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By: Nikohahaha
Last Updated: Dec 8, 2015
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Easy fast win Top

1- Put always D when you can (vision + health regen + speed)

2- Use your basic attacks and W on heroes when you can

3- Use E to push lanes or make mercenary camps, never to poke

4- Never use your Q, it's useless. Only use to kill off far enemies with low hp (your autoattacks make more damage than your Q)

5- If you have a damager team use R on their tank on teamfights to delete fast the rest of their team. If your team is more tanky use it on their healer.

6- Your lvl20 talent is your scape, never use it to go in.


*When enemies are taking a mercenary camp you can use your R on them, take it fast and run. This play is very funny when you steal a boss

*Use your two W on different enemies, that will confuse them and give you two shields for skillshots like Muradin's Q

*When you get lvl4 your basic attacks' will have so much range, use it to hit enemies behind a wall to stay safe

*Use D on all map's important zones like strategic bushes or objectives and roam sometimes to carry the game


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