Carrygan by Cauterize by Cauterize

Carrygan by Cauterize

By: Cauterize
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2015
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Intro Top

Kerrigan is a melee Assassin, she specializes in ganking and AoE with stun and displacement. This build focuses on allowing Kerrigan's cooldowns to be utilized often, along with some basic attack enhancement. I like this build because of Kerrigan's shield mechanic, basic attacks with cleave give maximum lane pushing, and quick cooldowns allow for heavy shielding when doing heavy damage.

Combos Top

Kerrigan's AoE and displacement make her synergize well with other stuns/roots/AoE. Some good ones are Arthas, Jaina, Nazeebo, ETC, etc... (see what i did there?).

I usually open up with E to give me a higher chance of hitting my W. Q refreshes when it is used to get the the killing blow (keep that in mind for sticky situations where multiple heroes are low!) so save it for chase and finish. Have fun, and be careful of diving too deep.

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