Chen The Tankmaster - Team Fight by Grilldrengen

Chen The Tankmaster - Team Fight

By: Grilldrengen
Last Updated: Apr 10, 2015
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Build: Chen The Tankmaster - Team Fight

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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Murky Just kill it!!! :D
Abathur Same as Murky.... Just kill it!!! :D
Gazlowe He is not really anything, you should be able to kill him easily
Nova Check your back an ekstra time before going into the jungle she is cloaked but not dangerous
Li Li Weak and small show her how a panda should fight (can be annoying and difficult to deal with but your life is never in danger against li li
  No Threat
Brightwing Annoying but easy to kill just run as he turns you into a sheep and jump back into the fight again ;)
Sgt. Hammer Annoying because of the long range but not difficult to beat when you get close to her
Nazeebo Can be annoying early unless you avoid his catch ability where you are captured buy his undead minions in a circle late game he should be easy to kill
Chen There is a chance that you be meeting yourself one day, all you have to do is make sure there is something close to your that can make the difference like a minion, tower or another hero cause this is a fight that can go on forever :D
Azmodan Can be annoying most of the time but not a big threat to you just avoid his E - all shall burn
Tychus Be embarrassed if you die because of this guy he may have some good stun abilities but his life is really low drink a little and then kill him
Falstad Range assassins and he is annoying as f*ck so take it easy if he enters your lane
Arthas Weaker tank than you and can never win over you 1 VS 1 so go for it!!!
Valla She has high attack but nothing really when you get late game as you get to level 10-16 you can just drink her attacks away and the kill her
Zeratul Melee assassin and he crits as f*ck so check your back an ekstra time before going into the jungle also he is cloaked so never take any risk alone
Sonya She is a hardcore warrior who can jump onto you many times as you try to run away from her also she stuns you and disable your brew drinking so be careful
Jaina She has high crit which is annoying early and late game but she is not impossible to defeat just drink her abilities away or run and let her waste them and then attack her fast
Illidan He can be a b*tch and you know it so don't take any risks alone as he can jump on to you in no time also never approach him alone if he activate his ultimate ability
Muradin One god damp annoying warrior he can jump after you and stun you while your drinking brew also his abilities are focused on chasing and stunning so be careful and avoid approaching him alone
Anub'arak Annoying warrior as he have a long range stun attack so even if you are far away an running he can catch you so be prepared for that
Tyrael Really annoying he was simplr made for the same reason as Uhter to piss you of he can jump directly to you and stun while dealing much damage avoid this by staying close to other heroes or towers
Stitches Stich can be a pain on the ass sometime and can be f*cking annoying if he use his hook against you as it disable you brew drinking or if you are in the middle of activating your ultimate ability. So keep a good distance away from him or switch to another lane also you can ask for assistance.
Malfurion His abilities are annoying like f*ck do whatever you can to avoid them!!!
Uther I always have the feeling that they made this guy to piss people of when they are playing chen his abilities are annoying and disturb you all the time
Diablo Stronger tank and deal more damage than you. So f*ucking run away from him!!!
E.T.C. Difficult to deal with because of his stun abilities if you fail to avoid them you need to run like hell!!!
Kerrigan She is so annoying i really hate her all her abilities are a threat to you never approach her alone seriuosly


Details about threats

Be aware that most of the threats are based on 1 VS 1 fights if Tankmaster Chen fights together with an assassin or a support he can survive even the biggest threats

Also the late you get in the game the easier it gets to kill them 1 VS 1 even Diablo is a possible option in late game.

Also this build is made for teamfight, so all the big threats are nothing if you are fighting with a teammate


(Q) Flying Kick:

This can get you out of many difficult situations where your chances of death is high. The range is long and good, but after the kick you end up behind the enemy which can be a dangourous situation. This ability is very good if you want to catch one if the enemy team is on a retreat.

(W) Keg Smash:

First of all you always want to use this ability every time first before you use your breath of fire. Hitting both Keg Smash and Breath of Fire is important. The fire does damage over time for a short amount of time. Always make that combo that way at the end you make it by yourself without noticing it.

(E) Breath of Fire:

Always use this after keg smash and of course where you used keg smash. This is best used to collect regeneration globes from minions as it can damage a lot an also all the minions and mercenary at ones

(D) Fortifying Brew:

Use this as much as you can. This ability makes Chen the crazy panda he is and is also your main ability through the whole game. You can take almost any hit and lose no life while having your health regenerate at high speed, after drinking you cooldowns should be finished and then you can keep on using abilities on the enemy. Always engage enemies that don't have stun or disturbing abilities as they cant interfere with your brew drinking.

(R) Storm, Earth, Fire:

This gives you extra damage and actually more life in a weird way, also you can use Q to block enemies on retreat or use Q and W to get away if you are close to death.


Bottomless Mug - I find this one useful as it can provide you some extra brew that can be useful early game as you run out of brew easy but late game its not really needed since you be drinking brew all the time in late game. Normally I use this if I am against many stun heroes because the will disturb you brew drinking all the time so it is nice to have some extra in the bag.

Full Keg - Normally I wold not use this but it can be useful if you want to stun the enemy group for longer and can help you get them down as they try to run away.

Consuming Flame - This is not anything useful if you want to go hardcore tank. It only provides you with extra damage using fire breath and that is all.

Regeneration Master - This is my favorite especially because it gives you hardcore generation power late in the game which is a big plus for Tankmaster Chen also its easy to get regeneration globes as Chen can easily kill priest minions an mercenaries without losing to much life. I normally get a regeneration about 80.

