Chen Solo Q Carry Hero League Potential by flankd

Chen Solo Q Carry Hero League Potential

By: flankd
Last Updated: May 19, 2015
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Hey everybody, my name is Chris and Chen is my favorite hero.

Let me just start with saying that I think Chen is a very versatile hero with a high skill cap, similar to that of a Lee Sin of League of Legends. Chen has the ability to solo Carry and pull of some 1v2's and 1v3's regularly in hero league. Hell, I almost pulled an MLG status 1v5 but their core died before I could kill the 4th player.


Level 1: Consuming Flame; this is overall most dps increase, you should never actually need the extra 50 brew because you will be standing still more perhaps and it's just not necessary. Consuming flame helps get kills and push waves to soak xp faster.

Level 4: Swift Reflexes; 4 second CD is just too strong, for max mitigation and outplay potential this is a must to be used to calculate with the shield from brew the great Faker outplays.

Level 7: Ring of Fire; best DPS increase, makes you a capable jungler to take merc camps when it's the best option, if you're decisive and someone assists you it goes really fast, especially the bruiser camps.
Alternative 3: Brewmaster's Balance; the other viable option and recommended for someone who wants to play a little safer and be more of a straight tank, but you will lose a lot of DPS with this one.

Level 10: Storm, Earth, Fire; The DPS ult, this ult can be used to bait with similar to TLV Ship and gives you dive city insec potential excluding the Lee Sin ultimate/Haymaker.

Level 13: Relentless; critical against team comps that have silences or interupts because spirit finger panda bears has a cast time. The other options are good too but I would stay away from Enough to Share because it's the weakest option of the 4.

Level 16: Pressure Point; this basically gives Chen god mode and the ability to pick anybody off if your team is following you around since you're the primary initiator.

Level 20: Hardened Shield; the utility and mitigation this gives you combined with Storm, Earth, Fire, Swift Reflexes and Relentless make you pretty much a full blown tank even though you don't have the Brewmaster's Balance and all the level 1 regeneration talent from collecting globes.

I hope you guys enjoy this very simple guide, as one of the first 500 beta players of League of Legends closed beta... I can assure you I've tried out my fair share of heroes since DotA, HoN, DotA2, LoL and Infinite Crisis.

If you guys enjoy my guide I'd be glad to put up a Tyrande guide as I can solo carry in Hero League harder than any other Tyrande i've ever seen. My current rank is 16.

^ I've been competitvely gaming since the y2k which is about 5 years , played in counter-strike beta and was a top Battlefield/WoW arena player as well. I'm trying to catch up to my old rivals from league in the eSports industry such as bigfatjiji, Reginald, SaintVicious, Chauster, TheOddOne, MegaZero, Phreak and a few others.

I also just ordered a new PC online to have hardware able to perform while streaming twitch and trying to make a career out of the industry. I hope to see you all at world finals in BlizzCon 2015 for that 200k. My team is 'The Select Few' and the website will be coming soon.

God bless Spring and yoga pants.

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