Chen the bear ( survival is all ) by Peeslosh

Chen the bear ( survival is all )

By: Peeslosh
Last Updated: Oct 19, 2014
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early Game +Introduction Top

In the early game you should try to get all the Regenation Globes, because you will need it in the end Game.
Also you can try to deal some damage on the enemy Hero. You don´t musst kill him, just deal damge so he will goes on distance.
Don´t hold back with your attacks!
Remeber you have no mana, so you can spam your attacks.

Use your W+E combo to push the lane.

And always look at the Minimap and try to help your Teammates ( its a Teamgame!).

Midgame Top

When you have enough Regenation Globes you will see that you can always be on the lane.
In the team fight you should go in with your Q and then spam your attacks.
Focus the Assasins!
And when you go low life, use your R to do more damage. When your R is almost up go out and let the Regeneration Master do is work.
When the enemy Team is dead or away from the Minimap you should:
1. Push the lanes with your W+E combo and collect more Regenation Globes or
2. Get some Camps in the jungle and also collect more Regenation Globes

End Game Top

Do the same as in the Midgame ^^

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