon his mobility and uninterrupted Heroic and/or Fortifying Brew, it is essential that you reduce any crowd control effect, silences, roots and stuns in particular.
Other Traits

Tier 6 - Level 16

Pressure Point adds a significant slow (90%!) to Flying Kick. This talent gives the CC to chase down targets, or stop an opponent in their tracks. The effect is extremely noticeable and allows you to constantly chain your combos without having your opponent run off on you. Great talent for ganking.
Other Traits

FINAL Tier - Level 20

Elemental Conduit is the way to go if you have chosen all the recommended talents and you are playing the bruiser role. This talent will add a random spirit to all your abilities and adds significant damage or even a slow to your regular abilities.

Bolt of the Storm is always a good choice because it provides versatility on the map and allows Chen to escape, re-position in team fights or ambush/chase. However, with all the mobility that Chen has between his talents and his abilities, this "blink" or teleport ability can be passed up for some damage.
Other Traits

Laning Strategy Top

Combo for Lane harrass and wave clear.
  • Take a lane closest to the starting objective.
  • Attempting to simultaneously clear waves and harrass enemy heroes.
  • Use Keg Smash when the opposing minions meet, try to get the enemy hero as well.
  • Follow up with Breath of Fire to clear the wave and harrass the enemy hero as well.
  • Use Flying Kick if the enemy is still in range. Avoid enemy tower range.
  • Immediately use Fortifying Brew for the full duration or until Keg Smash is off cooldown.
  • Repeat Combo.

General tips:
  • Always be soaking EXP unless ganking or taking objective.
  • Rotate to other lanes whenever necessary for early ganks or more experience.
  • Take mercenaries when you have room in your lane.
  • Be careful of enemy heroes trying to gank you. Don't over-extend.
  • Pay attention to Map Objectives, they take precedence over your lane.

Map Breakdown Top

Battlefield of Eternity

Lane with allies. Defend your Angel/Demon Immortal first and focus on Heroes. Let your assassin(s) do the damage to the Immortal unless you are free to do so.
Storm, Earth, Fire is the recommended Heroic because the middle is highly contested. Therefore, Battlefield of Eternity is a contesting-oriented map.

Blackheart's Bay

First treasure chest is at 50 seconds. Use your combo to zone and secure it for your team or use Flying Kick to steal.
Maintain control of Pirate Captain area, using the middle maze area to get behind the enemy or attack from afar.
Help team-mates with a surplus of coins, focus enemy heroes with coins.
Storm, Earth, Fire is the recommended Heroic because treasure chests, merc/coin camps, and middle are all highly contested. Therefore, Blackheart's Bay is a contesting-oriented map.

Cursed Hollow

Utilize your mobility, and sustainability to contest the curse.
Stay grouped with your team for the objectives.
Storm, Earth, Fire is the recommended Heroic. This is a push-oriented map where huge level advantages can be gained during the Curse phase.

Dragon Shire

Take a side lane but you can also lane middle effectively with your sustain.
Dragon Knight is prioritized over anything.
Save your heroic to capture moon or sun shrines.
Storm, Earth, Fire is the recommended Heroic but Wandering Keg could theoretically be taken to push enemies out of shrines while your teammate captures. This is a contesting-oriented map.

Garden of Terror

Your mobility and sustainability is amazing on this map, allowing you to quickly rotate and fight for the Giant Terrors.
Storm, Earth, Fire is the recommended Heroic. This is a push-oriented map.

Haunted Mines

Lane with the majority of your team.
Time your capture of your side's Siege Camp so they reach the enemy golem as its about to reach the gate.
Middle mercenary camp can be taken if you lost the mines.
Storm, Earth, Fire is the recommended Heroic. This is a push-oriented map, contesting is limited to the Mines themselves.

Infernal Shrines

Win the teamfight or zone the enemy team out before you start the objective.
This map has the tendency to snowball quickly due to the strength of the Infernal Titans. This is heavily a contesting-oriented because of the Shrines' importance and frequency so you want to maximize contesting traits. Deep Breath could allow you to kill more minions.

Sky Temple

Take top or middle lane to begin. Zone the enemy out of the Temples.
Storm, Earth, Fire is the recommended Heroic. The Temple zones and boss camp are contesting-oriented.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

Since the lanes are so close together you can maintain a 4-man gank squad that roams top and middle lane while an ally soaks bottom lane.
Turn in the Spider Gems frequently but don't turn in near enemies.
Storm, Earth, Fire is the recommended Heroic. This is a push-oriented map, contesting is limited.

"This One's on the House!" (My Thanks) Top

Dear Reader, Do me a kindness and thumbs up this guide.

I will do my best to keep this guide up to date with every
patch that Blizzard has to offer.

If there is anything else, drop a comment in the discussion
tab waaay up there.

Happy Gaming~

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