Swift Reflexes - This can be useful against opponents with high basic attack as Illidan or kerrigan, but not what I would pick when I play Chen as a tank

Deadly Strike - Gives you a nice damage increase and will help you a lot when you are trying to finish fleeing opponents.

Amplified Healing - Use this and you will never complain about low life. This increase the amount of life healed a lot and together with the right support you will unstoppable. I always use this as it keeps me safe from dying in difficult battles.

Deep Breath - Makes it easier to make the great combo with keg smash but not the best choice as a Tankmaster since you need to focus on life instead of damage.

Keg Toss - I never use this I do not find it useful at all so toss keg toss away please.

Ring of Fire - This is only effective if you want to focus on getting some siege damage as it can be used to damage many minions at the same time and also defeating mercenaries. This is not what I would use.

Combat Stance - Waste of time even thinking about it this talent will only provide you with shield for some more time but since you can drink forever this is not needed at all so pleas refrain from using this.

Brewmasters Balance - This is defiantly the best talent upgrade Chen has it provides good survival chances and makes you hard to kill. While at or below 50 Brew gain 20 percent Movement Speed. While at or above 50 Brew regenerate an additional 10 Health per second and gives you extra per level. This one is the best talent out of all. This gives you advantage in battle even when you have low mana

Wandering Keg - This is not really useful unless you are being pushed a lot or you are playing the dragon shine map since you can push back the dragon

Storm Earth Fire - It gives you 3 heroes with half the life you originally have and good sustained damage they can body block the opponents that way he is easy to kill. This is also used for escaping in difficult situations. The cast time is an issue if you get disturbed it will not be activated and then you are f*cked.

Brew Strike - Can be used to speed up cooldowns and get some brew but not really amazing enough so try it if you have a good feel about it but I dont recommend it

A Touch of Honey - Nice effect as you can slow the opponent more for the team but not efficient enough to be picked as a talent so try it out if you want but I also do not recommend it.

Enough to Share - This talent is amazing it defense your team as you are fighting the other team and gives you the difference you need to win i always use this because i win my games with this.

Relentless - This talent is also very good it can save your life along with since your only weakness is disturbing effects form other heroes.

Combination Attack - Nice but not needed as you have pressure point so skip this one

Chug - This can be useful if you are tired of wasting time on getting brew again but if you play Chen right you never really need this unless you like to push a little extra.

Pressure Point - This is one of his greatest damage increase it provides you so much extra damage and can help you finish off opponents who is running away

Bolder Flavor - This is the best one it gives you so much extra shield that your chance of death is so low that even 3 heroes cant take you out anymore or its going to be difficult for them. Always go with this.

Untapped Potential - Since I do not support using wheel barrel I also dont support this the speed is so high which makes it difficult to control and you leave your team behind with no tank

Elemental Conduit - This is a nice upgrade as it gives you extra damage when using one of your other abilities. Always go with this one. Whatever ability you use you get an extra hardcore fighter. The most positive about this is because you actually are using you ultimate ability all the time without any cost at all.

Hardened Shield - Do not think about this one it cant provide anything at all. Waste of time.

Bolt of the Storm - This is the same as hardened shield it is not useful at all so also ignore this one.



- Hardcore Tank
- Hardcore pusher so take advantage of it but don't push alone if you can avoid it
- Great in team fights so stay together with your team when you can they will need you
- Have the power and life to take down mercenary camps without problems
- No need to worry about low mana as you can refill yourself all the time


- Bad mobility so don't get into difficult situations
- Bad at chasing let the team take care of that but follow as you can catch up an help them
- Disturbing effects by other heroes is a problem so look out for heroes with abilities that can disturb you
- Thirsty have to drink many times but this is also where chen is good late game so it's only a problem early

Throw a comment if you want something added or changed :D


Maps that you should play with Chen

Tankmaster Chen can be used in all maps but is best at maps where teamfights happens a lot

I have marked the places where assassins could be hiding also Nova and Zeratul have cloak so be ekstra careful if they are on the opponents team

Also look out for Stun-Heroes they will disturb your drinking (if it happens all you need to is RUN RUN RUN!!! after that you reactivate it

- Cursed Hollow

In this map you need to be there for your team when you are going after the tributes trust me they will need you also ping so the rest of the team appears

- Garden of Terror

In this map you need to be as fast as you can to get as many seeds as possibly but always stay with your team yo need to take the damage from the giant plants and also damage from the oppenents

- Haunted Mines

In this map it's mostly important you are in the mines when they are going after the big golum but please go down there from the start as you are the tank, trust me your team isn't alone down there

- Sky Temple

In this map you just follow your teammates to the temples and then go forward like a hardcore tank and take all the damage you can while they are fighting the opponents

Other maps may need another build but this can still be used for example in Tomb of the Spider Queen you have a great chance of getting manu healing globes since the lanes are so close, so it's easy to move from lane to lane and in no time you regeneration level is so damn high that they think about it a second time before ther engage you in battle

Throw a comment if you want something added or changed :D



-Can survive 1 VS 1 or 1 VS 2 while drinking brew but make sure there is backup close, you will be killed if you are stunned og trapped, also late in game you might be able to withstand 3 heroes at the same time


-Hardcore tank, there is a good chance that you are the reason why you win the teamfights as you can take all the damage while giving teammates ekstra shield also don't be afraid to take damage especially if there i a healer on the team

Throw a comment if you want something added or changed :D


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