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Azmodan The Annihilator

By: HanGPIErr
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2014
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Build: Fire In The Hole

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Hello, good evening, all depends on what time you read my build.

I'am HanGPIErr online player since Starcraft I & Starcraft Brood war for the competition. I participated in a lot of French lan for this game notament the World Cyber Games (WCG) in Paris.

Small photo of me at the right time, at the Paris WCG 2003 (A Left myself) of Bertrand " Elky " Grospellier and Gouki.

Today I continue to play, even if I no longer participates in offline events as a player. However, I try to participate in tournaments online, and I hope to make some for Heroes Of The Storm soon !

I also have a Youtube channel for Heroes Of the Storm in French, although there are also videos open to all I want to say like this:

You can send me your replays to [email protected] or other comments if you wish! More info in the video description.

I also have a twitter where I post a lot of information when I released a video or a new build for example!


"The Valrous manuscript lists Azmodan as the best battlefield commander of all demons, having defeated the angels many times in the Eternal Conflict across Pandemonium and the Prime Evils in the demonic civil war. If the Lord of Sin ever assaults our realm, we truly have much to fear."
- Deckard Cain(src)

As with all the Evils, Azmodan originated from one of the seven heads of Tathamet. He lorded over the Realm of Sin. For much of his existence he desired to be the sole ruler of Hell.

During the Great Conflict, Azmodan successfully defeated his angelic foes many times on the battlefields of Pandemonium. In one such battle, Azmodan faced the archangel Tyrael. Tyrael bested him and stood ready to deal the final blow.

However, one of Tyrael's comrades called for aid and Tyrael rushed to lend aid. Azmodan thus escaped the angel's wrath. In another battle against Tyrael (or possibly the same), Azmodan came under direct attack by his angel foes, who were able to use their wings to outmanauver his host and assault him directly. Frustrated by his near defeat, Azmodan began breeding winged demons capable of tearing the angels asunder.

In another battle, Azmodan fought alongside his fellow demons against angels, among which Inarius was present.

Seeds of Rebellion

The Sin War was waged by the Prime Evils secretly, the existence of Sanctuary and the nephalem kept from the Lesser Evils. This lack of trust soured relations between the Lords of Hell. What enraged Azmodan and his allies even further was that the Primes seemed intent on converting Man to their side of the Great Conflict rather than fighting the war directly.

Azmodan's first attempt to wrest power involved his close followers—demons that performed acts that he could not or would not be involved in. However, the attempt failed and in his wrath, Diablo turned Azmodan's followers into the Fallen Ones. The infuriated Azmodan held them responsible for the Prime Evils' continued reign, and so he left the fallen in their new bodies, where their degradation would serve to amuse him for all eternity. However, the fallen demons had nonetheless provided him with valuable information.

My favorite quote on Azmodan

I am Azmodan, Lord of the Burning Hells!

I do not need my siege weapons to slay you. You stand before in the middle of the army of Hell! It wil crush you!

You're too late! My servant is already inside your walls, and his hunger is ravenous. He will devour your corpse and those of your friends.


Tiers 1 I choose Sieging Wrath because it is the only spell that will really increase my damage, and i also want to boost my first skill. Taste for Blood it's a good joke and very hard to increase damage by killing enemies whit that because only works on heroes (actually).

Tiers 2 I choose Burn the Weak this spell is already strong guys ! But whit the 50% more damage on structure ( before only 25% ), on Minions & Mercenaries, it's totaly powerfull ! You will can destroy any structure so fast whit this spell, and you can do Golem alone, very fast too with the help of your invocations to protect you.

Tiers 3 I choose Infernal Globe because it reduces approximately half the time of my cast and adds some damage over time (DOT). Enduring Warriors can be a good choice if you decide to push whit yours minions. Master of Destruction also isn't bad, because Azmodan is a spender mana.

