Chen - Post Morales Patch by RODA

Chen - Post Morales Patch

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2015
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Build: Lane Bully Chen

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Keg Toss Top

It is a skill shot but with timing & positioning you can cause a lot of issues. With the extra range it easy to slow the back line, dive & do damage.

Deep breath Top

I like to choose deep breath to compliment the keg toss. Keg soaked targets take damage over time & your wave clear is pretty good.. Takes 2 keg toss's & 2 deep breath's to clear waves early on.. Save your kick to clear with one chug.

Brewmaster's Balance Top

With the increased movement speed & health regen, this is your bread & butter. This in my opinion makes Chen a very hard target to take out. You need to learn how to dive in & run out. Sometimes holding off on your chug can benefit you more as you can run to a better location. Having the health regen will allow you to roam lane to lane & have plenty of health before arriving.

Storm, Earth & Fire Top

I prefer to run this as you are not as tanky as his old builds. I try to pop this early on in the fight saving my health bar. Once the 3 die you go back to the stats you had before morphing. This allows you to dive into the back, surround a carrier & hopefully take them out. No worries if you are focused down. Once you morph back just kick back out or use the 20% movement speed to get in better position.

Touch of honey Top

Since I am running keg toss this compliments it well. If the team is running a heavy stun comp then consider running relentless. Now if you land a touch of honey on the back then dive & body block from running away, EZPZ. This slow is massive & with your kit no one can escape.

Combination Attack Top

This is when you become a serious threat. Your q is on the lowest cool down allowing you to provide burst of damage throughout a team fight. Running touch of honey & keg toss makes the combination attack extremely easy to pull off. Time to blow up KT in the back line!

Hardened Shield Top

I tend to run hardened shield since I am neglecting to pick some additional tanking stats. If the battles are close, I would run Hardened Shield. Sometimes I get crazy & run Elemental Conduit for the extra damage. BUT running Hardened Shield should allow you to get out of most sticky situations.

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