Chainfury Thrall ! Max dps now. by lucasboleli

Chainfury Thrall ! Max dps now.

By: lucasboleli
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2015
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Build: Chainfury Thrall

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Why build like this ? Top

After playing thrall for lots and lots of times and building all variants I came up with this... we have mana , life and damage !!

[[Rolling thunder]] and [[Ride the lightning]] Top

This will provide poke capability as long as mana regen (big problem in all other builds)
note that chain lighting will thriger FR also

[[Frostwolf's grace]] Top

extra survivability is better here , we r trying to poke and only get in one big hit of windfury later

[[Sundering]] Top

This is up to you and your composition , I really like this one in most cases but u can argue against it, no problem.

[[Grace of air]] + [[Tempest Fury]] Top

our big windfury package need to be here , just too strong not to take. if u play thrall u know what i'm talking about. This is still the reason Thrall can push up big dmg dumps

[[Bolt of the Storm]] Top

Another go to in most builds, no different here.

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