Tiers 4 Time to choose our Ultimate Demonic Invasion is the best one. Really good on teamfight ( and you will be able to circle yours ennemies whit that ), to push or to do some objectif alone like Golem Mercenary camp. Black Pool isn't bad if you want to push your lane, or if in your team you have an other heroe whit Minions capacity.

Tiers 5 I choose March of Sin because it's going to allow us to no longer be static when using this spell. Although it will not boost our damage, I think it is necessary to have mobility. If you choose to push whit your minions, take Blazing Demons.

Tiers 6 I choose Battleborn because it's gonna make my spell even more offensive and defensive. Let me explain, you will be able (with your broad enough) to defend for delaying the arrival of your allies in a hard push lane. Offensive which will have the opposite effect precisely, that is to put pressure on a lane to move the push.

Tiers 7 I choose Perishing Flame because it'll make your invocations much more powerful, with the addition of their damage after explosions. I said that the damage of course apply in AoE, and both minions, heroes & buildings. Fifth Circle if you had choose the other ulti at lvl 10.


Now that you know how to put your talent points and you understand what it going to serve us well, it is time to approach the gameplay to be adopted according to this build.

During the whole game, your main advantage resides in Battleborn to quickly eliminate the waves of creeps. But also for delaying your opponents on the objective taking. To push a lane, help yourself whit the combo Summon Demon Warrior and general of hell. Your main source of damage reside in your March of Sin either against the heroes or buildings.

Level 1-9

Your hero can be played on a solo lane, because in any case it's not good to gank whit him. Azmodan stand by against, well its lane because its invocations push most of the time for him, so you don't have to go along too, the early levels at least on the lane. Don't put yourself in danger, especially if there are a lot of ganker in opposite team . As Nova / Zeratul for example.

In first level, don't waste your mana by spamming Infernal Globe, keep it on teamfight or objectif. But you have to push your lane and gain experience. So i recommand you to use your basic minions combo Summon Demon Warrior whit general of hell.

Near level 5, you can easily make the easy camps alone, hard camps if you have a little help. This will facilitate and put pressure on your opponent on a particular lane. And who will mobilize enemy heroes on this lane.

Help your team to accomplish the goals, make the camps mercenaries when they appear (alone or with an ally no need to be more with Azmodan).
Feel free to use as often as possible Infernal Globe on your allies lane to help them.

Level 10-End

Now you have your ultimate ! And soon all your talents. At this stage of the game, you can do all the camps mercenaries alone, and even the golem with a breathtaking speed. March of Sin really do coffee, and colossals damage on them. But be care to cast your minions first, because your need someone to protect you!

But don't forget that you are excellent in the art of push, so start doing damage to buildings. Use everything you have, your minions, your ulti and finish to target by your chaineling spell March of Sin.

In teamfight, Azmodan, is also doing pretty well, as it will sow discord on the battlefield. Its invocations, his ulti which will allow you to circle your opponents, and once again its March of Sin make him a real war machine! And besides, even if he doesn't have really survival spell, he has a good supply of hp, which allows him to hold a while.

In teamfight use your spell like this rotation

Before you jump into battle, remember to spam some Battleborn. Once this is done you can start the rotation below.

We begin by invoking the minions and the General. We put our ulti to mess up while trying to circle the enemy heroes. Even a small fireball, and finally March of Sin.

When you have your cd to summon your minions, remember to use it, try sniper with Battleborn enemies who try to escaped, it is a very powerful spell against the runaways!


It's already the end for this build, but do not worry I would do another one soon!

Otherwise I hope you have learned a lot of things on Azmodan, its gameplay mechanics and combat.

If you have any questions, suggestions where else you can put me in the comments of this build, which also send me on my mail [email protected]

I try to make Builds diverse heroes and not only on a particular type of class (assassin, tank, specialist & support!).

Stay Safe use your spells will smart way and do the job.
Fireball & Skeletons Good carnage to you! I love you Kurwa !

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