Captain America Raynor (DPS) [Revised] by Kenoon

Captain America Raynor (DPS) [Revised]

By: Kenoon
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015
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Build: All out DPS

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About me Top

I'm just a lil famed mmorpg player in games i played with IGNs Kenoon/Doppleganger/OneAxeHole.
I enjoy games that involves skill/talent builds for pvp/guild arena battles where i can make unique builds.

Combat Trait Top

(Credits to inoxdesign for the fan art)


Raynor's Basic Attack range 20% further than any other hero, and his vision is 10% greater than other Heroes.

This used to be one of the talent skill before the Viking patch.
The improved range and vision helped me greatly before the update.
Am even happier when i see this talent skill has becomes Raynor's Trait skill.
And thus, i have revamped my skill build into pure DPS and go all out for attack.


Why was this build created? Top

Well, the Captain America skin had caught my attention.
And so to commemorate my skin, I made this build just for his theme.
I want him to be strong, unstoppable, tanky & able to assist team.
(That's how the movie works isn't it? LoL)
This is my finalized build after multiple testings in-game.

In Simple,

We need to farm as much as we can at early games.
With well farmed marksman, your base damage per hit can reach above 350 at mid-game.
Always try your best to participate in all team fights.

With Advanced Optics as Trait, Raynor is now able to farm more efficiently from Level 1.
During fights, you would be renewing Inspire buff most of the time.
Your normal attacks will shorten the cooldown for Focused Attack, triggering the effect at faster pace.
We will be learning Nexus Frenzy at Level 20.
That is when Focused Attack will be at its maximum efficiency.

For this Level 7 tier, there are some options available.
I eventually chose Hamstring Shot because of the slow debuff on enemies.
I can land more normal hits on opponent(s) with this talent during their movement downtime.
This talent also attributes to team fight advantage for slowing opponents with right positioning.

This is the most preferred R skill for Raynor due to its specific targeting and chasing down dying enemy.
You can choose Hyperion if your main objective is to push down buildings.
You need to judge accordingly to enemies strength before reaching Lv10 & decide which R skill to select.

The skill for this tier kept me thinking again & again.
Finally i decided to make this build go for the simple 3 Buttons Raynor style.
We have 2 objectives to meet; 1 is to take down enemy heroes; 2 is to do side mission and gain advantage.
Giant Killer is preferred as our DPS build main focus allow us to take down opponent fast, thereafter go for the 2nd objective.

Berserk is a very powerful buff even though its just a 4 second duration skill.
Having more hits landed onto opponent(s) in the shortest time means greater damage dealt against them.
With Seasoned Marksman and Giant Killer attack bonuses, taking down enemy Heroes is much simpler and easier.

Only ranged Heroes would be able to learn this Talent skill.
This is also where Raynor starts to take down opponents at much faster pace.
You gain the furthest range and fastest attack speed among all heroes in-game.
This is the Final Talent skill for Raynor to achieve the best DPS in current meta.

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